Heating assistance program runs through end of March

Those who meet program eligibility requirements can receive one-time payment toward a utility and/or bulk service.
Aaron Krause
Dec 15, 2012


The Community Action Commission of Erie, Huron & Richland Counties, Inc. is announcing the 2013 Winter Crisis Program.

This is a heating assistance program that may provide a one-time payment toward a utility and/or bulk service for those who meet the program eligibility requirements. The program runs through March 31. To make an appointment, call the automated appointment line at (866) 861-6360.

The applicant must have:

A utility service that is currently off or in disconnection status for the gas and/or electric service

A utility service that needs to be started or 25 percent or less supply of bulk fuel (propane fuel oil, wood, coal).

An eligible applicant's total household income must be at or below 200 percent of the 2012 Federal Poverty guidelines.

All applicants must provide the following documentation at their appointment:

Proof of income for the previous 13 weeks or seven pays if paid bi-weekly.

Primary and electric heating bills

Proof of disability (If applicable)

Social Security Numbers for all household members

Copy of lease agreement or rent receipts (If applicable)

Picture ID of primary applicant

Confirmation number (provided by the automated phone system when scheduling appointment).

Individuals who receive child support or unemployment benefits must bring this documentation with them to their appointment.

The following are area locations:

Willard CAC Office, 1530 S. Conwell Street, (419) 935-1010.

Norwalk CAC Office, 92 N. Prospect St., (419) 668-9823.



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