Norwalk council approves police contracts

Firefighters still in negotiations with city.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 19, 2012


The city of Norwalk and the Ohio Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, representing Norwalk police dispatchers, patrol officers, sergeants and captains, have agreed on a new three-year contract.

City council made it official Tuesday night by passing a pair of resolutions regarding the agreement. A story about this subject, including contract details, was published in Wednesday's Reflector.


Estrella Damm

This just in: Terri Boose still hates teachers.

Swamp Fox

Get over it, Terry has teachers in his family and he beat the hack.....


Year: 2011 Name: DOUGHTY DENNIS J. Positions: Superintendent District Norwalk City Norwalk City SD Salary: $110,259.00 Days worked: 260


Wow, he is paid a lot less than the previous guy was paid. But 260 days is the normal number of days to work for a full time position. How many days do teacher work?

Estrella Damm


swiss family

when I looked it said 184...... and since there are 365 days in a year.. they are working a HALF of a another day and a half.... now tell me that we need to pay them more money.... check the salaries.. some are 70, 60, 50, and 40 thousand for a half a year's work... excuse me.. a half a year plus a day and a half..

Cliff Cannon

@ Mr. Family : Since this is an article about cops.Trust,you won't mind,if I don't mention teachers.

Seen Chief Light last night at the candle light vigil for the massacred innocents in Suhr park.

Apparently,you haven't had the chance to chat with him regarding your idea's for 'Safety town' as well as 'Dare'. Still,think you've got something there.So kindly follow up on your own good idea.

After all last night's extremely moving, beautiful tribute started with one man's idea. So we know for sure great things happen when people care.

swiss family

cliFFord.... this article is about the police.. BUT if you would read the 5 preceding posts before mine.. an seeing that the 5 are the sum total of responses made about this article, and all of them are talking about teachers.. I thought it was appropriate to join in on their discussion. I am sorry if that is too complicated for you to follow..I am also thankful that Norwalk has caring citizens such as yourself . who take on the responsibility to take ideas mentioned here to the correct people.. I believe that you do it as to make yourself look good and to have them tell you "what a great idea cliff" and that is OK with me.. Unlike you, I do not need the attention and glory for the good ideas that I have on my own, and if it makes you feel better about yourself to take the credit, go for it little man...or are you just letting me know that you are "stalking" me????

Cliff Cannon

@ : I asked the Chief if he had seen you. The answer being 'no'. I made the proper assumption.

However,I still think it is a good idea.Hope you have the courage to follow up on it.

P.S. No need to get mean and insulting when given a compliement is there ? Beside's it's Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and yours