Deer with broken leg found, shot in Norwalk spillway

It's unknown how long the doe was in the spillway before officers arrived.
Cary Ashby
Dec 11, 2012


Police humanely shot a deer with a broken front leg that found its way into the spillway at the Norwalk reservoir.

Norwalk Police Capt. Mike Conney, who shot the doe with his service weapon, said he felt bad for the deer. It was missing fur from its posterior area.

"It was a good size deer," Conney said.

At 10:11 a.m. Sunday, a concerned citizen reported the deer was trapped on the spillway on Memorial Lake Drive at the reservoir. Officer Chris Kelley was the first officer to respond; Sgt. Jim Montana also came to the scene.

"(The deer) was scuffed up pretty bad. ... The leg was broken pretty bad," Conney said.

It's unknown how long the doe was in the spillway before officers arrived. Conney said the deer could have jumped the fence surrounding the area and broken its leg.

"The break appeared to be high up on the leg as it was swinging freely when the doe would attempt to walk," Conney wrote in his report.

"The doe made its way down the main spillway to where the water flows from the sluice gate spillway. The doe entered the water and crossed under Old State Road, where it had difficulty navigating the swiftly moving water. The doe was clearly suffering and I dispatched it with a slug from the MCS shotgun," the officer said.

Before Conney had a clear shot, he said the deer struggled near the rocks and also was in about 3 feet of water. Conney shot the deer as he stood in some tall underbrush.

"When I had a clear shot, I shot it. It fell onto a bank," he said.

Police released the deer to Thomas E. Drake, of Milan, a passerby who noticed the deer. A different person made the initial call.


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