In Ohio, Obama touts jobs report, bashes Romney's Jeep attacks

Almost a quarter of Ohio voters have already cast their votes, and public polls suggest that Obama leads by almost 2-to-1 among those voters.
Nov 2, 2012


President Barack Obama pointed to the job growth reported in new unemployment figures released Friday morning as he urged supporters to vote between now and Election Day.

As he ran down a list of favorable economic data during a rally in the morning cold, Obama noted, "Companies hired more workers in October than at any time in the last eight months."

Republicans, however, focused more on the stubborn unemployment rate, which now stands at 7.9 percent, citing it as evidence that the president's policies have failed.

"Families in Ohio and across the nation are weary of the empty rhetoric," said Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio. "They are struggling to make ends meet amid a hurting economy, and the current policies are not helping to turn the economy around and create jobs for them and their children."

The exchange hinged on the latest development, but went to the central point of the closing arguments by Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney. Each is telling voters his policies are better for the U.S. economy.

In Ohio, Obama is finishing hard with the message that his economic vision included a bailout for car companies that kept intact the domestic industry, on which one in eight jobs in Ohio depends.

Romney said let Detroit go bankrupt, Obama said, seizing on a newspaper headline that accompanied a Romney Op-Ed article making that general point before the bailout.

Obama also criticized current Romney ads suggesting that American jobs making Jeep vehicles are shifting to China -- a claim debunked by company officials, who said they are actually expanding Jeep manufacturing in the United States as they expand production overseas.

The ads amount to dirty pool, Obama told a cheering crowd in a massive barn Friday morning. Those Jeep workers are now calling their employers, Obama said, asking, "Is that true? Are our jobs being shipped to China?"

"Except it's not true!" he shouted, his voice almost cracking on the final word. "I know we're close to an election, but this isn't a game. These are people's jobs. These are people's lives."

It was the first time Obama has spoken so directly about the Jeep ads, which Democrats fear could muddy their best line of attack in the cage match that is Ohio.

They're encouraged by what they say are early-voting advantages in the state.

Almost a quarter of Ohio voters have already cast their votes, and public polls suggest that Obama leads by almost 2-to-1 among those voters.

Republicans argue that those early voters are Democrats who otherwise would have voted on Election Day, and say they believe that Romney's supporters will still turn out in full force.

The Obama organization knows the stakes are high. Their ground operation is in overdrive, with workers toiling around the clock to make sure their voters turn out at early-voting stations this weekend or at their local polling sites on Tuesday.

"We know who our voters are," said Brian Fulcher, an Obama for America neighborhood team leader in Hilliard. "Now we just want to make sure they get to the polls."

As the president wrapped up his speech and left, Obama campaign volunteers sprang into action, ushering supporters into waiting buses to take them to the early-voting poll site nearby.


By Christi Parsons - Tribune Washington Bureau (MCT)

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Dr. Information

Touting unemployment numbers? Is this man a fool. 23 million more Americans out of work. Unemployment just went up .1% and more and more people are flat out "giving up" and have stopped looking for work. Pretty bad when you tout 8% unemployment as a good thing. Hows that hope and change America?


You are anything but a dr. of infomation. Go somewhere and get a clue!



Black unemployment went from 13.4% to 14.3%.

So is Mr. Obama crowing about that?

Yep! Keep votin' for Mr. Obama and his socialist ilk and see where it gets ya.

Dr. Information

Awww did I hurt your feelings with the truth. Lets hold Obama to his own words. He said if it isn't better vote him out. His words in 08. Soooo let's vote this fool out. Obama has proven to us he is no business man. Now he wants to create yet another position... A secretary of job creation. He's the man of positrons that do nothing for this country.


The main driver of this sluggish economy is the Federal Reserve and it's monetary policies of low interest rates and quantitative easing (money printing).

Remember: The Fed has a dual mandate of price stability and employment.

In Aug. at Jackson Hole, Mr. Bernanke said that the Fed was responsible for the creation of 2 million jobs. The balance of the job creation is due to the business cycle.

