UPDATE 2- Driver used heroin prior to crash, troopers say

Female passenger suffers life-threatening injuries after van slams into tree. Both occupants airlifted to Toledo hospital.
Cary Ashby
Nov 2, 2012


A woman is fighting for her life in a hospital after a van crashed into a tree Thursday on Peru Center Road in rural Monroeville.

Lori A. Atkins, 37, of 312 S. Main St., Willard, was trapped in the front passenger's seat. Authorities determined she was wearing her seatbelt.

"It was a tough one," said Tom Beck, Huron River Joint Fire District chief. "It was a struggle to get her out. The dash was right up into her."

The driver, Todd L. Picklesimer, 42, of the same address, was driving a 1998 Mercury Villager minivan southbound at 11:05 a.m.

Picklesimer crossed the center line and went off the left side of the road, said troopers with the Norwalk post of the state Highway Patrol. The van hit a street sign and phone junction box before colliding head-on with a tree at 2918 Peru Center Road. Troopers said Picklesimer, who wasn't wearing his seatbelt, was ejected from the van.

(NOTE - To see pictures of the accident scene, click HERE.)

When authorities arrived, Picklesimer was laying alongside the vehicle, suffering from multiple fractures.

Huron River sent three trucks and nine firefighters to the scene.

Because of the heavy entrapment and the difficulty in removing Atkins, Beck requested assistance from the Norwalk Fire Department. The Norwalk crew was called about noon.

"We struggled to get the dash off her," Beck said.

However, just prior to the arrival of Norwalk's two trucks and five firefighters, the Huron River crew was able to free Atkins. She sustained multiple trauma, which Beck labeled as "life-threatening."

"We appreciate their assistance," Beck said about Norwalk firefighters, who were at the scene about 45 minutes.

Picklesimer and Atkins were flown in separate LifeFlight helicopters to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo.

As of Thursday night, Atkins was listed in critical condition and Picklesmier in serious condition, a hospital spokesperson said.

Troopers said they suspect "drug impairment" was a factor in the one-vehicle crash, which remains under investigation.

"He had admitted to using heroin earlier in the day. We will be drawing blood," Sgt. Jason Demuth said Thursday afternoon. "He said he used it about 3 o'clock this morning."

The patrol will be requesting a blood sample be drawn from Picklesimer at Mercy St. Vincent.

North Central EMS also assisted at the scene.


Yall Make Me Sick

Praying for both!


Glad he hit a tree and not another vehicle. Hope this is an awakening for them if they make it through. If God gives them a second chance, they better make some big changes.

Scranton Tibbs

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Everybody needs prayers.


Look around. There is people doing pills in every town every city just not Willard. There are people that you would of never guessed that uses pills. Maybe you should take a look at the big picture they are everywhere just not Willard.

Yall Make Me Sick

Your 100000% right. But some people like to bash other people/towns so that it takes the heat of them or their towns!


Justice in appropriate fashion.


Shocker!NOT!!! Just glad they didnt kill an innocent person!!

believe it

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People are so heartless anymore. It wasn't right what he did and i don't agree with it but come on what did he ever do to you? Just cause he don't live in snob hill and think he is better than the person next person don't mean he's not a good person. Praying for the both of you.

believe it

Well he could have crashed into me while being high on heroin. Don't drink and drive and don't do drugs and drive. It's pretty simple.


Well he shot up heroin and then drove down the road, that is what he did to me. ANYONE could have been driving down that road and KILLED. I am no more heartless than HE is. He had no heart at the moment he CHOSE to get high or when he CHOSE to drive down the road. He was only thinking of himself and his own pleasures. Yes I am sorry I see my self as BETTER than this.

Dr. Information

Just imagine this. If these two idiots weren't doped up, they probably wouldn't of wrecked. Nobody did this to them, they did this to themselves without anyone else helping. When you play with fire, you eventually get burned.

believe it

And what's snob hill?


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check urself,,ur own family an friends

One Solid SOB

Yes, it's a shame that people are so fast to bash someone on here instead of seeing the bigger picture. Here you got two people fighting for their lives up in Toledo and all these dipsh!t's wanna do is bash them. Maybe if it was their own family fighting to stay alive they wouldn't be so judging so quickly. These two people have kids that love them very much, and lets not forget only six short years ago Todd lost his own daughter in a single car accident up in Ottawa County. No matter what goes on in these two's personal life they don't deserve to get bashed like this. Get well soon Lori & Todd!!!


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Pam Buckingham

Well I have know one of the moms for many years her daughter has had the drug problems years when we meet tears in both our eyes we ask each other how is how is so and so doing I too know what her family is going though with the drug problem yes it is very bad in Willard no slow down in sight but my prayers go out to both family drug abuse is a horrible problem that sometime or other effects everyone faces Please prey for the family they do need it and don't point blame them your words might come back to kick your butt. From one Mom to other


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One Solid SOB

Yes mom, I would be ashamed by some of these comments that I have seen people post about this. I just don't see where these people have the right to judge anybody!!! These two people are hurt very bad, and some people get on here and talk about how they should die, makes me sick. These are the type of people that would be the first to jump to their defense if it was someone that they cared for. Both of these people have kids that are worried to death right now and are dealing with alot. They can say what they want to about Todd, but he himself lost a daughter in a auto accident a few years ago due to someone being under the influence, and I can relate to that, from one father to another, just sayin...
As far as stalking your own children, if that's how you raise your kids more power to ya, but soon or later they will rebel, or learn to sneak around all your little "spying" tricks. I personally believe it would be better having an open and honest relationship with kids, and prey they trust ya enough to come to you when faced with a problem, but that's just me.


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hahahahahaha! good one!


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Being related to someone like that dummy, I don't feel sorry for him at all. If you know one, you know them all. And frankly I'm tired of hearing all the heroin bullcrap and seeing it ruin families...including mine. I hate heroin and I wish the junkies would all disappear...even if it's by tree.

lets tell the truth

for all you people that have got on here saying this shit was funny and they deserved it... well i dont think anyone deserves this at all junkie or not... i dont like heroin i hate it.... i dont agree with people abusing it at all its a very nasty drug...... but just bc these two people are drugies and or on heroin doesnt mean that they deserved to wreck and have life threatening injuries.... todd shouldnt have been going so fast on a curvy country road, but he made a mistake and now he is paying dearly for it!!!i think if people have nothing nice to say at all they shouldnt comment!


Yes it was a horrible accident...but the truth is the accident might have been avoided by the choices the driver did or didn't make. The truth is thankfully no INNOCENT bystanders were injured by this choice. By the choices HE made he contributed to the injuries. I know this road, I lived near this road, and I have drove this road. I would NEVER had tried it intoxicated (I have never done drugs but I would have never done it drunk or after drinking) Personally I think these kind of people are SELFISH. They only think of themselves and the next HIGH. I do not wish ill will on people but I also do not candy coat or particularly feel bad for them either. They made a choice and it turned out BAD. Really bad. We all have a choice in life. We all make our own decisions, and we sometimes have to deal with the consequences.


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Yall Make Me Sick

You just need to stop trying to play God! Your just pathetic!


At least the SR finally figured out what kind of van it is.