Norwalk schools looking to go back to voters

A 5.5-mill emergency operating levy on the May ballot would generate $1.85 million; an additional half-percent income tax would produce $1.7 million.
Cary Ashby
Dec 12, 2012


Will Norwalk City Schools be putting an emergency operating levy or a half-percent income tax on the May ballot?

The school board made the first necessary step to choose one of those two options at its regular meeting Tuesday. If the board didn't make such a resolution, putting a levy on the ballot wouldn't be possible for May because of various deadlines.

"It doesn't commit the board to putting a levy on the ballot in May," Superintendent Dennis Doughty said.

The 5.5-mill emergency operating levy would generate $1.85 million while the additional half-percent income tax would produce $1.7 million. Both levies would last five years.

A story about this subject was published on the front page of Wednesday's Reflector.



Here we go again, they just don't understand, no means no.


Don't wanna pay your fair share Zippy?

Why not find some "rich folks" and tax them? Oops! Millionaires and high-income earners are pretty well an extinct species in Norwalk.

You support the collectively bargained wages and benefits of the public teachers right? Voted down SB5 didn't ya?

Guess you'll just have to pay up and quit being such a liberal hypocrite.

Unfortunately with socialism, ya eventually run outa other people's money. Darn!


OH, Winnie, shut up. All your comments are old, very old...get a life.


They ran out of rich people Zippy - your turn. :)

Dr. Information

Support your schools people.



hit the road jack

You gotta remember though,a lot of renters don't pay the rent,WE DO! so they can be told to vote yes and will.


Hey, support the schools NOW or increase the support for the court and welfare systems LATER. Either way, the taxpayers get drained. Better schools increase property values whereas crime and unemployment do not.


Still NO!

swiss family

why can't we expect the schools to be accountable for the money we already give?? How can we be expected top fund them with more money.. when we have no idea where the real waste is?? How much TAXPAYER money does it cost to put it back on the ballot??( reminder it is our money given to them to run the school, that they are using to"Persuade" us that we made the wrong decision)spending more money does NOT necessarily mean a better education system... ACCOUNTABILITY with that money does however..So here we go...lets guess... first will be cuts to busing.. and to sports programs... and then try again at the ballots.. if we say no again... then they really get revengeful, and make sure to cut where it hurts every family..I know I am getting tired of the same predictable school board solutions...then after it fails so many times, they will even go so far as to have the Teachers have an assignment to write a "Letter to the editor" for the newspaper in support of the levy.. and of course the student will be given a grade for that letter... now what kind of grade do you think an "Anti" levy letter will get?? and at that point they are not only wasting our money to reprimand us, but will be using the school time that we supply and pay for to fund their agenda... why can't they accept that answer is "NO" and so move on to a real solution and not a punishment on us???

To me, asking and using our money to put it back on the next ballot after we just said no, and they claim that their money is so tight.. it ias as insulting and asinine as the charities that mail you 6 cents in the mail... and ask for your money and tell you that that 6 cents they mailed you could feed a family for a day...??? so why mail it to me?? seems like a waste to me..???? and I am prepared this time when you finally punish us enough to give in and pass the levy that you say will be for 5 years.. I know when that 5 years is up.. you will ask for a renewal...and proudly claim that it is NOT new money you are asking for...they do say that doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of "Insanity" so clearly the school boards actions are "insane" in my opinion


Those at the top do not listen. Typical everywhere.


The projected tax revenue will be lower than anticipated as people adjust their economic behavior accordingly.

Retirees and those on public assistance are exempt from the city income tax. But the property tax would undoubtedly affect rent payments.

During the last admin., there was a proposal to decrease a percentage of the reciprocal city income tax offset for out-of-town income. Time to dust this off, kick it around and possibly earmark it for Norwalk schools?

Where's the leadership from Mayor Duncan and city council? They obviously know how to spend on garbage and fire trucks and increase city payroll, but do they know how to take the lead on this educational funding issue?

Are the city "leaders" gonna leave Mr. Doughty swingin' in the breeze?

Either taxes and fees go up, or the quality and number of services declines, there ain't no magic.


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Is your "Caps Lock" on? Check it, little button left side of the key board third from the bottom.

So what "waste" do you propose to cut? Spell it out.

