Kasich administration goes to bat for food stamp recipients

Cut to be reduced to only $23 per family
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Nov 30, 2012


In this time when many families are still struggling to put food on the table as Ohio moves out of the recession, the Kasich Administration, through the leadership of the governor and ODJFS Director Michael Colbert, fought against a proposed $50 food stamp cut to families by the Federal Department of Agriculture.

This proposal was based on the warm winter experienced in 2012 and predicted lower energy and heating bills.

Colbert was able to convince the Agriculture Department to figure Ohio’s energy costs with a different formula that allowed the cut to be reduced to only $23 per family. This will still be a hardship for many families, but at least not as severe as $50 would have been. 



@ Signersdecendant ,,,, you need to get on the horn and write to your reps, at least tell them that , it may not help, I know people who are needy and they're getting hosed , too. And they worked and paid into that system for years. They're punishing everybody for the frauds and anchor babies.

Kottage Kat

On the phone from Tibet
I worked 43 years
Will survive. Can always eat cat, or crow
It is based on energy usage,so I was careful and it cost me.
Sad sad sadly


Talk to swiss...knows all about eating crow. LOL


I think every dollar spend on foodstamp should compensate a dollar labor for every taxpayer, for FREE meals thru a part-time lawn mowing, housework, raking, sidewalk shoveled, etc. Bring your kids too, teach them how to give back.. Or am i just cruel? thinking it is wrong for some to feel there mere existence on this planet gives them a free pass thru life with no responsibilities. Protest for more $..?? someone PLEASE answer HOW MUCH MONEY is a nonproductive person WORTH.. I want numbers, not just pleas for more, and "that's not enough" comments. and then when a number is so-called fair.... what rights do i have to chose what food they buy??? Let a taxpayer hold the food card and go shopping for the recipient. I will gladly take a few minutes a week to oversee a family in need, shopping list.. Is that not right?? If not WHY?


Many already HAVE JOBS! SMH at the ignorance level in here.


Great they have jobs...for pay rite? Well.... get pay from government? repay taxpayer thru labor?? what's wrong with that?.. People can work for a company, but nothing for a handout?? is that what your saying?

Dr. Information

@truckin....you have to understand what betrump is saying. This person doesn't want these people to have to work for what they get. Do you know how many people are getting their house paid for, food, utilities and phone paid for and yet have not looked for a job in a long time.......millions upon millions in this nation. I have always thought like truckin did on this subject. If you are getting that much assistance, then your local and state government should get something back. Whether it be a few hours a day cleaning up the local area roads of litter. Or painting things at the local park...or whatever. DO SOMETHING!!!!!!! But that would require putting the tv remote down, getting up off of their obese butt and actually putting in some work that might make one sweat a bit. Yeah, thats WAY TO MUCH to ask.



For the most part, I agree with you, however, what about the people who are disabled ( some which you can't see on the outside-- and I don't mean anything mental, either)

Are you going to lump them in with the rest ?


fine..give me there food card and i will buy them nutritinial, value food. another wods the most bang for `the buck.. would someone who gets the confiscated money from the government for free, object?? that is where the problem lies. People want alllll the rights, but none of the responsibilities. Since it's a basically 50/50 thing. Assign a taxpaying non family member to oversee 1 persons card. and just see who would be the FIRST `to object


Maybe , but not everyone who gets a little help spends it on junk food. Most of the generational welfare does , yes . There are alot of people who use them and paid into the tax system for years..I don't think that high sugar anything should be allowed or candy or pop. But, some grocers are still letting people get away with buying booze and smokes,


It will NEVER change unless ALOT of people protest.. THINK!!! Lobbyist for coke, frito-lay-hershey, etc. have all poured BIG money into getting it thru that food cards CAN purchase there products.. Some pretty BIG "boys" who donate BIG to our crooked politicians, to go up against...


Then you need to THINK!! If it's lobbyists and " big boys " running the show, they're not gonna change a damn thing now, will they?

They're not gonna care about protests from the little people.

IOW protesing and b^&tching about it won't do any good. Maybe IF there were petitions to sign.

Pretty big IF ....

Dr. Information

@starry......I think the majority of working Americans have sympathy for those disabled either by an accident or something they were born with, and would give their shirt off their back and take some food off their plate to help them out. We are not talking about the elderly who have worked their whole life and now need help. Nor are we talking about the disabled. We are talking about the MILLIONS of Americans who are perfectly capable of working, but would rather sit at home and do nothing but collect a check.

You want to put more people back to work in your local community, while also seeing your tax dollar at work. Hire 100 people....state paid, to do weekly checks on welfare recipients in your city and if they can work and have the time to watch TV, play Xbox or sit on their phone all day long, you make them work for their assistance check in your local city. They don't get paid, they don't get a bonus, they don't get insurance, because they are already getting all this stuff for FREE as it is.

Its going to take people in charge of our nation to make people RESPONSIBLE for their actions again, or this hole we are in is only going to get deeper.


You can get some of these people a job , but that doesn't mean they will actually work.

For example, several years ago, the company I worked for hired several people through a temp service, to get caught up on orders. Yes, they were of the "entitlement" crowd.

They came in there with attitude and were more afraid of breaking their 3 inch decaled nails than actually do anything. The supervisors couldn't even get them to wear safety glasses. The rest of us had to pick up the slack. None of them passed their drug tests ( which were done after they were in there; I don't know why). Okay, those are the ones who need kicked off. Half the time they never showed up.

Needless, to say it cost the company more in the long run. After several months , all the temps were gone.

My point being, is - you can't make these kind of people work - most especially if it's a HOT factory.

And it sure would help if truckin would clarify his comments, better.


OOps, double post, issues with the site today.


@ betrump:

"JOBS"? More like part-time jobs of which our POTUS is the king.


Under Pres. Bush, the Dims derided 'em as "McJobs."

Back to the topic -

The article states in part:

"...a proposed $50 food stamp cut to families by the Federal Department of Agriculture."

How can our munificent POTUS take food out of the mouth of struggling poor people?

Good of Mr. Kasich to try to help ‘em huh?


Betrump understand some here have never been around much. Another is old & bitter, the parade has long ago passed him by. Try not to let their lunacy bother you.

Dr. Information

and what is your solution besides ranting about pointless stuff. Typical for captain kURT

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swiss cheese kat

Bush vetoed twice the Energy Act of 2008 and in that biLL was increases in food stamp benefits. It still passed.

According to 'Keynesian economic theory', by putting money into people's hands, it stimulates the economy.