Driver with tinted window charged with DUI

Motorist's blood-alcohol content level tested at .143 percent during Norwalk traffic stop.
Cary Ashby
Nov 5, 2012


An area motorist with a tinted window received his first driving under the influence (DUI) citation this weekend.

Eric B. Bright, 38, of Zanesville, was stopped by Trooper Tim Hoffman, of the state Highway Patrol, on League Street at 1:48 a.m. Saturday. Bright was charged with DUI and a tinted window violation.

The driver's blood-alcohol content level tested at .143 percent. The legal limit for drivers in Ohio is .08 percent.



You can be a police offcer without being a prick j/s how many are on power trips

hit the road jack

Yea,but for gods sake don't become a cop if you think pulling someone over for something trivial is going to put a straw in your hat! I'm not for drunk driving,believe it, but I am not in favor of cops pulling you over and the first thing they ask is"have you been drinking" how many people did he pull over that night just to be an @sshole just to please his boss or make his numbers look good.


if you read my first comment he pulled me over earlier in the same night for the same thing...... I have a criminal justice degree didn't say I was a cop


@'ve heard them all before? And would you care to disclose just how many DUI's you have had?

hit the road jack

NONE! and you? I've had 1 speeding ticket in the last 10 years and that was from a similar cop in Indiana who got him a new badge and I was doing 70 in a 65,go figure.


so you were speeding?

hit the road jack

I may have beeen speeding,didn't pay too much attention,in Indiana (on turnpike) 5 over is nothing,he got mad because the 3 other cars that passed me at about 85 mph were gone,all that he could catch was me.You ask anyone who drives across Indiana and they will tell you 70 is nothing

Cliff Cannon

@ Hit the road jack : Being a former truckdriver,who spent quite a bit of his career driving to Chicago. I can testify "70 in Indiana( on the pike) is nothing " indeed.


Please let me put this in perspective for you. My 11 yr. old brother was sitting in our front yard on his newly built "hot rod" he had built out of odds and ends and old lawnmower wheels. The drunk drove off the road, into our yard, and ran over him!! His abdomen was torn open...he lived just a few hours of agony for him and my mother who held him while he died. The drunk was so intoxicated, he never even knew he had left the road, let alone killed a child. My Mom was never the same after that day...that man, when he chose to drink and drive decimated our family, and you people whine about being pulled over about tinted windows, or previous DUI'S. Please....nobody cares if you drink alcohol, just don't get behind the wheel and kill our innocents!!


OMG! My condolences. I totally agree with you. I've had loved ones impacted by drunk drivers and it never leaves you. And nowadays, we have to worry about not only drunk impaired but distracted drivers, too.

hit the road jack

You people wait,these goons who want to mess with you will p!ss you off one day when they stop you for nothing,dump your car inside out and leave you to put it back and never get a ticket for anything,I see it all the time so don't think you cannot be the next one. you idiots make me want to go on vacation,so I'm outa here.


BYE, need a few bucks to get you started??

hit the road jack

An owner operator with a few bucks? give me a break! your a friggin idiot wanna be truck driver.


I have been stopped many times. That's what I get for driving hotrods, lol. Most times I was treated with respect and rarely cited. They are doing the job they are paid to do, making sure drivers are sober and legal. Even when I was cited for speed we often had a pleasant chat.


Tinted windows?? Sure it's illegal. but..My Hummer has total smoked out windows. You couldn't even see a body moving, in the best of lite. Never a problem, never pulled over, Never a mention. Highway or local Milan/Norwalk. I think trivial pullovers such as too much tint is just an excuse/ add on ticket. I don't never give them an excuse to pull me over, don't run the streets at midnite or pull out of bars. But hey i am just glad another drunk off the streets.


Really ....... Milan was the first one to mess with it (its dark but legal) but just got a verbal warning about 5 years bad oooooopppppsss never fixed it!