No school Thursday in Norwalk

Norwalk City Schools won't be holding any classes Thursday due to the amount of community members going to the state semifinals in volleyball.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Nov 5, 2012


Because of the many fans (students, staff and community) heading to Dayton on Thursday for the state semifinals in volleyball, Norwalk City Schools will not hold classes in the district. The school day will be made up at a later date – to be determined by the school board.

Norwalk defeated Parma Padua in five games Saturday afternoon in the Div. II regional volleyball final match at Ontario High School. (The scores of the games were: 23-25, 23-25, 25-23, 25-23 and 15-10.)  Norwalk advances to the state semifinals at noon Thursday at the Nutter Center on the campus of Wright State University.

"We are proud of our volleyball team and the tremendous support from our super fans. Good luck to all as they head to Dayton in a quest for a state championship. Go Truckers!" said superintendent Dennis Doughty.


former local

I'm pretty sure there wouldn't be this many complaints if it was the football team or basketball team who made it to state! What the heck is wrong with you people????


I can't believe they'd cancel school for ANY type of sporting event.


its because there is a bunch of old nobodys on here that this is all they do so they talk crap and think their opinion matters to anyone.

charles Joseph

I think it's great. Those of you upset, would complain about the denominations paid out if you hit the lottery! Life is too short not to celebrate when someone does something extraordinary. Good luck ladies and enjoy the ride, you have earned it.

charles Joseph

I think it's great. Those of you upset, would complain about the denominations paid out if you hit the lottery! Life is too short not to celebrate when someone does something extraordinary. Good luck ladies and enjoy the ride, you have earned it.

Brock Lee

schools have a day off for deer hunting why not volleyball


thank you good point


Why is everyone complaining about the canceling of school? It is not costing the taxpayers one penney. The teachers are contracted to teach 184 days. That means they do not get paid for the day off and must make the day up to teach their 184 days.

Do many of you forget when you were in school and wish for a snow day so you could have the day off?

Canceling school simply means that they have to make it up on another day that they would have normally sceduled off. How is this a waste of your tax dollars? This to me is a trade-off.

By the way, I am neither a student nor an employee of the district.

Redmen Pride

Personally I find it disturbing that the school board is actually allowing this. Education is first then sports. I realize my opinion doesnt count bcuz I am not in ur district, but Im gonna give it anyhow. The crap about no one plays on Sundays is just that CRAP...... I have kids in football, 1 is a junior, 1 is in 8th grade & 1 is in 5th. MY 5th grader played her football games on SUNDAY..... Matter of fact we played NORWALK & guess what day we played em?? Yeppppp on SUNDAY !!!!!!! So its ok for the elementary kids to play on Sundays but NOT the high school kids??? REALLY???? I would NOT agree with my district if they pulled this crap regardless of what sport it was.... But while ur kids r wasting their day playin video games bcuz they r not attending the game, mine will be in school learning something useful in life.


What difference does it make when they are in school as long as they are in school for 180 days as required by the state. As long as they make it up, they will still be in school the required days and will not lose any quality educational time. Also, it will not cost the taxpayers as the teachers don't get paid for Thursday.

Also, if they played the game on Sundays I could just see some of you complain about. Can't make everyone happy. A lot of people on here are just looking for excuses to not vote for the levy.


a 5th grade sport played on a Sunday is not school supported. Many of the sports use the name Norwalk, Perkins, Clyde and so on...but they're not run by the schools at all. These leagues are no different then the summer traveling softball, soccer and what not. So THAT is how they get away with playing on Sunday's. It has nothing to do with the OHSAA and the rules they set.


if they go to Bellevue they wont learn anything because they are already half retarded. No one cares about your kids playing on Sundays, you should be happy because its the only time your kids will play on Sundays...


I say take the whole next week off too if they win...I would love to see all these teachers and so called student fans going to school until the middle of June. How pathetic to call off school for a semi-final game. If they make it to the state final that is on Saturday then no extra day would of had to be made up! Heres to a cold snowy winter with lots of snow days!!! hahahaha


wow people........ nothing like supporting the community! they make the day up....... and for you that saying its not weather related what do you do when they get sent home early like today for parent teacher conference? you make arrangements..... its life complain..... it's still not going to change the fact that there's no school


Why don't you all quit your bickering? Everyone has their own point to make but make it and be done! I'm sure everything will be ok in the end. The only thing I could think of to comment on with this is: If you're going to give Thursday off, why not include Friday too? Think of the confusion this would be giving the little preschool and kindergarten children. Besides that, if the girls win this competition who is really going to feel like going to school on Friday? Do I wish to have these girls win? You bet! I'm an alumni of Norwalk High and always will cheer and support our Trucker teams. This leaves me only 2 more comments. Proud of you girls and GO TRUCKERS!


if they have school, a good portion of the students wouldn't be there, and teachers would miss as well as cooley. the staff is very involved in athletics, idk about when you were in school that the teachers weren't but they are now


Wow, teachers getting paid to watch a game and mess around w/ students. woo hoo ;]

* note the sarcasm


kids should be in school that day. seems like a waste when you know they are going to lose anyway.