Guy on a Buffalo



@ Guy on a Buffalo:

A "30% pay cut"? Great motivator.

The teachers' walk out and lawsuits should be interesting.

Swamp Fox

How long before we hear the usual "Its for the children", no its for the teachers benefits and wages, how much would have SB 5 saved? Just vote NO.......

Guy on a Buffalo

The teachers have taken no raises for the past three years, and they are paying $100 more for their insurance. 27 full-time position have been eliminated through retirements since 2010. I don't think this is about them - they've done their part to chip in. What did you give up at your job?

I find it interesting that most people on here are blasting the teachers, but no one really got upset that Duncan gave out raises to all non-union administrative employees, while police and fire were strong armed into giving money back to balance the budget.


Ha! No raises? What do you call step increases? Do you think we're stupid or what? We've been down this road too many times before. 100 bucks more for their insurance? Big deal, mine has gone up more than that and I don't have a nice primarily taxpayer funded pension plan to ease the pain.

And another thing, they say this tax would only be for a five years, when just like all the countless others before this one, after 5 years they would sell this as "not a new tax but a renewal" and sure enough we would continue to pay forever like all the other renewals these dumb voters vote for!

swiss family

but we are NOT talking about Mayor Duncan or the Police and Fire Departments.. we will probably get there though once we get the Schools to be responsible to the taxpayers...


I moved from Willard to Medina a few years ago. Our school levy past at that time. Since then the school has put a new levy on each year. It has been turned down cause like everybody else people can only give so much. We now have state minimum busing, which is no high school transportation and pay to participate in sports. We are all looking to be able to save money.


Be Careful, Norwalk- you get what you pay for.

Dr. Information

The School has frozen wage increases correct? Have they cut positions? Yes, to the tune of 27. Don't act like they are not trying to find solutions. Vote yes.

Guy on a Buffalo

Dr. Information - you'll learn that people like Swamp and Swiss complain all day on these blogs and claim to know all, but they never, ever attend meetings to find out the truth. They claim they reach more through these blogs and they don't mind spouting inaccurate information. You and I will be fighting a losing battle with them until Election Day - you could tell them the Earth is round, but if they heard somewhere it was flat, they would tell everyone on here it was flat until they were blue in the face.

swiss family

what inaccurate information am I "spouting??".. I have ASKED them to be "transparent".. I would like to have them show the accountability for every penny we provide them NOW, before I feel that they can be trusted with more.Please note the arrogance, and demeaning tones in your writings... that is exactly the attitude that I have been talking about coming from the school, board and staff, when it comes to being accountable for OUR money.If we are going to run the schools like we would run a business, or even a household budget... we need to take stock in the accountability off the money we are spending now, and see where there is waste currently, and cut that out of our spending, before we beg to the suppliers for more money...again.. please show me , and be clear and specific where I have "spouted" mis-information??? we are trying to curtail bullying IN our schools... maybe we need to start by ridding the bullying BY our schools

Guy on a Buffalo

You have no idea what you are talking about. You are claiming in posts that I am a school board member, when, in fact, I have no ties to the school district. I am not an employee, nor do I serve on the board. I do not have any children in the district, nor am I related to anyone who works for them. I just get tired of you, and others on here, who simply complain about wages and benefits while failing to notice the 27 teachers that were not replaced, the insurance premiums that went up for employees, and the fact that the schools are in dire need of more money because the Republican-led government takes and takes. Get a copy of the five-year forecast and get the information yourself - it's all public record.

hit the road jack

The reason they have to take and take is because the Democrats gave and gave to them and now someone has to pay the piper,you gotta admit,the public sector is bringing this country to its knees and most people are too stupid to see the writing on the wall.

swiss family

so show us a list of which teachers were not replaced... It seems pretty obvious to me that if we didn't replace 27 people, then they must NOT have been too essential to the education of our kids... RIGHT???? so that is a good cut that they made.. and Thank you... but in my opinion there are plenty more that need to be cut as well, and I am willing to bet that once they are cut too, no one will even feel the impact of their absence.. except for the financial gain that we should acquire.... BUT if that were to happen, trust me , the school ,board would find a way to spend recklessly all of those savings..

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run for the hills


swiss family