Company to lay off 143 workers

Wheelchair manufacturing plant eliminating nearly 40 percent of its hourly employees.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 27, 2012


Invacare Corp. officials have announced the company is laying off nearly 40 percent of the hourly employees at its Taylor Street wheelchair manufacturing plant in Elyria due to an expected decline in production that mainly will result from the consent decree the company entered into last week with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, according to an article in Crains Cleveland Business publication.

Invacare is laying off 143 of the plant's 365 hourly workers. The maker of wheelchairs and other home health care equipment said the remaining 222 employees "will remain in their current roles or be reassigned to other roles across the Elyria campus."

Invacare said it will offer 60 days continuance of pay and benefits to the laid-off workers, according to the Crain's article.

As a result of the move, Invacare expects to incur one-time restructuring charges that won't exceed $1.25 million on a pre-tax basis, the article added.

"While we regret having to take this step, we recognize the need to align our work force with our production volume," Invacare president and CEO Gerry Blouch said in a statement.



Too many regs


Nah, just remember the Obama quote "maybe grandma could just take a pill instead of expensive surgery"? so goes the health care to the government, the need and or gov. insurance payment for wheelchairs? They said based on "future orders". So many future gov. quotes? "You don't work therefore you don't need to get around""if you weren't so over weight your legs wouldn't have failed you""M.S.? your just going to get weaker, let a family member carry you". It's coming

Otis B. Driftwood

Nice try truckin, but once again you are just typing jibberish.

The real reason is the FDA has manufacturing limits on how many wheelchairs and hospital beds one company can make. Read the fine print in OBAMACARE. You will also see a 2.3% excise tax on all wheelchairs that are manufactured by American companies.


"...impacts of the U.S. Affordable Care Act that was enacted in 2010 (such as, for example, the expected annual impact on the Company of the excise tax beginning in 2013 on certain medical devices and the Company's ability to successfully offset such impact);"

Ooops! Nothing important here; just hard working Ohioans losing their jobs due in part to ObamaCare.

Could be why Mr. Obama wanted unemployment benefit extention as part of his "fecal cliff" negotiations?


compliance with government means. "Hey your company made a profit this year, now we want more added materials for less cost." That is the purpose of government regulation. What more regulations must be meet on a wheelchair? Are they collapsing under our obese society?


Pres. Obama: “I actually like the name [Obamacare], because I do care!”

Guess we should start referring to Soc. Security as "Roosevelt Security" or Medicare and Medicaid as "JohnsonCare" and "JohnsonCaid"?

What a (bleepin') narcissistic egotist.


The actual name is the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act". Republicans nicknamed it "Obamacare" and he has turned the joke on them. I still don't understand how a person can say they are a Christian and not be in support of providing necessary healthcare for the working poor.


Ehovemom writes:

"I still don't understand how a person can say they are a Christan and not be in support of providing necessary healthcare for the working poor."

What's a "Christan"?

The ACA does not accomplish "providing necessary healthcare for the working poor." It instead helps to create a bureaucratic and expensive fiscal mess of a Ponzi scheme.


Yet it forces Christian owned companies to go against their beliefs and provide abortions to it's employees. We already have free healthcare for the poor, it's called the Emergency Room. In addition, it actually does not provide healthcare, it forces them to buy some type of policy that has yet to be defined at a cost yet to be determined. I wonder what type of coverage it will be? Huge deductible possibly? Probably at best a Major medical plan, not much in preventative care.


Wonder if the Amish are exempt from the new ACA taxes?

"The only taxes that the Amish are exempt from and do not pay, are the Social Security and Medicare tax. Because of their vow of poverty and their Religeous beliefs, they do not use the Social Security system or receive any medical benefits from Medicare."

Remember to the socialists: One size fits all. And if you resist, you're unpatriotic and through the use of force you will contribute and participate.

jack langhals

Ehovemom !How can you refer to Obamacare and Christian in the same sentence?


Hasn't Pres. Obama (like Jesus) often said: Rob from the rich and give to the poor? :/

You obviously don't know your Bible, Jack. :)

jack langhals

I thought I was in The Bible !

Dr. Information

@ehovemom......Epic fail on your part. LOL


guess it depends on what the definition of a "christian" is... Somehow, I don't think even Jesus would want to be one.


Have seen Invacare do this in the past . It allows them to bring in a bunch of fresh meat who don't get the benefits . This is nothing new for this company to do . Business as usual .


This has nothing to do with the Affordable Care Act. Invacare did not have procedures in place to report product issues and document the corrections made to insure the issues wouldn't reoccur. This stemmed from electrical wheelchair malfunctions and electrical fires in hospital beds. They have had two years to correct their processes and it took shutting them down to get them to cooperate.


I can agree with the statements of the poor quality of Invacare products after performing repairs on some of them. They once wanted to charge a family member thousands of dollars when poor wire routing caused a harness to snag and unplug from a controller board. They berated the poor user for not being more careful with their electric wheelchair and wanted to charge her for a new controller. It took me about 15 minutes to fix it and the chair lasted for years more. Like all medical care businesses they are more worried about how much money they can charge you and not about the quality of products or care. They would also prefer to have a chair fail and sell you a new one than to perform preventative maintenance to ensure the product is working correctly and keeps working. It is the medical "business" who has overcharged for years and helped get us all into this mess. It is not ALL the insurance companies and politicians faults though they are by know means innocent either. It all comes down to $$ and not true medical care for people.


Why most people under 50 mis-trust many in "authority."

hit the road jack

I think they should have shut them down yewars ago,they advertise that medicare would pay for them so the "old" buzzards get one and 3 months later they croak,then their in the newspaper for sale for $800.00-1000.00 what a scam! they should have to give them to a veterans hospital or something like that.

The Big Dog's back

Let's get the taxpayer incentives back from Invacare.

hit the road jack

Damn right! if they had to give 12 months buyback warranty in case of death they could take them back and refurbish them,then every 6th commercial on TV would stop.