Teen convicted of trying to run over her brother with a VW bug

Willard 19-year-old will be sentenced in December.
Aaron Krause
Nov 3, 2012


A local teenager accused of trying to run over her brother with a vehicle on their property has been convicted of a felony.

Taylor L. Cress, 19, of 4605 Willard West Road, Willard, pleaded guilty Friday in Huron County Common Pleas Court to attempted aggravated vehicular assault.

Cress was originally charged with felonious assault and aggravated vehicular assault in connection with the July 7 incident.

Authorities have said Cress was driving a 2003 yellow Volkswagen Beetle recklessly when she hit her 24-year-old brother Michael while on their property.

"There was an apparent argument between the brother and sister," Huron County Sheriff's Lt. Mike Cooksey said earlier.

"They have quite a bit of property there, so the sister then began doing doughnuts in the front yard," he said. "The mother and sister then had words about her driving."

A LifeFlight helicopter flew the brother to a Toledo trauma center to be treated for his unspecified injuries. Michael Cress was standing on the east side of the house when he was hit by the vehicle.

"As far as we know, it was an intentional act," Cooksey said.

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said Cress' brother was treated and released from a hospital and was not seriously injured.

"We think this is a fair resolution of this case," Leffler said. "We hope she reigns in her temper."

Cress will be sentenced Dec. 12.



What is this a new kind of brotherly love? Look out if you make her mad. If so, for heavens sake take her keys! lol


Oh yeah, Merry Christmas! lol


Id hit it!!


19 y.o. and already got a felony...no matter how much potential she has, she'll be stuck with two-bit jobs for the rest of her life. Good lesson for the rest of us.


Stuck with two bit jobs??? Hey ... fast food restaurants need help too!!


They could have dropped it to misdemeanor domestic violence. The felon label will follow her to the grave. I hope she didn't pay for an attorney. I would have told them I was trying to leave and he lunged at the car.


Did you miss the part where she "pleaded guilty"?


I might have plead guilty to the misdemeanor. Outside of that we would have had to go to the jury.

swiss family

maybe she just did a really smart thing.... being convicted of a felony, especially where no one died or was seriously hurt, so now as a "felon" she will never get a good job, so she can cut right to being a drug maker and dealer, knowing that she is making good money, and her customers come to her, and when she gets busted , only if she stays in Huron county, she will get a lecture, a small fine and "super intense probation" a small price to pay for the money she can make, especially now that no one expects much pout of her...but we need to keep Leffler and Conway in place for that plan to work as well as it is working now...