Rape charge filed against man

A Collins man was indicted Friday on allegations he raped a 4-year-old New London girl sometime last year. Joseph B. Chairez, 26, of 774 Hartland Center Road, was charged with three counts of rape. He has been in custody at the Huron County Jail on a $100,000 bond since May 21.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


A Collins man was indicted Friday on allegations he raped a 4-year-old New London girl sometime last year.

Joseph B. Chairez, 26, of 774 Hartland Center Road, was charged with three counts of rape. He has been in custody at the Huron County Jail on a $100,000 bond since May 21.

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said Chairez is not subject to Jessica's Law, because the incidents happened before it went into effect in the spring. That means the suspect faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison on each rape charge, instead of a possible 15 years.

During a May 21 interview with New London Police Chief Mark Holden, Chairez admitted to performing an oral sex act on the girl, Holden said at the time. The chief interviewed the suspect for less than a half-hour after he turned himself into the Perkins Township Police Department.

On May 2, a Huron County Children Services case worker reported receiving a third-hand account of a suspected sexual assault involving Chairez and the girl.

Holden has said authorities didn't know exactly when and where the offense happened, but it could have been between May and June 2006. Chairez was a family friend and had been staying with them sporadically at the time of the reported rape, the chief explained.

Holden contacted the Huron County Sheriff's Office because authorities suspected the offense happened in a township outside of the village of New London. Officers used a warrant to search the suspect's home May 22 and seized a laptop computer and several journals, which a detective said may contain references of the attack on the girl.

The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force in Cuyahoga County has been inspecting the computer.


laelae (Anonymous)

i personally think that although the officials see no pattern in the mans behavior, i, myself know of a few others assulted by his perverse actions. he is a pathetic disgrace and should be locked away where he can no longer contort the minds of innocent girls. it seems that he preys on females who are or who seem to be as emotionaly crippled as himself. it takes a sincerely disconected individual to twist the emotions of another so they'll do what he wants. i see no point in ever letting this man into society.

me (Anonymous)

Then shame on you for not reporting him sooner. It's funny how people like you pop out of the woodwork now that he has assaulted a baby. If you would have said something earlier, when I am sure you new it was wrong or a problem, maybe this poor baby wouldn't have been a victim too!

If you "had known of a pattern" then why didn't you report him? Stop blaming the police for not seeing one yet when they just got involved. Take some responsibility yourself.
Maybe seeing a qualified therapist would be better then airing your dirty laundry over the internet!

Take a look at what role you played in this too young lady and hopefully make some different choices about what men you decide to pick for the future!

Annie (Anonymous)

Innocent until proven guilty? Jury of your peers? What happened to these concepts?

skunk mama (Ano...

You speak of people coming out of the woodwork when something like this happens but you fail to realize that this man infects people. He chooses not only his victims but also his friends with the idea of promoting himself by either making them dependent upon him (as with this child dependent upon his attention and percieved love) or by keeping with people who are like minded and lack the inner strength to be individuals who make good decisions. Laelae is not to be blamed for someone elses actions but only for her own, something that i am sure she is coming to grips with now as she is gaining her own inner strength and individuality in her decisions and lifestyle. People like J.B. Chairez give the disguise of someone misunderstood and misguided AND ARE ALWAYS SORRY FOR THEIR ACTIONS. Even during his first interview with the police it was thought that he was remorseful for his actions (google :"chairez rape" to get the other article about this) but he is only feeling sorry for himself as people like him do. If he can fool police officers into believing his tears after doing such a misdeed, how can you look upon a young woman in such judgement who was even more entangled in his emotional disguise of pity. Many things could have been done to prevent this and there could be blame put across the board but now people need to step up to their present responsibility of making people recognize the type of behavior that Joseph Benjamin Chairez is capable of so that he can be properly judged by the courts. These people are people like laelae and others who have kept their inner burden of pain and misunderstanding who will now find the strength to do what needs to be done. These people should be welcomed by you not looked down upon, for otherwise you become the reason why they were afraid to step foward in the first place. One final thing, when you see young girls who flatter themselves with their sexuality at such young ages do not see harlets or deviants but girls (and boys in many cases)who need support from their family and society to encourage them that they are worth something and are cared for and not criticized for every action. Reach out to these young people and encourage them to express themselves in healthy ways and to gain strength from their own self worth by respecting themselves and their bodies and not from those who will distort their minds and use them. Prevention comes in many forms and it is everyone's resposibility.