Norwalk couple to be on 'Dr. Phil' Monday

Episode titled 'Mama’s Boys' explores whether unemployed son in college is taking advantage of mom.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Dec 9, 2012


Joe and Barb Widman, of Norwalk, plus Barb’s son, will appear on today’s “Dr. Phil” episode entitled “Mama’s Boys.”

According to the show’s website, Joe says his stepson, Rendall, is a 25-year-old mama’s boy who is currently funding his college education with a $50,000 loan, which Joe’s wife, Barb, co-signed. Rendall insists he’s not taking advantage of his mom.

Currently unemployed, does he have plans to pay back the loan, or will he let his mom foot the bill? Can Dr. Phil help Rendall get traction to succeed on his own?

The show also will feature Barbara Streisand promoting her new film with Seth Rogan about a mother and son on a road trip.





Objective Observer - as for make me laugh with your incompetence and lack there of. It sounds like you have proof? please share. Also, it seems like you have your life figured out. instead of bickering, why not offer some great, fulfilling advice?


She must be incredibly naive to think that appearing on a tv show that depends on the sensational to drive up it's ratings would help with any family situation. I am sure there is a counselor locally that could work privately with this family instead of causing public humiliation to everyone.


So does Mommy still change his diapers, too? Don't know them but that is sure what it sounds like. If this guy hasn't got a clue after the age of 25, good luck. If the MOmmy is that stupid she deserves what she gets.


all of this is blown way out of proportion


Corabella- hmmmm agreed!


Starryeyes- thats pretty childish to say, dont you think? you're better than that.


PsychSixx... YOU don't even know me so how would you know? FYI: I don't live in your area...

Okay here's nicer version:

She needs to stop coddling the young man, at 25 he's grown adult who should pay his own way. If he hasn't learned by now - what will he do when she is no longer around?

As far as this "rock thing" goes. The odds are against him. It isn't as though there a big rock stations or arenas anymore. NOt even promoters. Sadly, That era - 70's /80's (mine) is over. That audience is my age or older.

All that's left now are synthesized "boy" bands and u tube morons that couldn't play a note of music on a guitar if their lives depended on it.


1. You dont live in my area- why are you commenting?

2. Since you know SO MUCH about the music industry, please tell us all about the industry. Go on....


Commenting.... because I can!! And have been doing so for several years. If you don't like it -- too damn bad.

As a long time rock fan. I know enough. I mean ROCK.... not this wimpy crap that is uploaded on You tube.

You don't go to "school" to learn how to be a "rock star" ... There's no such thing. I doubt if Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Van Halen, Metallica and Warlock etc., etc. ever went to rock school.

Done with you --you have proven to be a moron.


it's not a matter of stupidity. anyone with a child wants to see their children happy. in this case, she's spent her life and relationships to provide for Rendall's happiness instead of teaching him to provide it for himself... no, he doesn't life at home, but living in LA and still having your mother pay the bills is about the same... any parent wanting the best for the child isn't stupidity, it's parenting, but any child that abuses that notion isn't acting on love just because they were a straight A student and never smoked a Joint, they're acting on greed. not doing bad things then becomes a business decision... one of those, if i get caught there goes my bank role, type of things. so instead of telling this woman that she's stupid for providing for her child, which is well within the realm of motherhood, why not say that this guy needs to man the hell up, pull on his big boy pants, and join the rest of the world in being an adult.


I think we all agree that he needs to "man up". Barb is NOT a bad mother. She truly loves her son and has done everything for him out of that love. It's just that same love has caused him a great disservice by enabling him to stay a dependent child. From what I've heard, Dr Phil pretty much tells Barb to stop funding him, and for Rendall to grow up (man up) and get a job. And this no nonsense common sense advice got her and Rendall very upset. They do not want to hear the truth. They only want everything to be "fixed". And all of their friends are rallying behind them and bashing Dr Phil without first watching the show and seeing what really happened. As I stated before, I'll be surprised if what is portrayed isn't simply the truth, but a truth Barb did not want to expose. I believe Joe went on the show in hopes that she would actually listen to someone like Dr Phil when told to do the right thing. But since they've been back, Joe's been telling former colleagues that she's upset and refusing the advice Dr Phil gave - that Rendall needs booted from the financial nest and to get a job! Joe just wants some financial relief. Maybe her eyes will be finally be opened when they watch themselves this afternoon. For Rendall's sake, I hope so.


I've been reading a number of articles about senior Mom and Dad AND the unemployed college kids are coming home to live with the Boomers - many are gettin' it from BOTH generations.

IMO, tell Rendall to get a job or Mom's welfare payments stop in two weeks. "Tough love" works.


