Company to lay off 29 employees at Norwalk facility

Job losses announced during holiday season.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 28, 2012


Frontier Communications will lay off 29 employees from its Gibbs Road location.

Stephen Euton, general manager for Frontier North Central Ohio, made the announcement Tuesday afternoon. A story with more details about the job losses was published in Wednesday's Reflector.




Paranoid Illusion

Not good.


Let's think about this. When I need to phone a friend, which one do I choose, Sprint, AT&T, or T-Mobile.


Happy Holidays.......

swiss family


before you post some long rambling. these cuts have nothing to do with the current commissioners or the mayor or the city of Norwalk.

swiss family

my 3 word comment, vs.. you 24 word rant? Interesting...can you say 6 times as much? lol

swiss family

or 8???


One wore.....Obamacare! Hold on, it is going to be the norm.


The Obamanation strikes again. I know the election is over but the consequences are just beginning.


Almost one yr. ago on NR's Weds. Morning Live webcast, newly elected mayoral candidate Mr. Duncan alluded to the idea that there was big news on the local employment front, but that he was not at liberty to talk about it.

Was it just a continuation of the apparent empty campaign rhetoric of jobs, jobs, jobs?

It's way past time to pull that rabbit out of the magical hat Mayor Duncan.


Obama strikes again.....and no this isn't a new movie. Watch as many business's do what everyone else on here expects the schools to do, which is to do more with less. Cutting hours to part time and laying people off will happen BIG TIME in 2013 as people prepare for good ole Obamacare.


My company made BETA VCR's. We went out of business. It's Obama's fault.


@ betrump:

"Your co." competed with Sony?


Get Real People!! So it is Obama's fault that no one under the age of 30 has a home phone anymore? Or that the other half has bundled their phone with their cable? They are all paying more than a home phone line bill for a fancy cell phone with internet. There is no need for the operators, techs, repair people, etc when no one has a phone line.


Land lines are for senior citizens


Wanna bet? I still have one, and I ain't no senior.. cause it's more reliable. No dropped calls and it's cheaper ..I don't need all the fancy crap on a phone. for traveling I use pay as you go. Much cheaper


i agree with ehovemom. it's not like obama is forcing people to move to cell phones only.. he can't control this. and he didn't call up this company and say "hey time to lay off some people" so how in the world could it be obamas fault? the idiocy of people these days is unreal!


The Progs per usual are missing the point that some are making:

Employers are just paring down employees in preparation for the slew of the new taxes that will be needed to fund ObamaCare.

Comin' to an employer near you.

Gonna luv that FREE Obama healthcare. LMAO!!!


What was not put in this small article on here was, some of these people have been with the company for 29 years & longer..Let the people go who have been there for years & keep the people who have less senority..That usually means more money for the company..Not to mention, more people are going to just cell phones instead of having the land line as well..Sad but true


It seems unlikely that any local employees have been with Frontier for 29 years since Frontier has only been around here for 4 years.


They were GTE and Verizon before Frontier came in


Ok - That means they were GTE employees for a period of time, Verizon employees for a period of time, and Frontier employees for the last approx 4 years. That's three companies so none of these folks were with "the Company" for 29 years or more.


Sarrak, what does it matter which company it was with? These people were in THIS building and carried their seniority over with each name change and buy out. The point is, there are people here with over 30+ years of seniority that are now out the door. Don't be so petty.


Not trying to be petty just accurate. The original comment asserted that Frontier was treating long term employees of its own badly. I have no love for frontier but lets not blame them inaccurately.


29 well paid employees with actual work skills, replaced by 100's of low wage, college educated "wireless' company support operators who have to keep transferring you to a different department to get your problem resolved..?? Way of the future. I do NOT care for O'''bama. but to blame him??? dumb


@ truckin:

H*ll the idiot Dims blamed Bush if their dog got sick. Their Teflon coated Messiah is responsible for everything good, but none of the bad.

It obviously helps if ya drink the Obama flavored Kool-Aid.

Dr. Information

Nobody is blaming Obama, they are blaming Obamacare. Companies across this nation are downsizing and cutting hours and people to prepare for the almighty job killer known as Obamacare.


Actually Obamacare is only a part of the obamanation. There is a housing part of declining values. (did anyone else notice that the former Fisher Mansion at 185 West Main - recently sold for $39,000 - valued at 318,000 on the county records)Higher unemployment and other problems yet to be determined).


They'll have to put $500K into it just to make it safe for occupancy.