VIDEO: Sheriff dealing with jail jumpers

Pair of inmates tried to harm themselves; one is further accused of trying to wrestle away deputy's gun while shackled in hospital bed.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 4, 2012


The Huron County Sheriff's Office is dealing with two separate incidents during which inmates have tried to harm themselves.

The first was Sunday and involved Jamichael Randleman, 21, of 139 First St., New London.

Sheriff Dane Howard said Randleman was in the booking area when he jumped from a bench on to the floor in an attempt to harm himself.

"He complained of injuries to his lower body," Howard said.

Randleman was transferred from the jail to Fisher-Titus Medical Center and then on to a Toledo hospital.

"Unfortunately, the situation gets worse from there," Howard said.

Randleman was shackled to a hospital bed in Toledo, with just one hand free when he attempted to obtain Deputy Lindsay Miles' firearm.

"The deputy had to use some force to maintain her weapon," the sheriff said. "Deputy Miles acted professionally and rapidly."

Howard said any charges from this incident would come through the Lucas County Prosecutor's Office.

Randleman was originally housed at the Huron County Jail on a theft charge.

"This is the fourth time Randleman has tried to harm himself in an obvious effort to get out of jail," the sheriff said. "He has a past practice of similar events."

Howard said each time Randleman needs medical care, it costs the taxpayers.

Randleman was due back at the Huron County Jail late Monday and Howard said there would be no more self-inflicted injuries.

"He will be placed in the restraint chair with the corrections helmet," Howard said.

The corrections helmet is a kind of "football helmet" some inmates have to wear so they do not hurt themselves.

"If people don't want to be here, then don't break the law," Howard said.

But unfortunately for the HCSO, another incident occurred Monday.

Concepcion Hernandez, 23, of 230 Plymouth St., Plymouth, was ready to begin a 15-day sentence on a domestic violence charge.

Howard said as soon as two deputies left the pod where Hernandez was located, Hernandez "walked up the steps, climbed to the top of the security fence and jumped."

Howard said the deputy on video surveillance saw Hernandez in action and called for deputies, but it happened too fast.

It was about a 20-foot drop.

Hernandez was injured, but Howard said he could not elaborate.

"The security fence was installed to prevent this from happening," the sheriff said. "The holes are so small you can't get your fingers or toes in there."

Hernandez was then transferred to a Toledo hospital.

The jail was on lockdown Monday.

"If we can get some charges filed on this maybe we can curb some of this in the future," Howard said.

"After each incident, we're adding more and more safety precautions," Lt. Chris Stanfield added.



put them in one big room with an upper level, a diving board and floor drains and let them have at it. 24 hour video surveillance so IF they survive we have evidence that they did it to themselves, no medical treatment, no lawsuit.


Maybe put it on pay per view? Generate some money........


Concepcion???? No wonder he jumped.


not sure why a female officer was watching a male inmate in the first place however she should have shot him who knows what he would have done if he got that gun from her and if he has been a discipline problem maybe two deputies should have been on him. i mean you have like 50 special deputies to help you out use them. and the other guy who jumped from the fence unless he landed head first no big deal just another junkie trying to get more dope, that cost the county more money for hospital expenses. either way the taxpayers are the ones who pay for them whether in jail or on the streets.


Yea I think the first mistake was a female Deputy with him. She got lucky this time next time she might not be so lucky. Had he really wanted that wepon he could have got it. And My next qustion is why was she close enough for him to make a attempt to grab it if he was strapped in the bed?


What does the fact that the Deputy was a female have to do with anything? Could have been a male Deputy with him and the same thing could have happened. I would think that the reason she was close to him was because she was doing her job by being in the room keeping an eye on the crazy guy. As the article says...he was handcuffed to the bed not tied down and immobile.


Male/Female - I don't think it mattered with someone like him - wily. Let's stop "incarcerating" them and start punishing them. The correction officers hands are tied, everyone ready to yell lawsuit if they don't get their rights and fighting a budget crisis. Maybe the first thing we could cut is pain medication for self-inflicted injuries?


I am trying to figure out why the first guy who jumped from a bench to the ground was so badly hurt he needed to be transferred to Toledo for care? How HIGH was the bench??? I thought they were making Fisher Titus a TOP notch hospital able to handle anything? They cant handle a fall/jump from a bench injury?


