Area truck drivers to haul donated supplies to N.J.

Local couple have personally met more than 300 people during their deliveries to the Garden State.
Aaron Krause
Nov 13, 2012


Lisa Mireles cried when she saw footage of two small children swept out of their mother's arms by waves in Hurricane Sandy.

She figured she had to do something to help victims in New Jersey -- a state the Shiloh resident and her husband, Elias, frequent as part of their trucking business, L&E Trucking. They have owned the business since 1998.

Mireles estimated as part of their business, she and her husband deliver food to about 100 companies in New Jersey.

So the couple, who have personally met more than 300 people during their deliveries and know some of them personally, decided to take supplies to the Garden State. A story about their efforts was published on the front page of Tuesday's Reflector.



Wow! This is a great story. We need more of these kind of people in the world. I read stories of people in high rises and elderly communities being without food, water, and electricity for days. Some disabled people stuck in their 7th floor apartments. I'm glad that someone has taken on a project to help people from this disaster.


Are they excepting items to bring? I have some jackets I can give.

Aaron Krause

VB: Lisa would be thrilled, I'm sure, to receive those jackets to take to New Jersey. As I mentoined inthe story, she can be reached at (419) 896-2950.