Norwalk school levy fails

Norwalk City Schools asked voters to approve an emergency operating levy.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Nov 6, 2012


Norwalk's school levy has failed.

Voters rejected the issue, 3,047 to 2,711.

Unofficial results show that school levies for Edison and Willard also failed. Monroeville, however, passed its school issue.

All of the Huron County precinct results are in. However, officials are still counting absentee ballots. Results are not official until the elections board certifies them, and that won't take place for several weeks.

Look for the full story in Wednesday's Reflector.




53% - 47% - IMO 'surprisingly' close.

Time to roll out Plan B and perhaps have Plan C in the wings.

Americans love enjoying publicly provided "cash and prizes"; they just don't like to pay for 'em thinking that the bill should pass to someone else.




I honestly think this has much to do with the notion that we are to be given instead of earn or pay for such services. It's become a national epidemic. Give, give, give...what??? You mean I have to help pay for it? Unions, welfare, unemployment, insurance... It's everywhere. I also believe that many parents are still angry over the clustering issue and that no levy will pass with Doughty running our schools. I've seen the man in action at school board meetings and he comes across as arrogant. I've seen him talk down to intelligent, professional parents who have simple questions. It's like he feels attacked when someone approaches him with a question about our schools, and it shows.


Didn't you know...all school superintendents are trained to treat others like they don't know anything and to talk down to them. They want you to think that they are god. Most school boards are puppets of the state who sit as "YES" men/women to rubber stamp every thing the superintendent tells them from the state. WAKE UP AMERICA!


The levy should be be an "everyone tax". Just because I'm a homeoner/landowner it shouldn't just be me footing the bill. If it was 1% tax (example) on ALL people living/working in Huron County I would have voted yes. So I get penelized for living, working, buying, etc here, but renters and others don't have to pay but the landlord does. Next time make everyone chip in and I'll help you get it passed.

chicken noodle

Renters do pay it's figured in their rent unless they are renting from a dumb landlord. I know when I rented my rent would increase when property taxes went up.




I have said it before and I"ll say it again . . . I do not know why the school board keeps trying to dump all this load on property owners . . . maybe a mix of income tax increase and property tax increase . . . a little thinking outside the box would convince more people to vote for the issue . . . just sayin . . .


Don't any of you care about the schools and what they do for the children? Now that the levy has failed, they will have to come up with a plan B which could result in getting rid of extra curricular activities like sports and clubs. Some say that school is only for education purposes and not sports but in my opinion, sports help the students. In order to participate in a sport, that student must maintain a certain grade average which keeps grades up. Being a part of a sport also teaches team work which is something you will use for the rest of your life. I understand that the amount of taxes one is forced to pay is high, but think of the children and how upset they will be if they have to give up something they love. The schools have tried fundraisers, and they have the booster club to help but it's not enough. You aren't just hurting the schools, you are also hurting the children because they play a big role in it. It's not the schools fault that the state is not funding as why not help out? The comments on this article are just depressing. Don't you want the best for your children no matter how much it costs?....think about it.


It would have been beneficial to know the school’s contingency plan prior to the vote. To my knowledge, no administrator expressed exactly what would get cut in the event of a failed levy: faculty? Programs? Extra-curricular activities?

The levy failed as much due to poor communication as a struggling economy. Either the school system did not have a contingency plan (and are therefore extraordinarily poor planners unworthy of additional funds) or they did not communicate the contingency plan to the public. If you ask me for money, I’d prefer to know what you plan to do with it and how you plan to function without it.


RE: Trucker4
Salaries and benefits make up 80-85% of a schools expenses. They use extracurricular custs to scare people in voting for levies.
Don't touch the teachers step increases, sick leave pay, and retirement contributions though!

Everyone can see that this election was decided by the "give me more for free" vote. No one actually wants to pay for any services.

Swamp Fox

SB 5 , enough said.


Oh here we go again with SB5. C'mon man! I give up!


Enough can never be said. SB5 will be one of my primary reasons for a lifelong NO vote. Too bad the unions in this country also helped re-elect the coward who can't man up to Benghazi let alone slow down our debt.

Guy on a Buffalo

A lifelong no vote? Lame. Remember when you were in school and people passed levies so you could have opportunities? It's your turn now to take care of the next generation.


not the same. retire at 50 yrs old not working anymore


SB5 is the reason I switched from usually voting for republicans to never voting for republicans.


@ Blaze:

Like it or not, public employee wages and benefits are in the fiscal equation.


We pay for our kids to participate in sports. It is $80 per sport with a cap of 240 per family. No way does it cost that much for gas for a bus ride to maybe 6 away games.


Do you really think that the $80 fee only pays for gas for the bus? There's the bus drivers wage. The continued maintenance of the bus(es).
Uniforms. Warm-ups. The coaches/assistant coaches need to get paid. Score keepers. Referee's. Then there's the cleaning personnel to clean up the place after the team and the fans leave the building.
I will bet that fee goes up next year.

Dr. Information

You should really learn to do some research before you post. Uniforms, gas, paying refs, equipment, maintenance of equipment, insurance.....etc. That is all factored in to the equation, its not just on gas. Damn, how can people post such crap.


This is really easy just get rid of sports and save money on what the coaches are making and spending. The school is making money on the sports fee that us parents have to pay out. School is for learning not sports. How can you ask us to pay more tax money when businesses are closing down and some people are losing their jobs? Some people are struggling to pay bills now and losing their homes.

Swamp Fox

SB 5 you won the battle and lost the war with the taxpayers, now deal with it like the real middle class and not the entitled you have become....


trucker4. im sure if they want to play sports they can start a pay to play kind of thing if the parents care for their kids as you say they wouldnt mind footing the bill themselves.


I think we need a little more light and a little less heat in this discussion. Fact is that the schools already take a huge portion of the real estate tax. With that portion they pay their teachers on an hourly basis at a much higher rate that other government employees (with equal or better educational credentials) funded by the real estate tax. All of this info is available at the Huron County Auditor's office and should be reviewed by those who seek to have an informed opinion on this issue.