Willard cops re-assigned desk jobs after woman gets shot during drug raid

Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is investigating the shooting.
Cary Ashby
Jan 4, 2013


Two Willard police officers have been assigned to administrative duties after a Toledo woman was shot in the foot during a drug raid last month. A part-time Greenwich officer who also responded to the scene remains on active duty.

Willard Police Detective Jeremy Draper and Officer Brian Slone are handling administrative duties pending the results of the investigation by the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI).

Chief Mark Holden requested BCI handle the probe of the Dec. 19 incident at 631 Pleasant St., Willard, where Erica Devlin, 19, of Toledo, was shot in the foot and a pitbull dog was shot.

"They're still working; they're just not working patrol," Chief Mark Holden said. "They were the only ones in our department (who fired their guns)."

Part-time Greenwich Police Officer Sean Nolen also responded and fired his gun.

A story with more details about the shooting and subsequent investigation was published in Friday's Reflector.


Dr. Information

If you don't want shot or eventually end up in prison, don't do drugs, don't deal drugs and do not put yourself around drug users/dealers.

believe it


Yall Make Me Sick





EXACTLY!!! put on desk work just for doing their jobs...messed up.


If I heard correctly she was an innocent victim not at the house but on the street near her car.


Good cops, unfortunate situation for them when they are trying to do their job.

Game time

Three weeks to finally release their names? Doesn't the chief have an obligation to provide the name of the officers at the time of the incident with it being taxpayer dollars for these officers to sit at home up until recently. Good luck on your levy Willard...me being a citizen will be voting NO!

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And I'll be canceling out your vote.

Myrtle Turtle

Me too, I will do what it takes to keep our police force as strong as it can be.

swiss family

I think that your math is a bit misleading... seeing that it happened on Dec 19th you can't really count that day as day #1,, the next day, the 20th would be where you count from, Now seeing that the department is down 2 officers , who obviously can NOT investigate themselves, of course the investigation will take some time, so the 2 weekends in that time should probably Not be counted in your equation... Now considering that there were 4 Holidays in that time, Christmas Eve, and Day, and New Years Eve and Day.. that really only leaves 8 actual days to get the preliminary facts straight before they release incorrect information.So 8 days, compared to the 21 that you implied, is really NOT that bad, considering that 2 officers lives, careers, and reputations all depend on the "facts" put in the newspaper. In my opinion


Shoot first ask questions later? Trigger happy officers. Criminal or not lucky for the woman it was just her foot. Have fun answering the phones guys.

believe it

Lucky? Better luck would be if she wasn't hanging out with druggies.

what the?

When they are taking drugs off the streets, they can shoot all involved!


I wish I could sit home and get paid the same. Sounds like a sweet deal to me. Everyones missing the point that one of these guys saved Draper from the vicious dope hounds. They will prolly get a medal or something. The towns got yo backs. Up with Hope and down with Dope.

BushelBob's picture

80 Americans die each and every day on average from gun deaths. Compare that to 39 a year for Britain (see the Times, 02 Jan), which is less that 1 a week. Canada too has very few gun deaths compared to the U.S., which loses 50,000 Americans every two years over the 2nd amendment. This is the total American deaths for the whole of the Vietnam War.

Worse, too often gun-toting cops in America go to the wrong house and innocent people are shot and sometimes die. I remember the Cleveland cops two weeks spraying a car with over a hundred bullet holes in which all four occupants died. They had no weapons or drugs, just fear that the cops would do what they eventually did - kill them. I remember reading 3 years ago how Toledo cops raided the wrong house and killed a young mom's baby on her lap, mistaking the baby for a weapon.

Commentators in support of gun-happy cops will sing a different tune after a cop has a dyslexic moment and breaks in your door rather than your neighbor's. And don't make the mistake of thinking your firearm will protect you in the event of a botched raid because it won't. If you answer the door carrying your rifle, as is your right to do, you will be blown full of holes, especially if they're answering a domestic abuse call or doing a drug raid.

In England, cops don't carry guns which makes it difficult for accidents or otherwise to happen. In short, this lady's foot was shot because she lives in America. Her foot would not be shot in England. That Toledo Mom's baby is dead because she lives in America and not Canada or England. Those four Clevelanders are dead because they lived in Amerika.

A police state might be Amerikan, but it is not American. That whirring sound you hear might just be a police chopper going to the wrong address, or more likely it is our founding fathers spinning in their graves. Maybe the Libertarian Party has a plan to reduce Amerikan gun deaths? The Demopublicans don't seem to have one. Meanwhile, 80 more Americans were shot to death today.


Why are you turning this into a gun control argument?


Because he is a moron.


he could not be more wrong on his numbers either, 11,101 murders where commited in 2011 for 30.4 deaths a day. murder is still illegal so how is more control going to help?


@BushelBob.....Chicago has some of the nations most strict gun control laws, yet still is one of the worst cities for gun crime/killings.


Whatever the number of deaths, how many are committed by law abiding citizens? Actually, you and others like you are the problem. As a society, we started to teach our kids that there are no consequences for their actions, we no longer paddle them but rather give them a time out...oh that hurts...
It used to be that when you did something wrong as a child you were punished, if it was at school you got punished at school and then again at home.
The same people that are calling for amending our constitutional rights are the ones that went to schools and screamed until the authority was taken away from the teachers and administrators to PROPERLY discipline the kids, compounding this, the same parents either did not know how or choose not to discipline their kids therefore leaving the kids with no consequences for their actions. This has been carried forward until these kids have gone from pulling Suzie’s hair to blowing her head off. While I believe there is a mental illness issue, there is also a child raising issue...NOT saying the parents are "bad" at all, just the opposite...MOST WERE GREAT PEOPLE, just that they were told they were doing the right thing by NOT spanking and PROPERLY disciplining their kids...and the result is the kids having no real concept of consequences for their actions.


I guess one cop should just watch while another gets gnawed by the dog,,???


The girl wasn't even standing near the house. She was off to the side of the house near her car. The officers bullets should have never went that direction of her when the dogs were running straight not running anywhere near the girl. I also do not know any of these people involved either not do I want to know them. It's their lives to destroy if they chose to.

Otis B. Driftwood

I was told by someone on the inside the dog got loose and was running from the circus, then the cops shot until the clip was empty at the dog. Maybe the cops thought the dog ate the stash.

Game time

I will be voting no until this department gets some competent officers that know what the heck they are doing and it starts with the chief.


Let me guess...you know exactly how a police department should be run? The amount of people that get on here thinking they know everything just amazes me.


IMO...don't be at or around a drug house, don't hang around known addicts, don't do drugs! I applaud the officers for doing anything they can to get these druggies off the streets. Thank you to Willard PD and HCSO for doing all they do to rid the streets of these drugs, and idiot druggies!


IMO...don't be at or around a drug house, don't hang around known addicts, don't do drugs! I applaud the officers for doing anything they can to get these druggies off the streets. Thank you to Willard PD and HCSO for doing all they do to rid the streets of these drugs, and idiot druggies!


Its obvious that these officers need more firearms training. They also need to remember its not always what their aiming at that matters. Its whats behind it and beside it. Especially in an urban environment. Break into that training budget CHIEF and start training your officers properly. Instead of shooting at a paper siloutte target how about running them through some type of course that has different scenarios.


I agree. There should be training on when and how to use deadly force. This incident could have been resolved better with pepper spray instead of bullets. Sounds as though they had plenty of officers to cover each other, subdue the animals, and cuff the druggie scumbag who is the root cause of the whole incident. These two appear to have gotten a little trigger happy. They need to remember to PROTECT and serve!