Woman shot as cops fire at charging pitbulls

Dog also shot during warrant-related shooting in Willard.
Cary Ashby
Dec 21, 2012


A woman sustained a minor injury when her foot was shot as police used a search warrant Wednesday afternoon. Two Willard men were arrested on felony drug charges.

The 19-year-old Toledo woman was hit in the foot by a bullet about the time officers fired at two charging pitbull dogs, police said. The incident happened at 1:58 p.m. at 631 Pleasant St., Willard.

"No one was killed. It was a minor injury," Willard Police Chief Mark Holden said.

Willard EMS transported the woman to Mercy Willard Hospital, where she was treated and released. Police, citing the ongoing investigation, declined to name the woman.

"We aren't sure what her role is. She needs to be interviewed," Holden said.

An officer who fell as the dogs charged also went to Mercy Willard for treatment. Police also declined to release his name.

When police arrived at 631 Pleasant St. to use the warrant, a male subject saw them and ran into an apartment.

"As he opened the door, two large pitbulls ran from the apartment and charged the officers (who) were pursuing the resident," Holden said.

"As the dogs approached the officers, one officer fired his weapon at the animals and fell as he was trying to retreat. Other officers also fired as the dogs charged the fallen officer," he said.

A Church Street resident who lives about a half block away saw police arrive.

The man, who declined to be identified, said he "heard gun shots automatically" after the officers got out of their vehicles. He estimated the officers fired multiple shots no more than 15 seconds after their arrival.

"And all of a sudden a loud scream," the man said.

One of the dogs was hit and later captured by the Huron County Dog Warden's Office. It was released and transported to a veterinary clinic for treatment.

The witness said he thought police shot both dogs and the woman ran away.

Kyle E. Zarcone, 19, of 309 Dale Ave., and Anthony R. Hicks, 19, of 607 Pleasant St., were arrested and transported to the Huron County Jail. Zarcone was charged with possession of a controlled substance and Hicks was charged with trafficking in marijuana.

Police reported seizing unspecified "evidence indicative of drug trafficking" and a safe. Officers expect to use a search warrant on the safe later.

Willard is handling the ongoing drug investigation.

Holden called in the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) to handle the shooting investigation. He said his department will remain "hands off."

"They're going to figure out what happened," Holden said about BCI.


Dr. Information

Dont have drugs or be a drug seller and there would be no reason for them to bust your door down. Problem solved. I take it you never watched cops before? Lol, your comment is pointless. Yeah, lets alert everyone in the house so they can kennel the dogs, flush all the drugs down the toilet. Yeah, thats a GREAT IDEA. Im sure the Willard PD will just call the house next time 15 minutes in advance and let them know they have a warrant and will be coming in. The only people who are defending these area LOSERS are other LOSERS themselves or family members.

Lillie Chaos

@Dr. Info

What comments are you reading? You continue to rave and rant at about people defending drug users and dealers -- no one is defending them.
Barking dogs and ATTACKING dogs are two different things.

Dr. Information

and what do you think this PD is supposed to do. Wait till the dog took a chunk out of their arm before they shot at it? As an officer, if a dog, especially a pitbull is coming at me during a drug bust. That dog is going down.

Lillie Chaos

So, Dr. Info......are you saying have experience in these situations???
> " As an officer, if a dog, especially a pitbull is coming at me during a drug bust. That dog is going down."

thinkagain's picture

Agree! Two in the chest and one in the head.

hor mone

I cain't think straight.

Yall Make Me Sick

Agree. Well said. Lets do a raid & tell everybody so the can flush the junk. Lets do like a call ahead so the junkies can also run. Get a job & earn real money & stop being junkies & drug dealers & living off welfare & then blame others. Man & woman up. Simple as that. It ain't dominos pizza you can't call & order how you'd like the raid to go. Best part ever..... YOU'LL FIND OUT WHEN IT ALL COMES OUT YOU'LL LOOK STUPID!!!! <<<

called out

You know nothing about law enforcement apparently. Ya give them time to put the dog away.. you mean give them time to hide the drugs.. some people


I'm pretty sure there are different types of search warrants. Some are considered knock and wait for answer while others are no knock and just enter and it depends on the circumstances surrounding the suspects i.e. - known guns in home, etc.


