Fisherman finds old sword

JUNE 13, 1976 The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector on this date 31 years ago:
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Jul 25, 2010


JUNE 13, 1976

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector on this date 31 years ago:

200-year-old sword found by fishermen

A sword believed to be more than 200 years old was found caked with mud along the Huron River by a Berlin Heights man last month.

A local historian believes the sword might have belonged to a French fur trader who drowned or was killed by Indians while traveling the Huron River.

Wesley Taylor, who works for Ford Motor Co. in Lorain, was fishing along the river one evening in May. He saw the sword sticking partway out of the muddy ground. The sword was still in its soggy leather case. The sword had a handle in the shape of a chicken's head.

Taylor was fishing near Milan, about half a mile downriver from U.S. 250.

Taylor's son, Wesley, a junior at EHOVE Joint Vocational School, took the sword to school and showed it to librarians. They contact Don Schlessman of Milan, who dabbles in local history and worked on a bicentennial history of Milan.

Schlessman looked close at the weathered blade of the sword, half of which was rusted away and believed he could make out the word "Gettysburg."

Schlessman got in touch with Milan historian Wallace White and Sandusky historian Gilbert Wallace.

Wallace checked the sword closely and has given his appraisal of it. He believes it was made about 1770 and was probably used by a French fur trader who might have drowned or been killed by Indians while traveling along the river.

"This type of sword was confined mainly to early hunters and fur traders, of which the French predominated in early Ohio," Wallace wrote.

Swanbeck is Norwalk's July 3 Parade Marshal

Ethel G. Swanbeck, retiring state representative for the 72nd district, will be grand marshal for Norwalk's Independence Day parade scheduled for July 3.

The seventh annual parade, sponsored by the Norwalk Lions Club , will begin at 10 a.m.

Big cat

Pictured in the paper was 14-year-old Jerry Montgomery with the 27-inch, seven-pound 3 1/4 -ounce catfish he caught on Memorial Lake Thursday afternoon. Jerry, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Montgomery, caught it at about 5 p.m. with a shiner on a bobber. Asked if would mount the fish, Jerry said, "Nope, I'll eat it."

Norwalk ballpark action

Bleile's nipped Moose 7-6 in a reconvened VFW Teener League matchup Thursday night.

Hoyle Burger blasted a double and single for the winners. Dave Lichoff doubled and Rick Fritz and Bill Thornton singled.

Larry Leibold doubled and Larry Gerken singled for the Moose.

Battles edged Schild's IGA in the only other Teener action.

Wes Douglas and John Soisson each laced a double and a triple for Battles. Jim Arlin cracked a double and a single for the losers.

Bill Howatinelk was the winning pitcher. Kim Starkey took the loss.

Compiled by Andy Prutsok