City hopes to quickly address waterline issues on Oakwood Drive

Waterline was installed in November 1977 and has had problems over the years due to its age.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 20, 2012


Norwalk city council members had a number of questions about the proposed 2013 budget and other issues at last Tuesday night's work session.

One of the main items discussed -- and one that council members would like started before the end of this year -- was a project to stop waterline breaks on Oakwood Drive.

Councilman Stephen Schumm was the first to make sure this issue was included in next year's budget.

Josh Snyder, public works director, said the waterline was installed in November 1977 and has had problems over the years due to its age.

"It's a 9-foot-deep line, which is problematic," Snyder said. "There have been eight breaks down there this year."

"Two in the last week," Councilman Bob Carleton added.

City officials encouraged Snyder to get started on the design/engineering phase of this project.

The city also plans to address waterlines on Sycamore Drive.

In other budget business, the 2013 proposed budget includes $78,000 for wellness.

Safety-Service Director Mark Schloemer explained by hosting a clinic with a doctor on-site, it could help the city in the long run by saving money on health-care premiums.

Finance Director Diane Eschen, when looking ahead, said it's tough to forecast during these tough times.

"All it takes is for us to lose one major manufacturer," she said.

Eschen said her revenue projections were realistic, but added interest incomes is almost non-existent.

Eschen estimated the general fund carryover to be between $1.8 million and $1.9 million.

Council members will also consider an employee wage increase of 2 percent next year, followed by no increases in 2014 and 2015.


yogi bear

Yawn! Wasn't this same exact story on-line and in the paper a week or two ago?


Couldn't they have fixed those issues with the left over money instead of tearing up the old tracks below the road on Main St that were not causing a problem?

yogi bear

The city is actually thinking ahead this time. The state is resurfacing all of rt. 61 through town next year. They did this now so they don't have to tear up the new road later.


look again einstein road settled from ties that have deteriorated.