New process in the works for Concealed Carry Weapon applications

All application and permit issue procedures will be completed in one visit.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Dec 6, 2012


In order to serve the community in responding to the high volume of Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) applications and inquiries, beginning this week, the Huron County Sheriff's Office will initiate a new process for all CCW applicants, as follows:

All CCW applications, permit issues or any related process will be done by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, contact Lt. Theresa Shean at (419) 668-6912, ext. 227. There will no longer be open hours for first come, first served basis.

All application and permit issue procedures will be completed in one visit. When the background check has been completed, notification will be made to the applicant to pick up their permit at the Civil Office, located just inside the main lobby area of the sheriff's office.

Applicants will be able to pick up permits at their convenience, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

It is recommended that all CCW applicants come prepared for their scheduled appointment. Take time to read the application carefully, and follow the instructions accordingly.

In order to ensure that you are prepared for your appointment, the following requirements must be met (also posted on the Huron county sheriff's website:

New Applicant Requirements

Make sure you have the current application: Rev. 12/11 (found on the last page of the application, bottom right corner)

The application should be filled out in full and should be legible -- documentation of residence back to 18th birthday, at minimum

Passport size color photo, taken within the past 30 days (available at AAA, most drug stores)

$67 money order or cashier's check only, made out to the Huron County Sheriff's Office, 225 Shady Lane Drive, Norwalk, Ohio 44857. A separate money order or cashier's check is required for each application.

Legally living in the United States

Resident of Ohio for at least 45 days and a resident of the county of application or adjacent county for at least 30 days

21 years of age

If you have not been an Ohio resident for the past five years or more, an additional $24 fee will apply

Make a copy of the original training certificate. Also, bring in the original certificate, for review only, when applying for permit. Ensure attest clause is on the certificate - O.R.C. requirements 2923.125 (G)(1) and 293.125(G)(2)

Bring picture ID, such as driver's license or state ID

Renewal Applicant Requirements

Complete application, as above, according to "Renewal Status"

Current passport size photo, taken within the past 30 days

Bring current CCW license (will be turned in when new permit is issued)

$50 money order or cashier's check

If there has been an out-of-state residency change since the original issue of the Ohio CCW permit, an additional $24 fee will apply

Copy of original CCW training certificate. Also bring in original certificate for review, only if you are applying for a renewal that was originally issued from a county adjacent to Huron county.

Bring picture ID, such as driver's license or state ID.

Any questions regarding the CCW permit can be directed to Lt. Theresa Shean, Huron County Sheriff's Office at (419) 668-6912, ext. 227.



geez! what about a blood sample and a current sperm count?

Cliff Cannon

@ mikeylikesit: Thanks for the belly laugh,you made my morning


I'd be interested to see if these new procedures meet the standards set in the ORC for accepting applications.

ORC 2923.125 (I) A sheriff shall accept a completed application form or renewal application, and the fee, items, materials, and information specified in divisions (B)(1) to (5) or division (F) of this section, whichever is applicable, and shall provide an application form or renewal application to any person during at least fifteen hours a week and shall provide the web site address at which the pamphlet described in division (B) of section 109.731 of the Revised Code may be found at any time, upon request. The sheriff shall post notice of the hours during which the sheriff is available to accept or provide the information described in this division.

I'm not sure that "by appointment" means the same thing as "post notice of the hours during which the sheriff is available". Also, is the deputy actually going to be available for the required 15 hours for appointments every week? Or will staffing (and budget issues)determine actual availability? Just wondering......


AND this is why you go to Ashland County where they treat you with respect and want your business. They are also very friendly. Just a reminder you do not have to go to the Huron county just because you live here.


Very true. Sandusky County is awesome, as well. Plenty of hours available, and processed in hours sometimes, not days or weeks, unless extenuating circumstances. For local, long time residents with clean records, this should be a very simple, quick process. Some counties seem to want to make this much tougher than the law intends. Personal bias (against civilian ccw) should not be evident when the ORC says, "shall issue."

Dr. Information

So because of the high volume of people want to take the CCW course and the Sheriff's office now scheduling because of that....they are a bad Sheriff's office.

Some people will never be happy no matter what our Sheriff does.

Richard Russell

I personally had no problems getting my CCW this past summer at the Huron County Sheriff's office. I can't imagine the process being much easier or more friendly in another county. You know, it IS a permit to carry a weapon, so it shouldn't be TOO easy.


Most of us are referring to the application process and access to it, rather than how intense or indepth the background screening is. I agree, there are some who just should not have a concealed handgun license, but the access to apply should not be made inconvenient to all, just to weed out those ineligible.


No issue whatsoever with the Sheriff nor deputies. As for the serious nature of CCW that is not in question. Law abiding citizens carry CCW's. Let's just say that maybe a little friendlier attitude would have been nice.


I personally believe that the CCW laws are another back door registration trap.
As long as you can legally own a firearm(not a convicted felon or been adjudicated with a mental problem)you should be able to carry concealed or open without permits being required.
The words of the the 2nd amendment are SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.
Until you have been convicted you have all the rights guaranteed in the Constitution.