In essence, Mr. Obama is a by-stander who typically likes to take credit for any positives and blames others for any failures or non-action.

Mr. Obama's economic plan is to continue to borrow trillions of dollars and spend the U.S back to prosperity; a fiscal experiment that has never worked in the history of the world and that tends to leave the societies that have attempted it poorer than before.


The people aren't stupid. They understand what got us in this economic mess. Call it what you will - Reaganomics, supply side economics, or trickle down economics - it doesn't work. The GOP has been trying to shove it down our throats for the last thirty years and it has destroyed our economy. It has destroyed the middle class and it has made the GOP's wealthy friends richer than ever. Romney wants to do more of the same. VOTE OBAMA. VOTE FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.


@ jas:

You've learned Progressive-speak well. That and a couple inflated dollars will get you a nice cup of coffee at Sheri's.

So if “Obamanamics” actually worked, why don’t you get your credit cards and charge your way to wealth?

To believe that you can only tax the "rich," while leaving middle class tax rates untouched to help offset federal profligate borrowing and spending demonstrates fiscal and financial naiveté.

Let's look past this presidential election and observe how the upcoming federal debt ceiling debates pan out shall we? Should be good partisan fun.


jas writes: "The people aren't stupid."

A bunch of 'em are. They helped place the most politically inexperienced person in the history of our country in the highest elected office.

He's lied pretty much since the beginning of his national exposure.

For one, he told the people of IL on several occasions that if elected that he would serve out his term as U.S. Senator.


Ronald Reagan, one of our worst presidents ever, had zero federal government experience and it showed when he was elected. He started us down the slippery slope of trickle down economics that lead to our current problems. You can't fix thirty years of GOP mismanagement in less than four years. It was actually less than two years since the GOP House has blocked almost everything Obama has tried to do to improve the economy.


@ jas:

"Improve the economy" means what?

Borrow trillions of dollars more in order to help prop up the economy?

Mr. Bernanke is already doin' his part and it remains on life support.

The Repub House has passed over three dozen jobs and economic bills; they were DOA in the Dem. Senate.

Cliff Cannon

@jas: The first version of 'trickle down economics' I know of is. J.F.K.'s 1962 'Reaganomic' like tax cut. J.F.K. did not like, nor want it.So why did he push it through? Wall. St. banker David Rockefeller wanted it.
So 'Democrat' or 'Republician' don't really matter to much when it comes to stealing from our national treasury,does it? Obviously,'Nafta' as well as 'Cafta' which legislated away American jobs comes from a democratic President,don't they?

If I might borrow a page from "kURTje". May I suggest you google,then read a Charlie Reese essay on the 545 people who are screwing up the country. Bet,you will enjoy it. I also bet, that you will also no longer have a party aFFilation.

Thanks for your thought provoking comments


@ Cliff Cannon:

I continually go back to the economic concept that is popularly known as the "Laffer Curve."

There is a point where taxation decreases productivity and incentive and the anticipated revenue does not match expectations.

Case in point: IL recently raised income taxes and as a reaction, many major corps. threatened to leave. So Gov. Quinn made deals with them.

The last I read, the amount of revenue generated from the increased tax rates is now 'less' than before.

BTW: Mr. Obama's reduction in employee SS taxes by 2% is an example of "supply-side" economics.


The "Laffer Curve" is crackpot economics. It is based on an economic theory put forth by a man with no economic education at all. It is based on no economic data or statistics whatsoever. It's one goofball's wacky economic theory and has zero credibility whatsoever amongst actual economists but seems popular with some politicians who use it to support their crackpot economic policies.

Obama's SS tax reduction has nothing to do with supply side economics. It was designed to put more money in the hands of the middle class to stimulate their buying - in other words, their demand for products. BTW, David Stockman, Reagan's Budget Director, has repudiated "supply side" economics and has stated they were wrong to implement it.


@ jas:

Dr. Laffer popularized it, he did not originate the concept.

So marginal tax rates have no affect on economic growth and productivity?

