'Heroin house' raided in Norwalk

Several arrests made after authorities use search warrant.
Cary Ashby
Dec 7, 2012


Several people were arrested this week on drug charges when the Norwalk Police Department special response team and detective bureau used a search warrant at 14 E. Harkness St.

"It's a heroin house," Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton said about the Harkness Street residence.

One of the suspects is accused of helping commit four burglaries in the city while another is a convicted sex offender.

Police said officers had received information about people selling and using heroin by the residents there. Authorities obtained a warrant from Norwalk Municipal Court Judge John Ridge and used it during a raid at 8:48 p.m. Monday.

Officers seized about 80 doses of heroin and recovered several pieces of stolen property: A 42-inch flat screen television, a guitar, chain saw, one firearm lock box used for a rifle and assorted jewelry.

Fulton said the items came from burglaries at 34 Erie St., 55 Williams St., 12 W. Chestnut St. and 107 St. Mary's St.

"There's stuff we haven't recovered yet," he said.

Cory B. Smith, 24, of 40 Corwin St., was charged with burglary, a second-degree felony punishable by two to eight years in prison. His bond was set at $50,000. Smith also was charged with possession of drug abuse instruments.

"He was at the (Harkness Street) premises when they did the search," Norwalk Law Director Stuart O'Hara said.

Fulton, in a separate interview, said Smith and the other people who were staying there -- Devin S. Espinoza, 26; Mariha S. Estadt, 27; her boyfriend, Robert W. Stewart, 23; and Roger L. Mock, 31, -- are "all known heroin addicts." The detective said the suspects have been traveling to Cleveland to buy heroin.

Espinoza was charged with possession of heroin. Estadt and Stewart were charged with permitting drug abuse. The court set each of their bonds at $10,000. Mock, like Smith, was charged with possession of drug abuse instruments.

"None of them have very significant criminal histories," O'Hara said.

Stewart, in 2007, was convicted of gross sexual imposition and pandering obscenity through Ross County. He was sentenced to two years in prison. It's unclear if Stewart is on parole.

O'Hara was asked about the definition of permitting drug abuse.

"It means you're responsible if you let someone else come to your house and use drugs," he said.

Authorities haven't arrested or charged anyone else in connection with the ongoing investigation.

"As of right now, no one else has been charged. That's not to say nobody else (will be) once they're done with the investigation," O'Hara said.

Fulton said police are looking for more suspects in connection with the burglaries.

"There are at least two people who are involved in it," the detective said.

"It will be an ongoing investigation," Fulton added, with more drug- and theft-related arrests pending.



Great job!!!keep it up NPD!!!!Lets all just start refering all these heroinhead thug theives as pukes!!

Whiskey Tango F...

hand out the maximum sentence, the maximum fine, and publically humilliate these people. Make examples of each and every one of them. Send a clear and concise message to the other addicts.


I hope your right Tango, Sad part is you watch they will all get the minimum sentences if that. But had this been about animal abuse...well it would have been the maximum sentence and it usually is. I so hope you are right though.


your right neo we have a weak prosecutor we always have, he cares more about his conviction rate than right and wrong, these people will be given a plea deal like everyone else and walk away with hardly anything. i feel bad for the hard working police who do all this work on a case then to have a smack in the face with plea deals because of a lazy prosecutor like russ leffler

hor mone

I cain't prosecute.


You caint come up with anything intelligent

hor mone

Yes, but it would be inappropriate and out of place for anything having to do with the Reflector.




Across the state of ohio about 94+% of all cases are plea bargined. Has nothing to do with Leffler or Huron County - its everywhere.

Karma Watcher

You are most likely correct. The funny thing, crime sentencing... I will never understand it, one will get sentenced for a crime at the maximum sentence, but if your crime has something to do with drugs it seems you only get a slap on wrist at least the first few times before they get "real"... So sad...


There are additional restrictions on sending drug defendants to prison that don't exist for other types of offenses. And the state continues to warn judges that violent offenders sometimes have to be released in order to make space for non-violent drug offenders.


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Zombie hunters!


Turn it into a REHAB HOUSE! They all will get rehab anyway....put the house to good use!


Judge Conway is way too easy on this ppl!!

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swiss cheese kat

Records show a Good site owning the house. Heroin in 2011 heroin surpassed co-kane as the greatest drug threat in the area. What I find hi·lar·i·ous is this, the herion these people are doing is not even 90 to 95 percent pure. :)

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swiss cheese kat