Dunlap defeats Silcox in commissioner's race

Republican incumbent ousted in Huron County.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 7, 2012


Tom Dunlap will join the Huron County board of commissioners come Jan. 3.

Dunlap, a Democrat, defeated Republican incumbent Larry Silcox in Tuesday's general election.

A story about this race, including comments from both candidates, appears in Wednesday's Reflector.




Dunlap and Sheriff: two peas in a pod. Say goodbye to your tax money as the already bloated Sheriff's budget will no doubt get bigger. Don't forget people his budget has never been higher and it is higher than similar sized counties by an average of 800k to 1 million. Cruisers being driven home daily to Castalia and other out of county areas doesn't help either. No more money until the Sheriff learns how to manage his funds!


Congrats Tom !!. I was happy to have your sign in my yard. Now maybe Sheriff Howard can do the job he was reelected to do,the first role of government, protection of the citizenry.

jack langhals

Can't wait for the first meeting, so I can complain about every decision he makes.

Sitting In The ...

Do you know what date it would be I would like to attend

Swamp Fox

Classic case of the people getting the goverment they deserve, heaven help Huron County...


Look at the choices


Does anyone know the % of eldible voters in Huron County that voted?


It was extremely unprofessional for a sheriff's cruiser to stop in front of Silcox's home after election results came in close to midnight of election day and turn on lights and siren, then drive away. What message was the deputy trying to send? That kind of childish stunt using a county vehicle driven by a county employee should be embarrassing not only to our sheriff, but also to the newly-elected commissioner. I hope both Dunlap and Howard will tell their supporters and employees to behave and show some respect for taxpayers. After all, we pay the bill for that vehicle, their gas and perhaps even their time if the deputy that thought it would be fun to harass Silcox was on duty at the time.


I heard the cruiser did a burn out when it left :)


Hmm.. If this really happened I'd say the sheriff and the commissioner's need to look into this. It just shows the lack of leadership.


You are absodlutely right!!! The county finally has what it deserves. Instead of a back door, behind the scenes, under the table politician, who uses his 2 friends to undermine local governemnt, we now have someone with a little integrity, who will evaluate and make decisions in a timely fashion. We finally have someone who will allow the sheriff to do the job he is paid to do, protect the citizens of the county. Now if we can get Bauer to stay awake during meetings, Hintz to actually do anything, and make sure Silcox doesn't screw the county over in the next 50 days, we might be able to move forward.


Anyone with integrity would make sure the deputy that pulled that sophomoric stunt would be disciplined. Will Howard or Dunlap do the right thing and hold a public employee accountable? The Sheriff and his employees are paid to protect citizens, not harass them.


If this really happened and can be proven, the deputy will probably get a public reprimand and a private congratulations.


Why would it be up to Dunlap? He won't be taking office until the first of the year.

Sitting In The ...

Why doesn't the Reflector investigate this claim ? a sheriff's cruiser to stop in front of Silcox's home after election results came in close to midnight of election day and turn on lights and siren, then drive away. Of course that might require an un-bias approach and I won't hold my breath.


I live on Main Street, right by Rosedale. Lights and sirens started wailing, I looked outside, saw the cruiser in front of Larry's house. Then the lights and sirens quit, and I watched the sheriff's cruiser pull from Rosedale and head east.

Guy on a Buffalo

Call the paper and let them know what happened. Then the Sheriff can find out who was on Road Patrol that night and suspend them.


Larry probably started the rumor fueled by his cronies so everyone would feel sorry for him. Good ridence. If it did happen, Maybe it was a happy volunteer fireman or like larry, a wanna by cop. Silcox's departure can't happen soon enough to suit me. He doesn't have to wait until the end of the year to leave.

Sitting In The ...

Well now that Boss Hogg will be able to give Sheriff Coltrane the money needed to effectively search people or prevent people from leaving the same building they are headquartered at, I sincere hope they can continue with their ability to dress themselves and smiling for the cameras regardless of the fact they did nothing. What happens when they are given money from where ever and in Three more months another incident happens I guess Mr. Coltrane doesn't care about things like integrity when get one of his lap dogs elected.


Politics in small town america

hit the road jack

One stooge doesn't give away all the money,they all have to approve it.