New aerial fire truck on council agenda

Vehicle would cost about $900,000.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 13, 2012


Tonight's Norwalk city council work session could get interesting.

The main piece of legislation involves a lease-purchase agreement for a new aerial fire truck. It has a cost of about $900,000, which would be paid for over a nine-year period beginning in 2014.

A preview story about tonight's meeting was published on the front page of the Reflector.



The city is in need of new equiptment. How are they affording new equiptment and raises for city employees? also they need a new fire station as well. That should be priority over raising salaries.


Whats wrong with the one the city has? I see them out in the parking lot all this time shining on it all the time. Doesn't look to be anything wrong with that one. Age has nothing to do with it, if the equipment is hardly used its still workable..


But it is SOOO easy to spend money that isn't really theirs...Just another sign of "BIG" government doing what is "right" fot all that have to pay the bill


NFD really? You just put a bunch of money into this vehicle and now you want a NEW one. I would say they should either refurbish the current truck or purchase a refurbished vehicle. We just bought you a truck to chase ambulances with, and you still run two trucks on calls, as seen in photos from scene on 11/13 posted on Amazing, one of the highest paid departments in the area, with no part-time employees, and they want a truck to keep up with the "Jones'" Maybe the Reflector should investigate the amount paid in OT to NFD and I am sure taht will make the fire truck payment and save the taxpayers some cash! Really 4 new trucks in a year! WOW! What will we be buying the Police Department?? I hope city council turns this down!! There is no reason to even consider this purchase!

Nic Williams

Very informative public. Thank you and agree 100% with you.

hit the road jack

Have they ever used the old one? probably not or if they did it was for NR pictures.