Videos pretty nice I can't wait for wat these idiots will come up with next!!!!

Sitting In The ...

Honestly I have no idea what happened because for some reason there was something blocking that 25% of the screen. The only thing that video showed me was that gravity still in effect within the walls of the jail. Thanks for quoting the Sheriff he always has something "great" to say for instance " we have a fence to prevent this and well obviously it didn't". He done this three times but deputies did nothing to prevent the fourth and that nearly costed one their life. Same ole same ole at the Hazzard Co. Sheriff Office.


The S.O, would not have pod jumpers if it wasn't run by 5 jail staff members. Why didn't transport officers Larson or Soldano do the transport? In reference to firearm qualification, why wasn't a new article printed in the N.R. in reference to Det. J. H. putting a bullet in one of the cruiser, supposedly it was an accident. Do the commissioner even know about this? Opps forgot this is a hush hush thing


A accidental discharge? How did this not make the paper. And as for this Miles deputy I'm a little worried about her training, I would think they could have got someone with more experience and a little more size to them had this guy not been drugged up he might have got that gun.

Raziels Wings

This was very disturbing to me. Yes they commit crimes, yes they have drug problems. But these are people. Hurting and sad People or they wouldnt be there .Sending prayers.

swiss family

I hate being taken advantage of, and I think we all know that by these criminals trying to hurt themselves is a way for them to get out of jail, even if it is for a short time....

I wonder if we made it available to the criminals, and easy escape, and a way tom get out of Jail, and maybe hag "nooses" from the ceilings out there, and that way if they decide to end it all.. they will be successful, and eliminate the amount of tax money that will be spent on trying to change them..with the nooses , it is their choice, maybe they have screwed up their lives so much it might not be worth living for them... so have at it... they get what they want (out of jail) and we are free of the debt to hospitalize them and transport them, and feed them and clothe them etc...


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I know of 3 women that could have you on your back with their foot on your throat and asking you if you want to breathe again. In a matter of seconds.


I'm not debating about it.
Just my opinion.


sounds like my kind of woman! at my age though im not sure i could handle all three, at least not at one time..


Cracks me up that you people even comment about this... were YOU there??? You have NO idea what happened...just like I don't. And I'm sure this Miles is very able to handle the article reads... HE DID NOT GET THE GUN!!


for me its not disputing the fact of deputy miles capability of doing her job its the gender; you don't have male officers watching female inmates or vice versa especially in a secluded room. inmates are in jail for a reason and their character its not the most appealing and you don't put it past any of them to accuse you of something you haven't done. if you are guarding an inmate outside of the jail i would imagine you would go where ever that inmate would including restrooms, xrays, lab work etc. you have to remember officers are open to civil suits as well and it only takes one complaint by an inmate to start one.


It's very interesting how many times the argument of more transport officers, or specific officers being there arises. Let's be honest though... If the county had the MONEY to employ more officers they would be there. Would that make everyone happy though? Absolutely not because the same people complaining about wanting more officers would more than likely complain about having to pay more into taxes to make that happen. And the elephant-in-the-room issue is it should have been a male officer. Is that what I'm getting out of this? That's absoluely ridiculous. But for the types of individuals that feel this way, the only thing that will ever change their mind about it is having their butt saved by a female officer when they couldn't do it for themselves. Pure ignorance. The simple fact that is consistantly being ignored, is that this Deputy did her job. She "acted rapidly and professionaly" keeping her gun from him and potentially preventing innocent people from getting hurt. Is that not what we expect of them? Job well done.


Amen...Ignorant people everywhere


Knew we should have built a taller jail.......


Anyone who thinks these jackwaggons are "people" and waste their prayers on them should get a grip! Those idiots made a choice to break the law, and chose to try to inflict pain on themselves. Quit treating these scumbags like victims and start giving them what they deserve. I swear people these days are spineless!!


I find it intresting the Deputy interviewed by Fox8 called the gun snatch a "alleged incident" this is starting to sound kinda fishy there both from New London and close enough in age to have known each other in school.


always coming up with some type of conspiracy theory Dusty...where's the logic and proof behind allthese theories? Is Deputy Miles a racist too??


I've fallen and i can't get up