Dr. Information

@sarah.....Eat your crow cry baby, eat it. Truckers won and advance to the finals Saturday.....EAT IT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I agree with Brock Lee. Some places close school for deer season, and if they dont, they allow the students to take the day off. My senior year my Trojans went to state and lost in the finals (tough one) we did not close school, but you bet your but almost the hole senior class went down, also we did not have the buses to drive either. Thankfully we had some friends down there so we could stay the nights (man awsome experience). I think it is great what Norwalk School District is doing it is a great experiance for the players and the students. Good Luck Lady Truckers!!!!!!

Happy Bunny

I do not agree with cancelling school for this reason. If a parent is going to allow a child to miss school for this event (which I think is fine) then that child should take an absent - which ever grade the child may be in. I do not believe that there will be an excessive amount of children missing school due to this event, espeically K-6. But it is what it is.


I think it is dumb that we have to make it up! I mean come on. Most people arent going! Why not just have them make it up. I am fine if we dont jave school but a makeup day is rediculous!


This is a clear abuse of power. There are other options that would have affected less people like having an excused absence for those that wanted to go. Let teachers use their PTO days and call in substitutes. The superintendent should be replaced for this kind of thinking. This is exactly why people in Ohio don't vote for school tax levies because people in power don't act responsibly. I voted for the levy because the kids deserve it, but clearly the superintendent doesn't. What a bone head time to make this decision.


Clueless. You realize it would cost MUCH more to call in subs for the day to replace absent teachers, correct, because not only do you still have to pay the teachers who used PTO, you're now paying the sub as well. The lack of pride in this community never ceases to amaze me.

me arse

sporty, pride has nothing to do with it. For many parents it is a challenge and costly to make arrangements for their kids whenever the regular school schedule is disrupted. When it comes to school delays or cancellations due to bad weather, parents are forced to make it work but for good reasons. To cancel school because of a volleyball game is a selfish act and an unnecessary burden that a lot of us simply don't need.


Lack of Pride? Schools in Norwalk may not have enough money to provide for sports like volleyball if the school levy isn't passed, and this type of action certainly isn't helping get it passed. You can also be proud of your school and for the achievements of a sporting team without cancelling school for everyone. Besides, you can't say calling in subs costs more money because the teachers who go to the game would have to use PTO. If a teacher has 5 PTO days the school district will pay for 5 days for subs if they take the PTO regardless of the reason for the PTO. The only difference it makes is if a teacher sacrificially doesn't use all their PTO normally and decides to take PTO that day.. Which is their right. What costs a lot more is all the daycare and last minute plans of parents that suddenly have to find child care for their children (especially elementary aged kids) while they are at work instead of their kids being in school where they are supposed to be. Go to the game, by all means, but don't expect me and other hardworking parents to pay for you to go to a sporting event. Reserve the costly cancellations for cases where something IMPORTANT like safety is impacted.


why in the world don't parents have a back up plan? What do they do in the summer? This is not like a 5am phone call and then hunting to find help...this notice was given well in advance. Funny thing, tell me how often adults don't take a day off of work for something personal. We ALL do it at some time or another...give the teachers and staff a break and allow them to be a part of this! Go Truckers!

me arse

Like I said before, when school is out because of bad weather, we do what we must for safety reasons. I'm very sorry that many of us aren't smart enough to have back up plans ready to implement because the teachers suddenly decide they want the day off for a volleyball game. Why should working parents need to burn a personal day because of volleyball? I think it's more wise to use personal days when they're really needed, like when you're sick. This was a bad move by Mr. Doughty.


Come to think of it South Central didn't cancel school, but we the students did not get an absent day either back in 2000 when our girls made it to the Finals. What does St. Paul do they are almost down there every year. Do they cancel school (they also pay tuition though so maybe a little different)


I give. Either you support the actions or you don't. Either you support your schools or you don't. Either you vote for the levy or you don't. Go Truckers!