Pleasant third-graders are national math champs

37,988 students in 570 schools nationwide competed in the Sum Dog National Math Contest.
Cary Ashby
Nov 18, 2012


Students in Sherry Adkinson's third-grade class are reigning math champions.

In fact, the Pleasant Elementary students are national champs. To find out why, read the story on the front page of Saturday's Reflector.



Winners!*********** Great for you. ********Congradulations Students.

Cliff Cannon

Very cool kids. Even better, Mrs. Smith said you were beating 8th. graders to win. Wow ! Very proud of you ! Keep being great and doing fun things.Because like Lana and Conner said;" it was fun" to play. Better,as Connor said " it was alot easier than I thought"

Gosh,fun,easy and winning.That's great ! Thanks reminding us how much fun school is when you try hard


Thank you Mrs. Adkinson for encouraging these young students to keep working hard, even outside of the school setting! I am so proud my 3rd grader as well as the entire class for their hard work in reaching this goal! You are all amazing!