How hard would you work and how productive would you be if state, local and federal govts. combined took 50, 60, 70, 80, or 90% of your income and left you with the remainder?


And yes, getting more money into consumers hands through lower taxes is a tenet of supply-side economics.

70% of the U.S. economy is based on consumption. The "wealthy" are responsible for approx. 30% of it.

Go ahead, raise taxes and watch the U.S. GDP decline.

Fabian Socialist Progressivism runs on emotion and is devoid of any economic sensibility.


chicken noodle

@cliff: I might be wrong but wasn't NAFTA started by George Bush Sr. and signed into law by Clinton as a favor to George Sr. And CAFTA was the doings of George Bush Jr.? Like I said I could be wrong.

Cliff Cannon

@ Chicken Noodle: Since,I tend to write from memory,rather than 'google'. I certainly,am prone to C.R.S. ( Can't remember er,ah dung) However,I do think if you check into the 1992 election,you'll see 'Nafta' was already rolling and both Candidate Clinton,as well as Pres. Bush were for it

However, THE MEMORY of the 92' election was candidate Perot telling anybody who would listen that 'Nafta' would create a "giant sucking sound of American jobs leaving for Mexico" Obviously,Mr.Perot,now looks like a seer,true?

As for "Cafta" I believe it was in 1999 that it sprang to life.Unquestionably, 'free trade' with the land of dollar a day labor ( China) smashed American industry. Both parties voted it in. So why was it done?

The popular verison,has Clinton trading American jobs for Chinese money to fund our debt. So what is the truth ? Doubt,we will ever know. What we do know is Clinton is now allegedy worth over 100 million.Not bad,for a guy born into Hope,Ark. poverty. ( Of course,Harry Truman died as he lived--- nearly broke, because he wouldn't "sell" the Presidency after leaving oFFice,but that's another story)

Bottom line in my opinion is be a "can-do" American who skip's party politics. Because,both partys are knee deep in the quagmire,that is 'federal gov't' and all it's B.S.

THE qoute of this election for me comes from Charlie Reese's 545 people essay and it is so telling: "Only a politician can create a deficit,then run against it"

P.S. Thanks for writing. Really enjoy debating some one named " Chicken Noodle" after all isn't that the soup that Grandma told us is good for what ails us? :)


For Obama, winning re-election depends on people forgetting that 4 years ago he actually promised us only 5.9% unemployment by 2012.

For Obama, winning re-election depends on the successful cover-up of how he mishandled the terrorist build-up and eventual attack in Benghazi.

For Obama, winning re-election depends on spinning the October job report rather than admit that unemployment actually increased during his 4 years.

For Obama, winning re-election depends on scaring women into thinking abortion rights will be taken away unless he himself is elected.

For Obama, winning re-election depends on tricking Ohio into thinking the government-subsidized "auto recovery" justifies the $16 trillion debt he saddled on America. And tricking Ohio into thinking the auto industry recovered, when it actually is being only temporarily propped up by government funding that will eventually be snatched away when China demands it. And hiding Jeep's intentions to ramp production in Italy/China, which WILL eventually cause a Jeep downsizing in Ohio.

For Obama, winning re-election depends on hiding the fact that the 32 coal-producing counties in Ohio will suffer under Obama's expensive and unproductive 'green initiatives'.

Really are you ...

Read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad. The rich teach their children how to invest for thier future. The poor teach their children how to, if this is what you would call it, invest in their future. What has actually gotten us to where we are today? Companies and corporations closing down and moving careers and jobs to foreign countries. US based corporations relocating their headquarters in foreign countries to avoid paying taxes. I say make NAFTA a Fair Trade Agreement instead of a Free Trade Agreement. Charge China 25% tax on their imports like they charge on our goods going into their country. Bring back all the jobs we have lost in past years, Jobs that started going even before Obama. Put 23 million back to work, taking them off of life support. Ultimately more government taxes being paid, and a bigger GDP base. The stock market has to be the biggest ponzi scheme. What happens when their is no more oil in, say 2040? People who have millions invested will have nothing. The auto industry will be stopped in its tracks.

