Teen driver who tried to run over brother with VW bug must pay $43,000 in restitution

Local 19-year-old also gets one-month jail term.
Cary Ashby
Dec 15, 2012


A Willard teenager must pay nearly $43,000 in restitution for trying to run over her brother with a car on their property. She also received a month-long jail sentence.

Taylor L. Cress, 19, of 4605 Willard West Road, was in Huron County Common Pleas Court for her sentencing hearing Wednesday.

On Nov. 2, she pleaded guilty to an amended fourth-degree felony of attempted aggravated vehicular assault. In exchange, prosecutors agreed to dismiss one count of felonious assault, also stemming from the same July 7 incident.

Judge Jim Conway ordered Cress to report to the Huron County Jail at 5 p.m. Jan. 9 to serve a 30-day sentence.

Cress must pay a total of $42,639.32 in restitution to the following companies or workers as part of her three years of basic probation: LifeFlight, Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center, MPE Billing Services LLC, Lucas County Emergency Physicians, the emergency room consultant, Consulting Pathologist Corp., Radadvantage APC and the ambulance provider.

Cress was convicted of driving a 2003 yellow Volkswagen Beetle recklessly when she hit her 24-year-old brother Michael while on their property July 7. The victim was standing on the east side of the house at the time.

"There was an apparent argument between the brother and sister," Huron County Sheriff's Lt. Mike Cooksey said earlier. "The sister then began doing doughnuts in the front yard."

Cooksey said investigators determined the incident appeared to be "an intentional act."

A LifeFlight helicopter flew Michael Cress to Mercy St. Vincent in Toledo to be treated for unspecified injuries. He was treated and released.

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler has said Michael Cress wasn't seriously injured.

If Cress violates her probation, she faces 18 months in prison.



life flight, but not seriously injured?

Simple Enough II

I see them flying quite often in my area...$$$$$$$$$$$ Ambulances are not cheap either.


I would.........


Where is she suppose to come up with 43k? What a joke?


She's 19 years old, she'll never come up with that money. Those medical companys could care less what the judge orders there still going after mom and dad for the medical bill's. Why because a 19 year old girl is not collectable.


I have an idea. Why doesn't she get a job and set up payment plans?


Good luck with that now that she is a convicted felon. She has to repay the bill during her 3 yrs of probation. Her age, coupled with the fact that she is now a felon, will likely keep that from happening. How many 19 yr olds without a felony record do you know, that have good enough jobs to repay $43K in 3 yrs? I don't know any.


With intrest and late fee's it will quickly become 65K. There payment plans are a joke. Besides there going to go after mom and dad.


@ Knuckle
As long as she shows an honet effort to pay towards the bill she will not be hassled. And you'd be surprised how many people out there are working good jobs with a felony record.


oops honest not honet.


Wow, she would have been better off selling heroin to her brother. Jokes aside. Sounds to me 19-female-felon record, all over temper....? I bet i know the option she will choose.. Pregnant-mom-system dweller-victim of society-life of ease. Any takers???


My 19 year old stepdaughter thinks that this young lady has a personality barrier and appearance barrier to the pregnant mom syndrome. "She looks like a dude"

Simple Enough II

Dee Snider?!

Second Opinion

Im confused as to why these companies and services are graced with the Judges order to be paid back, while if someone damages my property, steals something etc I am told by the court to get a lawyer, seems like a double standard here. I wish the Judge would come and and answer this.

Sitting In The ...

So she basically got a month in jail and some ridiculous amount she will in all likely-hood never pay back and that a fair sentence for running over another human?. What message are you sending to people?


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Ellis dee

Dumb post


Cress Cross made em, JUMP JUMP for $43k!

Ellis dee

I'd hit it why not

Simple Enough II

I bet you would!

Brock Lee

she need to go on dr phil lol