Familiar face to fill role of executive officer

Retired major appointed to fill the role of executive officer.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 20, 2012


A familiar face has returned to the Huron County Sheriff's Office.

Retired Maj. Greg Englund has been appointed on an interim basis to fill the role of executive officer.

Sheriff Dane Howard said with the upcoming retirements of Chief Deputy Dave Battles, Capt. Ted Patrick and Lt. Mike Cooksey this month, he needed an officer to fill a supervisory role.

A feature story about Englund was published in the Reflector.



I called that doubble dipping.


Overtly blatant.

Dr. Information

"filling in on an interim basis"....is not double dipping. Its called, they need someone qualified until they can find a replacement. Not everyone that graduates the academy wants to move to robust Huron County.


look at tubby sucking in his gut


@ DR. Information, there are more qualified candidates to fill in the position: Retired Capt. Van Hentenryck, Capt De Witt, Capt. McLaughlin, Lt. Gatton, Chief Ruggles, Chief Cashen and so on... Best of all, RETIRED SHERIFF RICHARD M. SUTHERLAND OR RETIRED EXECUTIVE OFFICER ROBERT SUTHERLAND are more way qualified than Mr. Shiney Shoes.The S.O. would be better off with J. Bracken as sheriff. Where's 301 chin?




The sad part is that the Republican Party didn't run anyone against Howard in the last election! Who ever is running that party needs a foot up there butt!!


here we go again from sheriff hypocrite; same thing he went around bashing sheriff sutherland for and he does it himself. this guy is amazing i literally get sick of his political stance. you disgust me sheriff hypocrite but i must say i am very surprised you didn't stick your buddy john harris in that position.


So why did they let you go


ohiogirl99,Retired Maj. Greg Englund isn't Howards brother.

called out

Greg England is a wonderful man and a great police officer...