Can Romney get us out of this mess? What exactly is his plan? If it is feasible, will he stick to it? Obama said said give me four years for hope and change. No hope and pretty much no change.

If this country is serious about getting energy independent, I have a great concept to break us free from the combustion of fossil fuels. Free from the burning of coal, combustion of gasoline, diesil, biodiesel, natural gas, and oil. It has nothing to with anything nuclear, solar, or being wind or hydro driven. I expect that people will throw up failed Solyndra, and other Obama funded attempts. I have not applied for any grants or loans. People will ask how is this different. It is simply amazing.

Really are you ...

I forgot that we were also tied to two foreign conflicts. For now we are back to one. If we go to war with Iran, we will also be fighting with China and Russia. Is there a Presidential candidate who has all of the right answers to make America strong and prosperous again?

Cliff Cannon

@ Really are you...: " Is there a Presidential candidate who has all the right answers to make America strong and prosperous again ?" Yes, Thomas Jefferson. Obviously,he lit the fire in the American soul with his "Declaration of Independence"

Being a history buFF.I have never seen a time in American history, where the common man,that Mr.Jefferson spoke to, could not make a diFFerence by living out his/her dreams for a better America with faith,hope,courage and strength. (Would you agree?)

Further,because of this, it is well known by the rest of the world that the last 4 letters in "American". Is " I can" and what other country can say that of their people?

So despite the fact one can not alter the course of Washington politics with a single vote.Nor stop 'leadership' from getting us into war after war. One can make America strong,by being strong. All the while,humbly realizing there are a 1000 ways to a better tomorrow and your way as a ---free American---is just one of them

P.S. Sure do wish Pres. Jefferson was running this year.Don't you?


"Rich Dad, Poor Dad"?

One of the lessons that was most prominent was that the "rich" invest in assets that tend to appreciate in value like real estate, stocks, bonds, etc.

Whereas the poor tend to "invest" in items that depreciate in value like cars, clothes and so-to-be worthless chotchkies.

The "rich" own the storage unit companies, whereas the "poor" fill 'em up with stuff and pay rent to the "rich."

IMO, the level of economic and financial ignorance in the wealthiest country in the world is pathetic.

Compared to the rest of the world, we are essentially a nation of "Haves" and "Have mores." We are taught by our society to be good consumers and we squander our wealth.


Bottom line: the rich tend to take from the economy without giving back. That's why the economy is where it is today.

Paranoid Illusion

It's really quite simple, folks. If you are wealthy or support policies that benefit the wealthiest: Vote Romney. If you are not wealthy or support policies designed to lend a helping hand to those who need it: Vote Obama. Finally, if you think the government should be severly downsized and stay out of the way of the average American: Vote libertarian or other; or just don't vote.


And if you believe that Mr. Obama's theft, collectivist and centralized planning policies aren’t inclusive enough and see even more Statism and bureaucracy as the answer: Vote Green Party.



You are such a wealth of knowledge and information! Even the experts running the show in Washington have nothing on YOU. Why are you not working on Wall Street? I mean, you're a genius! I'm in awe at your ability to be so non-partisan, too. You are my Hero, Canoftango. You should change your name to Backwardation. Just sayin.


@ betrump:

I think that you're 'cute' too. :)

Wall St.?

What financial entity do you think that Tresy. Sec. Geithner will end up at after his govt. stint?

Revolving door - Govt. to WS and back again. Repeat as many times as necessary.

(Jon Corzine - The poster boy who recently helped to steal $1.6B from small investors.)

Enjoy the illlusion.

A short trailer: The American Ruling Class.

