Grand jury indicts 17-year-old accused of shooting mom

After fleeing scene, extensive manhunt ensued and schools were put on lock-down before youth eventually was apprehended.
Aaron Krause
Nov 17, 2012


A Willard teenager accused of shooting his mother in the back has been indicted on a first-degree felony charge of attempted murder.

A Huron County grand jury indicted 17-year-old Michael Evan Mason on Friday. The charge includes a gun specification.

Mason, of 23 N. Main St., Willard, is accused of shooting his mother in May, fleeing the scene, causing an extensive manhunt and forcing Willard City Schools to be on lockdown. The youth eventually was apprehended at a Pearl Street, Willard residence.

The boy's mother, Melissa, was taken to Mercy Hospital in Willard and later was transferred to a Toledo Hospital. She recovered from the shooting.

The gun Mason is accused of using to shoot his mother was reported stolen from his grandfather prior to the shooting.

Huron County Juvenile Court Judge Timothy Cardwell recently ruled that Mason would be tried as an adult.

Mason, who remains incarcerated at the Seneca County Youth Center, will be arraigned Monday in Huron County Common Pleas Court, Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said.



I hope this guy gets the help he needs, and is not just locked up with no treatment.


he needs his a$$ beat. unfortunatly the regular a$$ beatings should have started years ago..


Why are there no "related articles" off to the right of the story anymore? Just wondering....


new website "improvements"?