Great-granddaughter pleads guilty to attempted burglary

She and her boyfriend, who were homeless, broke into her late great-grandmother's home.
Cary Ashby
Nov 11, 2012


A Norwalk teenager pleaded guilty -- on her birthday -- to breaking into her late great-grandmother's home when the defendant was homeless.

Zoe M. Knott turned 19 Friday, the same day she was convicted of attempted burglary.

"That's a heckuva way to celebrate her 19th birthday," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said about Knott's guilty plea.

In a plea deal, Leffler agreed to dismiss one count each of theft and safecracking. The prosecutor said the other charges were dropped partially because the case involved "a family situation."

Knott and her co-defendant, Bryan N. Jordan, 19, of 230 Sandusky St., Plymouth, have admitted to breaking into the Norwalk residence of Knott's great-grandmother and stealing a safe Aug. 18.

"She (Knott) broke into her great-grandmother's house after she died and took some items," Leffler said. "One of the things that was taken was a safe. It ended up in the boyfriend's truck."

Jordan, in late October, pleaded guilty to safecracking in exchange for prosecutors dismissing one charge each of burglary and theft. He could face six to 18 months behind bars and a maximum fine of $5,000 when he is sentenced Dec. 11.

The accomplices were homeless at the time of the offense and living in a car together.

"They ended up living in the home without the permission of the executor of the estate," Leffler said earlier.

The Norwalk Police Department investigated the case. Officers have recovered most of the stolen items, including the safe, which ended up in someone's front yard.

"The police did a nice job," said Leffler, who complimented investigators on being able to determine Knott was homeless and broke into the Norwood Avenue residence.

Knott's trial was scheduled for Tuesday. She will be sentenced Dec. 19 and could face six to 18 months in jail.

"Without a prior (felony) record, she'll get some form of community control," Leffler said.



That guy is 19???

Yall Make Me Sick

That girls 19?


hmm.. sad.

Nic Williams

You'd be amazed at how much faster drug abuse ages you.


really punish them make them get a job


ha! love it!!


Its a shame these two people were homeless, living in a car. However, did they really look for a job. McDonalds is hiring. What about relatives to live with until you could better yourself. Theft is not the answer, great grandmother and grandfather, probably worked many many years for what they had. I hope you both get some counseling, and on the right path, 19yrs old is too young to be in a mess like this

swiss family

so Mr Leffler decided to DROP some of the charges because it was a "Family situation"????? Sorry Russ, but you dropped the ball on this one... the reason that she should have to face ALL of the charges is because it IS a Family members , who's bones she is picking over like a heartless vulture.. If she has no regards for a dead great grandmother, why would she even use better judgement on a complete stranger??Congratulations on your re-election Mr Leffler, and Judge Conway.. sadly you ran unopposed...I am hoping that someone, anyone runs for your position in the near future....OH and could you please change the signs at the entrance of town?? the ones that say Norwalk is a "kids place" you should place a new sign that reads .." as long as we have the same judicial system here, Norwalk is a safe haven for heroin dealers, safe crackers, robbers, thieves, child molesters, and any other vermin that decides to hide out here...don't worry, the punishment is a joke if you do get caught"...........Please Leffler, and Conway... DO YOUR JOB!!!!

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swiss cheese kat

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