Norwalk High School holds mock debate

After debate, student audience asked to place vote for Obama, Romney or undecided.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 5, 2012


The Teen Leadership Class at Norwalk High School TLC organized and implemented a recent mock presidential debate for juniors and seniors.

Using live debate, video media and school tablets, after each question was debated by President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, the student audience was then asked to place their vote for Obama, Romney or undecided using their school issued tablets.

The TLC Moderators were Alyanna Tuttle and Billie Radcliffe. Cody Fannin acted as President Obama and Tyler Jackson was Mitt Romney. Ryan Grant was VP candidate Paul Ryan and Ryan Hull was VP Joe Biden. Secret Service agents were Alex Doughty and Kyle Lang.



The outcome?


@ luvblues2: "Obamney"


Wish we could watch this stuff on the public access channel on Time Warner.


seriously...? i was really hoping to see the outcome :(


More students voted for Obama than Romney fyi

Brock Lee

obama give out free stuff

jack langhals

Now you really don't expect it to be any other way,than Obama.Like several authors thru the years have said" If I were The Devil and wanted to destroy America I would start in the schools."That is where Hitler started,with the youth.This country was on a downward spiral when we went off the gold standard.When they show CNN Student in the schools,we are doomed.It is not the fault of the youth, it is the loss of our control over the School System to the government.


Hitler started in the beer halls.