Brock Lee

early voteing help obama i wunder how many dead peple vote for him this time

Dr. Information

Imagine this....Obama not complying w the law AGAIN.......President Obama will not comply with a federal law requiring him to release his regulatory agenda because he doesn’t want Americans voters to know the “terrible cost” it would have on the economy should he win re-election -- include the loss an estimated 887,000 jobs annually, says Sen. James Inhofe, ranking Republican on the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.
Inhofe cites the Regulatory Flexibility Act that requires federal agencies to assess the impact of their regulations on small businesses. He says Obama failed to comply with the law twice over the past year – specifically the April and October deadlines.
“President Obama is refusing to comply with the law that requires him to publish forthcoming regulations because he doesn’t want the American public to know the terrible cost of the regulatory barrage he plans to unleash in a second term,” Inhofe said. “So instead of being honest with the American people about what’s in store if he wins, he’s been trying to hide the fact that he intends to move forward with a slew of rules that will destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs and dramatically raise the cost of energy on American families.”

Read more:

Swamp Fox

In a Bloomberg interview, Jeep's president said the automaker plans to restore Jeep production in China, suspended in 2009, and is considering making all Jeeps in China. "Fiat SpA, majority owner of Chrysler Group LLC, plans to return Jeep output to China and may eventually make all of its models in that country, according to the head of both automakers' operations in the region," reported the business wire service.

Mike Manley, chief operating officer of Fiat and Chrysler in Asia and president of the Jeep brand, told Bloomberg, "We're reviewing the opportunities within existing capacity" as well as "should we be localizing the entire Jeep portfolio or some of the Jeep portfolio" to China.

Chrysler builds Jeep SUV models at plants in Michigan, Illinois and Ohio. Manley said the firm is in talks with China's Guangzhou Automobile Group Co.

Dr. Information

What I have come to gather over my short stint on here is that the left want "socialism....communism". They don't want the rich....they are evil. They want their non college degree life to make just as much as the person who went to school for 4-8 years. If someone has a 50K car, then want one to and someone is going to pay for it or it isn't fair. They want to pay ZERO in taxes and anyone that makes a living better than them should be choked out and pay 50%+ in taxes.

Sounds over the top? I really do not think so. This notion that anyone who owns a business or has a nice lifestyle is a greedy evil person is growing, thanks in big part to our current administration (most importantly Obama).

Its been proven that taxing the rich is like spitting into the grand canyon and hoping to fill it up. IT WONT WORK. Welfare is killing this country, but we don't want to make cuts there, you know because it will force people to go out and actually take a job instead of collecting on average 60K a year (everything included) sitting at home. Don't want to make changes in the future to Medicaid because "thats not fair", we cannot possibly make people in their 50s aware that we need drastic changes and ask anyone 55 and younger to accept the changes and prepare for 20+ years down the road. Can't touch programs like planned parenthood because you know, its not fair to defund their illegal abortion operation on the tax dollar.

In the last 4 years: Housing prices are still down. College tuition is significantly up. Nobody can get a loan. Gas is crazy. Prices for goods continue to grow. Average take home pay is significantly down. Insurance across the board is rising (medical). Where will it end??????

This has been our current administration.......DO NOTHING and sit back and keep printing and spending and hoping that someone will wave a magical wand and it will all go away. What is Obama's plan? From what I have seen, he has nothing! 99% of his ads are about Mitt Romney. This should be a red flag for everyone voting, but it isn't. Obama has let a ton of people down. He PROMISED hope and change and he failed on it. The debt continues to grow.....he failed us. The war still goes on....he failed us. Every day more people are out of work......he failed us. Housing prices across the nation are stagnant or still declining....he failed us. Gas has been out of control for 3 years now......again he failed us.

Just wait till he passes his new Energy Bill if he gets elected. Thats right folks...plan on your gas and electricity bills to skyrocket. Its no joke.....he is a fanatic with Al Gore on green energy and saving this planet.....from what I have no clue, and you and I will pay for it. Not China, or the Middle East......YOU AND I.

Vote but vote for the best person not because of a party. We see what Obama has done and its pathetic. 4 more years? Where will be, who will he blame? Romney is on a short leash also believe me. Americans are fed up with the political BS and its growing with each election. My vote goes for Romney and if he fails us, then I'll push to vote him out.