Norwalk woman struck by car on Milan Ave.

Victim flown to Toledo hospital.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Dec 5, 2012


Norwalk police officers are investigating a pedestrian-vehicle accident which occurred Tuesday on Milan Avenue.

Roberta Vick, 33, of East Willard Avenue, Norwalk, stepped into oncoming traffic on Milan Avenue just north of Williams Avenue and was struck by a northbound vehicle, Norwalk Police Capt. David Smith said.

Vick was transported from the scene by North Central EMS to Fisher-Titus Medical Center and later flown by LifeFlight to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center.

“The extent of her injuries and condition are unknown,” Smith said Tuesday night.

A Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center spokesperson said this morning that Vick was listed in serious condition.

No charges have been filed, Smith said.

“Currently, there is no indication on fault of the driver,” Smith said. “It was dark out and she was wearing a dark, blue jacket and it was raining.”

Smith again said, according to witnesses, Vick stepped into oncoming traffic. The driver slammed on the brakes in an attempt to avoid the collision, Smith said, but Vick was struck by the vehicle.

Norwalk firefighters also responded to the scene.



I thought Norwalk was supposed to have a state the art Medical Center?! Why do thay send everyone to Toledo? Is Norwalk like a bandage center till people can get to a real doctor in Cleveland or Toledo?


According to Ohio's Trauma regulations, a person who sustains major trauma, as is the case here must be transferred to a Level 1 trauma center. Fisher-Titus is a Level 3 trauma center so while they have the ability to provide the initial trauma care, they must send the patient to a Level 1 Trauma Center like St. V's for definitive care. The only hospitals that meet this criteria in our area are in Toledo and Cleveland. Due to the criteria that must be met to be a level 1 (such as research and training facilities, usually only available in cities that have a nearby medical school), it really isn't feasible for FTMC to be a Level 1. Also it is not likely that FTMC would meet the trauma volume requirement.

Cliff Cannon

@ KnuckleDragger: Have enjoyed your intelligent,information laden post's recently. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Bob as well as Roberta Vick----praying for you


Praying for this woman and her family... and for the poor person who she stepped infront of....


FTMC does have the best state of the art equipment..... They just don't have the state of the art doctors and staff to operate them!


Really...and just what qualifications do you possess to make such an assessment?


She's doing well. She has no broken bones and her scans can back clean. She was in a coma and had a breathing tube yesterday but the tube was taken out and she is breathing on her own. She's also able to talk. She is suppose to be moved out of ICU and into a regular room today. The nurses said they were surprised how well she is doing and that she didn't have anything seriously wrong.


That's good to hear!


There used to be a time when Fisher Titus was nicknamed Fisher-Price.