Sky's the limit for NASA Plum Brook potential

Local Friends of NASA Plum Brook group touts facility.
Scott Seitz2
Jan 9, 2013


There's no limit to the economic development potential at NASA Plum Brook.

Those were the feelings expressed by Jeff Huber and Tom Kueterman, both members of the local Friends of NASA Plum Brook group.

Several years ago, Huber and a group of local officials took a trip to Huntsville, Ala. and saw first-hand how a NASA center there ignited economic development throughout that entire region. A feature story about this story was published in the Reflector.



How about opening it up once a year for tours. I went on the last one and thought it was really neat! I think if they let the community in to view the "unclassified" items it would help with getting the kids interested and the community would spend some money to help the local establishments. Who knows- we could get the next John Glenn from around here!

jack langhals

As a former employee of Plumbrook during the 60's that was an annual event for all the surrounding school's science classes.

Tom Kueterman

NASA Plum Brook does their best to accomodate requests for school tours. If any schools are interested, please call (419) 624-3371 to make a request. It's a great way to get students enthused about science & math; and they can see examples of the kind of careers available if they study hard.