UPDATE: Missing boy found

13-year-old last seen Wednesday afternoon
Aaron Krause
Jan 2, 2013


Authorities had been searching for a 13-year-old Wakeman boy after his mother said he disappeared from their home at 5 p.m. Wednesday.

The boy is home, according to reports.

Here is the earlier story:

"I've been out all night driving up and down the streets (looking for him)," Wakeman officer Tim Nelson said. He added he has spoken to different families, and nobody has seen or heard from the boy, David Scott.

Nelson said he faxed a missing child report to the Huron County Sheriff's Office.

Nelson said his mother found a note under his bed on Wednesday night. It read: "I'm sorry for everything I've done. Please forgive me. Love, David."

Nelson said the youth had been in trouble in school and was being home-schooled.

The officer added Scott is on probation with the Huron County Sheriff's Office in connection with misusing a credit card.

Scott was last seen wearing jeans, a camouflage coat, gloves, a hat and tan-colored work boots. He stands about 5 feet 10, weighs about 140 pounds, has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Any one who has seen Scott or knows where he may be located is encouraged to call the Wakeman Police Department at (419) 577-0646 or the Huron County Sheriff's at (419) 663-2828.



glad he's home safe.



just plain disgusted

He IS home


Is this some sort of inside joke or is he really home?


"The officer added Scott is on probation with the Huron County Sheriff's Office in connection with misusing a credit card." - WHY Bash the poor kid publicly when he is obviously already in trouble. Gotta love the NR. Drama hounds, at anyone's expense. Good luck man, hang in there. Life is what you make of it.


He IS home! His mother posted on Facebook he has been found and is home safe. Thanks everyone for thoughts and prayers and all that was done in his safe return!


So glad he was found safe.Hope his family doesn't come on here, we all know sooner or later,the smart-a**es will come out of the woodwork with their brilliant comments.


tell her to make it private also I want want to post my business on Facebook like that

Yall Make Me Sick

Thank God he had been found & is safe!


Sounds like Jennifer's son is giving her payback for her childhood! Glad he was found ok but she was no angel!


What is your name? Isn't fair to call out Jennifer when you are hiding.


Just stating facts if she such a good girl that was news to me!


I am sure that you have been so "perfect" your whole life.....This is a child!! He didn't do this because of what his mother did when she was a child, GET REAL! Leave her alone, leave the child alone!!


Never said I was perfect....... never ran away never had the police looking for me I know that much...... and I forgot the Gennifer spelled her name all werid..... this has nothing to do with a boy I said I'm glad he was found safe. I was friends with her at 1 time when we were younger than my mother caught on to what she was like when I was not allowed to hang around with her and longer. See that is called good parenting, the what I never ran away and my mom always knew what I was doing.....go fig.


I'm sorry but this article is convoluted and misleading. The headline states that the boy has been located and yet in closing they request that if anyone has information about the missing boy to contact authorities. Instead of actually writing a story about where the boy had gone, who found him or where, a sloppy "cut and paste" job was done here using a previously written article. Sorry but badly done. If readers are what journalists want then write something relative to the evolving story.


Suck it up, kid... Life ain't gonna get any easier.


Reading a Norwalk Reflector article is like landing a rover on Mars...seven minutes of sheer terror.


Scott if you read this good luck to you. Please realize many here have done dumb things - the difference is they never got caught. In our time many things were overlooked also. See having grown up in Urine County & knowing many who now have some authority in different capacities; things really haven't changed. Try your best to do what you know is right...in the long run you will be better for it. Again - good luck to. p.s. if you need real help talk to Officer Corbin - he is a class individual who will help you if you need it