I really dont see officers holstering their guns so they can get pepper spray out for the dogs when they're approaching a house full of drug dealers who have guns. That makes no sense at all. Its sad the the way the world works and what it takes to get the evil out of a town. I hope the junkies find somewhere else to sell their dope because you know a little time in cbcf will not slow them down one bit. Why even risk officers lives for sending some dealers to treatment. It doesn't make sense. I could see it being worth it if the junkies would get some serious prison time. Not for CBCF or treatment. Maybe the ol town folk could have a meeting and mob up and force the junkies out of town old school style.


the dogs never charged any of the officers,EVER, THOSE DOGS WERE RUNNING AWAY FROM THE COPS!!! when the cops showed up and started screaming, the dogs took off and were BOTH shot for no reason, the police arrived with the dog warden so i cant understand why they had to shoot in the first place, then, to let both dogs run off bleeding to death and not even chase or try to capture them?? and what kind of cops do we have when " several " officers fired shots and no one killed the dogs ??? and an innocent woman was shot in the process?? this whole station here in willard needs to be shut down for investigation!!!!! if our cops cant kill 2 helpless dogs, then i dont want these pussies protecting me either!!!! p.s. the rookie officer that fell, !!!! yes rookie, not that he is a rookie , just that he operates like one!!!!! horrible job by the wpd, as usual!!!!


And you were at the scene and saw everything or what? And if you would read the article, The Ohio B.C.I. is doing an investigation. Seriously man, stop and think before you post stuff. Don't repeat hearsay as if it's fact. Read my previous posts, and, nice calling the cops names. That makes you look completely idiotic.

Mommy Realist

it isn't hear say, I live down the street and this is what really happened, your the Idiots (Blaze, Believe it or not, yall make me sick)


I give up. I guess I must be an idiot because you called me one and, obviously, from your previous posts, it is clear that you know everything.

Yall Make Me Sick

Just lol she's prolly one of the junkies to. Or a busy body neighbor. Telling everybody's business. Snitch.

mommy reallist

you like calling people "druggie" and "junkies" I'm employed and I'm not on welfare and I pay taxes too, any thing else you wanna accuse me of YOU ALL say the same stuff all the time.... I'm just stating facts.... I have never commented on anything, but when I am reading lies I think you should all know the truth.... keep believing you are better than everyone else and you and computer can live happily ever after

Dr. Information

@mommy yeah....just like you were cleaning your car in 0 degree weather in 30+ mph winds and snow AND lived a block away....but you saw everything and have all the information.....yeah lady, we ALMOST believe you.

Yall Make Me Sick

Haha. Your the idiot sticking up for the junkies. O I'd be so proud if I was you. I live right down the street. I sold tickets & popcorn as I watched it all take place. I bet your so proud to admit you live down the street. You was prolly heading down to the house you prolly the one that ran! Your a trip your next trip could be in the Po Po car to!

Dr. Information

@mommy....so because you were washing your car outside down the road you saw everything that happened. If they had a warrant and this stuff took place inside.....please tell everyone how you obtained your information? Did you have glasses on that see through walls?

Dr. Information

^for such a tough guy, why not put your name out there punk. What are you afraid of?


He did stoopid, its Mitchell


He don't put his full name out there because the drugs they found in this apartment were his nephews not even the punks they arrested!! However of course i am sure girl not so innocent but still feel bad for her. we all know our police department is known for not always following the rules however nothihg is ever done about it!!

Mommy Realist

wow and you know all this how LOL are YOU a Willard resident you must be on drugs!!!

Mommy Realist

tough guy????? he is speaking the truth I wouldn't call these cops to protect me ever.... they might shoot my dog or my child.... shit one of them shot their self last year.....Raaaaraabit!!!


Legalize marijuana.


Dynamite drop in


FYI Mitchell is his name dumb ass I think you might be barking up the wrong tree.He knows what he is talking about cause he lives close by for all the haters they dont know shit.The only person who needs to come out from behind a name is Dr.Information cause i am 110% sure that ant your name.

Dr. Information

Well if this isn't just another quality display of English on the good ole Norwalk forum. If I gave you my true name, I'd be afraid that you might come to Norwalk and rob my house of the stuff I worked so hard for to support your drug habit. My little puppets you all are.....lol.


lol...that's so funny Dr. Information. While I do feel slightly annoyed when I read glaring misspellings and improper use of the English language, I do not feel that I am so much better than everyone else that I must constantly point it out. Do you have nothing better to offer but just cannot stand to let the opportunity to put someone down pass by? Since when did perfect English become a prerequisite to expressing your feelings on a public forum?

Dr. Information

I really don't care if I offend the family members or friends of these drug users we constantly read about on this forum. In my opinion, put them all on a boat with a half tank of gas and a boat load of coke and set sail for China. My point is, they are trash and the ones who support them and defend them are trash. If anyone has a problem with calling a spade a spade then don't read my comments. Im a law abiding citizen who isn't perfect but also is not out contributing to the decay of our nation. If these family members and friends are so concerned, don't you think the last place they would be is on a forum defending them under some superstitious name? I know that wont change because most of these people you constantly see on here defending these losers dont work, do not contribute to the good of our county and have all the time in the world to blog, while the rest of us work our butts off for their comfort.