Police levy could go back on ballot in Willard

A household with a $40,000 annual income would pay $50 on this tax.
Aaron Krause
Dec 13, 2012


Although Willard residents on election day voted down an additional income tax to fund police positions, voters might not have seen the last of the issue.

Council is considering placing the levy request on the May ballot; it expired since the last time voters approved it about five years ago.

Funds from the 1/8 percent, five-year levy funds would allow the police department to keep a full-time detective, a full-time juvenile officer who will assist the detective and a school resource officer. The city would not be able to use the funds for any other purpose.

A household with a $40,000 annual income would pay $50 on this tax.

A story about this and other matters discussed at the meeting in Willard was published in the Reflector.




Cut city manager Humphress wages in half to keeps these officers position available.


What about the mayor?? You all realize willard has both a mayor and city manager........

Dr. Information

The mayor does nothing for that town but attend photo ops for ribbon cutting ceremonies and such. He does not make decisions for this town nor is in any type of control over anyone. Unless things have changed. If he is paid, its next to nothing.


I would HATE to see the officer be taken away from the schools especially after today. Who knows if that kid that shot his mom thought about doing the school too or not.