Welcome back! Ridge to serve until governor appoints replacement

Two-month waiting period for public employees to be able to work again while still collecting retirement doesn't apply to judges.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 4, 2013


Norwalk Municipal Court welcomed back a familiar face Wednesday -- Judge John Ridge.

Ridge, who retired Monday, was back behind the bench, as the Ohio Supreme Court assigned him to serve until the governor appoints his replacement.

"It came as a surprise to me," Ridge said, adding the Ohio Supreme Court sent an email on Dec. 24 notifying him. "This is for the short term."

Ridge said there is not a two-month waiting period for him to be able to work again and collect retirement, as is often the case with public employees.

A story about Ridge and the process to find his replacement was published in Thursday's Reflector.



He is such a nice guy. Stern, but fair.


thank you Judge Ridge...hang in there,you deserve to be free of the crazies in this county!!


nothing like a little double-dipping to start the new year out.


How is it double dipping if they were going to pay someone else to do the same job?

swiss family

to put it simply... He is retired so he get's...X in retirement pay... to replace him , someone else would earn ...X too... but for him to retire and come back to work after retirement he now gets ...XX.. which is double dipping...once a re[placement is found, who can do the job as effectively ,which should be pretty easy, they will get ...X and Judge ridge will go back to.....X...see now??

swiss family

I am disappointed that he did NOT get the retirement he was looking for. I do think that it was almost a seemingly impossible task for any Judge to put in their retirement notice 3 weeks before their planned retirement.

Judges are one of the few "government "positions that does not have people already in place to continue on with the workload, in case of cases like this, where there is not sufficient notice provided from the retiring Judge.

There are no 'vice' Judges to step up, nor are there people in the same office set in place that can be promoted up either.I can not help but to feel that it could have been a carefully laid plan, to leave the courts with no other options, therefore , letting you legally "double dip" from the taxpayers money.

Lets face you, to be a Judge you have to obviously be well aware and well educated, so it seems to create this type of situation , with this intelligence level, and educational background, has to seem like an obvious ploy to hold all the "eggs" in your basket.

I am very disappointed that he did not get the much needed relaxing time that he had obviously looked forward to, but seeing that his official retirement notice was so short, I can not help but feel like the taxpayers have been "played".It also does a persons ego well, to find out that they just can't go on without you...

I am hoping that your replacement is found quickly so you can carry on with your original plans,I think everyone would benefit from that.I thank the Judge for his years of service, but I think that when you know it is time to go, as he did, nothing would be more disappointing than to find out that they need you to come back ,temporarily, to do the job you were obviously tired of doing so much that you officially retired from.

I am sure that the Judge, being the professional that he is, will look past any irritation he might feel for "Having to be there" when he thought he would be retired and relaxing... I hope that he gets to retire soon... and enjoy all he has worked for..thank you again Judge Ridge.. for everything


Your criticism of Judge Ridge for giving a "short" notice of his retirement is totally unfounded. His retirement was prompted by the "short" notice he was given by the GOP controlled State Legislature when it changed the retirement rules under PERS. If someone is expected to give a "long" term notice of their retirement, then don't change the retirement rules with less than three months before the end of the year for a public official to decide.

By the way, we should all be thankful that back in 1987 the people were smart enough to elect John Ridge instead of the village idiot, Phil White. The man was a lousy lawyer and a lousy judge.

swiss family

so you are saying the they changed the retirement rules 3 MONTHS ago??? and he took 9 weeks to make his decision?? leaving 3 weeks to find a replacement?? pretty poor JUDGEment , I would say, from someone who is paid well to Judge things... especially when the 3 weeks left are throughout the Holiday season , and his hours are cut to begin with.

I would also have to point out that , that is YOUR opinion on Judge White, and not necessarily the truth.I will say though, that looking oat your opinion of his character, is basically my impression of Judge Ridge..if you are confused about that, go back and read the story when he announced his retirement. he said he wanted top "spend time with family" .. so now they ask him if coming back to work after retiring , will interfere with his planned family time??? and he say NO??????????????? so Judge if working does not interfere with your family time.. why did you retire to spend time with family????

Gotta love these double talking, flip flopping government workers....Please God, Please let them be swift in finding judge ridges replacement.. he really needs a rest...in my opinion


So what did he cite you for

Swamp Fox

Clearly comments with sarcasm aside, Norwalk is lucky to have Judge Ridge fill in until his replacement is named. The local Republican party will submit a list of lawyers to the governors office to consider to appoint, the time line is clearly in their hands. Ohio has a shortage of qualified retired judges to sit by assignment. The City of Norwalk is not paying Judge Ridge, all judges who sit by assignment by the Ohio Supreme Court are paid by the supreme court.


Yawn. So very weak.