Ex-carnival worker convicted of sex, drug offenses

Crimes took place during Huron County Fair.
Cary Ashby
Nov 6, 2012


A former carnival worker has been convicted of attempting to get a teenage girl to touch his exposed penis after he gave the victim's friend some marijuana.

Jason J. Conley, 32, of Fremont, pleaded guilty Monday to attempted gross sexual imposition and attempted corruption of a juvenile with drugs. Earlier convicted as a sex offender, the defendant will be sentenced Dec. 18, when he faces six to 12 months on each amended felony.

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said he would recommend a prison sentence, if one were imposed on each charge, be served concurrently. The conviction for attempted gross sexual imposition in addition to a previous sex conviction in Sandusky County means Conley will be classified as a Tier II sex offender and will require him to register his address every six months for 25 years.

The Aug. 14 incident happened during the Huron County Fair. Huron County Sheriff's Detective John Harris and Sgt. Chuck Summers investigated the case.

Two 16-year-old Huron County girls approached Conley, who was a ride operator. Leffler said the girls wanted to know if they could buy some marijuana and Conley gave the girls his phone number.

The trio made arrangements to meet later at the ride.

"They were under the ride," Leffler said. "He asked (one girl) if she was cool, if she was a snitch."

After Conley gave one girl some marijuana and she left, he attempted to grab the other victim and unsuccessfully tried to get her to touch his exposed penis, Leffler said.

"She was able to wiggle away from him. ... She used a ruse to get away," the prosecutor said.

Capt. Ted Patrick had estimated the victim left the area under the ride after three minutes and when she did leave, her friend saw she was "visibly upset."

The girl who had been given the marijuana turned the drugs into the substation for the sheriff's office on the fairgrounds. Both girls reported the incident to Huron County Children Services, which notified the sheriff's office.

Leffler, as part of the plea deal with defense attorney Ty Mahaffey, had recommended Conley be released on a personal recognizance bond. Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway initially turned down the request, but changed his mind once Conley said his parents could provide transportation so he could submit to weekly drug screens.

"I could make weekly testing," Conley told the judge.

Conley is prohibited from having any contact with any non-family members under the age of 18. He had been in the Huron County Jail for 73 days.

In mid-October 1998, Conley was sentenced to 17 months in prison for a gross sexual imposition conviction through Sandusky County Common Pleas Court. Five months later, a judge granted his motion for early release and placed him on five years of intense probation.

Conley, in mid-December 2009, was sentenced to a 45-day jail sentence for failing to register as a sex offender.



if obama had a son..


Its sad that the news is so negative. I often wonder what people think when they act like that.


Really? Ur gonna go there!


no, just kidding. this guy is far too upstanding.




And yet another child predator. Hope these young ladies learned that guys with weed are not your buddy. I wish them well.

swiss family

as Happy as I am that this guy is not going to get away with what he did.. I am , at the same time, to possibly see what and where the line is set concerning what it takes to be seriously convicted of a crime in Huron county, and according to the determination from the Prosecutor, and the Defense council and the local Judge.

I think that we, as a community have seen far worse crimes committed here, with much lighter convictions.Could it be that if you are "local" and have a "lighter complexion" and a "normal" hairstyle" then your crime is NOT considered to be so severe????I have been asking our local Judicial system for Justice for a long time... I think that this time, it looks like they might have gotten that..My question is why is this NOT the "norm" we can expect from them for all crimes of this type????

Don't get me wrong.. I am thrilled that this monster will face the sentence that he deserves....BUT I am angry that, it appears that you have to be from out of the area for the Judge to take it seriously... I have always detested the fact that they put your county number on your rear license plate, because it allows the authorities to immediately identify you are being "not from that area" that you are in, and thus making you a scapegoat for harassment, and give them a reason to stop you for "suspicious actions" and I do not care how good your car is, or how perfect your driving record is, any cop can find at lease one reason to cite you for whatever he/she chooses...I think the same principle is happening here...I like that a line has finally been drawn that shows what will NOT be tolerated here.. I just hope and want that same line to be used on all local criminals, who cross that line.. without Plea-ing it down.. and putting them on "Intense " probation...