Huron County commissioners to sell BMX track property

2-acre area is appraised at $50,000.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 3, 2013


The Huron County commissioners are selling the Shady Lane Drive property that is currently home to the BMX track.

"It has been advertised and someone is interested," County Commissioner Larry Silcox said Wednesday.

Silcox said the land is about 2 acres and appraised at $50,000.

The lease between the county and BMX group expired Dec. 31, according to information provided by the commissioners' office.

A story about this subject was published in Thursday's Reflector.




Sell it to Bader. There's already a place to race bicycles. All he needs is to put up temporary bleachers for the fans and build a hut so the Lions Club can sell beer. It's a gold mine!


When tax revenue is down, whatdoyado? Sell assets.

Three cheers to the HCC!!!


This is not a good move. Selling the property sounds like a budget bailout. Not good management.


They have to find some way to repay the $520,000 loan (plus interest) for the courthouse vestibule that was nixed. The legacy of the "Three Stooges" lives on!


Since the property is landlocked by County and FTMC properties there it isn't hard to figure out who can who the buyer is.


One of the newest sports in the Olympics. Keeps kids fit and off the streets. Brings whole families together. Brings people to eat in your restaurants and sleep in your hotels. With upgrades this track could host a national race. That would bring thousands of people to this area spending millions. Don't kill this track, Help It! It a sport for all ages and skill levels. I beg the county to not axe this track. I am willing to take things over myself to make this work. With the help of the county we can make this happen.


im with you pennywise!

swiss family

I really hate to see them sell this track. I agree that it is a healthy sport, that keeps the kids fit and usually out of trouble.

If they were ever to sell it though, I would have hoped that they would have sold it to a paintball course.. look at the terrain they have to run and hunt and hide. Plus as an added bonus, in the case of a random paintball , shot in the wrong direction and hits one of the welfare applicants , doing their best to limp and struggle into the building to ask for more help, and getting hit with a non life threatening paint ball, and seeing them having to give up their act to run as fast as they can for shelter, might just be a great obstacle to see if they are really as "disabled" as they are acting...of course that is IF there are any people acting disabled and limping and using a cane to get more benefits.. and if they get that on video, they could run that on the local cable network!!!