I completely understand not wanting your child to be unhappy, but ultimately how unhappy will he/she be when suddenly their life has passed by and they've become nothing?!? My job as a parent is to teach my child to become self sufficient...whether that means a college degree, a trade, or simply a job to pay your own way. There is pride in doing a job and earning your own way in this life and it's a parent's job to teach that...if you don't, you've failed! Guess what? If she'd stop sending the kid money..I'd wager that he'd suddenly find a job and grow up! Time for her to grow as a parent and see that!!!!!!


Quite frankly, I think all of you who have posted comments need to evaluate your own lives. I would love to have these conversations with you in person, seeing as I am Rendall's sister. I bet you wouldn't dream of it. It's wonderful the comfort you feel behind a computer. I'm sure you have family problems of your own. Would you like to publicly air them for everyone to comment on? I seriously doubt it. I don't agree with them having gone on the show, but shame on you for thinking you have advice on a situation you know nothing about. And the show hasn't even aired yet, so how can you even have that much to say? Shame on all of you. Leave my family alone, and deal with your own problems. And I really wonder how, if you all have jobs and lives, have time to come on this forum and judge other people's problems. I have a feeling some of you even read and commented on this while you were at your job. Shame on you. I only commented on this because it personally affects my family. Think about how all of this has an affect on other people, and find something better to do with your time.


If your family didn't want the attention or the publicity then they should NOT have called Dr Phil to be on NATIONAL TV. It also makes me wonder WHO called the newspaper and informed them? So now not only do people come across Dr Phil and watch you have people who read it in the paper and then go watch. Yes we all have our own issues and problems, but NOT everyone puts it on TV or in the paper for everyone to see/watch. When my family has a problem we deal with it, we do not look for help with a TV personality on talk show that LOVES to sensationalize everything.


If you read the article in the newspaper and the overview of the show on Dr. Phil's website, you would have seen that they matched up perfectly. So OBVIOUSLY this family didnt have it put in the newspaper- someone leaked it out. Why would they want people to know that they were on that show?? come on


Since Rendall is an only child, I am assuming this is his step-sister (Joe's daughter). I understand your contempt for some of the comments about a boy you have known for a few years, but his relationship with his mother goes way beyond what you have witnessed from afar. No one is bashing your father, only sympathizing with the situation he is in, and hoping that something good can come from all of this. And that something good would be Rendall becoming financially independent so your retired father does not have to pay. And as far as bashing the working folks who might be on the sight - where were you when typing the comment? Do not judge others who may be on a break, on lunch, on vacation, working 2nd or 3rd shift or unfortunately unemployed. Because none of us are asking our parents to pay for our internet.


Nice try, but Barb was married before Joe, and Rendall's dad married my mom. He's been in my life for 16 years, and I would never dream of calling him my step brother. He is my BROTHER. And I've witnessed way more of his life than you know, but that doesn't really matter. I could care less what you think about how much I know him, I would just like everyone to leave my brother alone. His mother's choice to do the show isn't one I agree with, if you would have read my previous comment thoroughly, but that doesn't make any of what anyone is saying right. These are my last words, I'm above arguing about this, I was just trying to help out my brother who doesn't deserve this public shaming. Good day to you, I hope you find more fruitful things to do with your time.


Objective Observer- i love how you used the words, "Do not judge others" may want to think on that.


I think if you choose to put your "private" family problems on television you lose the right to complain when individuals discuss them.


I didn't choose it. I had no part in the decision. I actually just found out about the show yesterday seeing as I'm currently studying abroad in Hungary.


Hungary is awesome.


Thirtysomething- yes they lost that right. But let me ask you this, why discuss it?


Why discuss it, Ren, er,.. Psych ? Because WE CAN.


Thirtysomething- yes they lost that right. But let me ask you this, why discuss it?


Used to work with Barb...she's a wonderful person. Why bash her for asking for help? Maybe this show will be just the kick in the pants her son needs.

swiss family

Personally I think it takes real Guts to be willing to air your problems on Television. I give them a lot of credit for stepping up to be the n"poster" family representing so many other families in thew same situation,and taking the "heat" for everyone's mistakes.

They do say that the shame is NOT in reaching out to ask for help.. But the Real Shame is that you know that the problem is bigger than you and NOT reaching out for help.. takes guts.. and I , for one, am proud and happy for them..


Thank you for you kind comment. This is a personal issue for me, and it's nice to know that there are people in this world who don't feel the need to bash everyone else for their personal problems. Have a great day and a Merry Christmas!


I have to agree with a few others on this site. Maybe this will be a wake up call for the kid .. I don't know. One thing I DO know is that are professionals out there that you can go to, to get help, that are NOT on TV. If you don't want your dirty laundry aired locally and nationally .. don't put it in the paper or go to an Oprah financed spin Dr to get help. You bring the pot-shots on yourself and family .... when you put articles in this paper .. especially knowing the way people blow up on the comment forum!! People please .......