Norwalk councilwoman to speak at Ann Romney Rally today

Samantha Ludwig lands speaking engagement for event featuring wife of presidential candidate.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 1, 2012


Norwalk City Councilwoman Samantha Ludwig called it the opportunity of a lifetime.

At 5:30 p.m. today, the 24-year-old Ludwig will be speaking at the Ann Romney Rally at the Strongsville Recreation Center. A story about Ludwig and how she landed the speaking engagement appears on the front page of Thursday's Reflector.


all fact or all...

Well Willard Mitt Romney owns Bain shares and how much do you think he made. Remember he hasn't had a job since he left the CEO posisition at Bain in 1999. During an interview with the National Review's Robert Costa, Romney said that offshore sub-companies in the Cayman Islands help foreign investors avoid paying taxes on investments in the United States. Bain Capital currently has 138 such sub-companies headquartered in the Cayman Islands."
Key words here are "AVOID" and TAXES. LOOP HOLES!! I at least said my opinon, and you call me thick headed. I'll bet yoy listen to Rush Limbaugh too.

Dr. Information

@all, where is your proof of the offshore accounts? The IRS would have killed him and he wouldn't of even been thought of if he had offshore accounts because it would of been an early dagger in his coffin in his run for president. You did just exactly as you said......said your opinion, without any factual date or credible links.
Im sure you have no problem with Steve Jobs who created Apple and made Billions and never really had a job (except be the face of Apple) for years. Or Bill Gates, Billionaire and hardly works at all. You sound like a little kid who is jealous because another kid on the playground has Nike shoes and you have Walmart shoes. Are you mad because he is a business man and was SMART with his money early on in life and invested and made a lot of money. The Obama sheep have once again bought into the Obama mindset that anyone who has made it in this world and is rich is a bad person. Jealousy.....look it up on the dictionary. I'll wait for you next post about his taxes and I'll smoke you on that topic also with data.


@ all fact or all...:

Know this: Large public union pension trusts like Calpers and Calstrs invest billions of dollars in hedge funds and private equity firms like Bain Capital.

Do you have a tax sheltered retirement plan? Why should you receive a "tax loop hole" and not pay current taxes on it?

Do you have a mortgage? Why should renters have to help pay for your "loop hole" tax deduction?

Better check out the Cayman Islands. Their economy and their employment rate are doin' good.

Maybe the stupid socialists that have infected the U.S. should emulate 'em?

Dr. Information

@all....I really feel sorry for you. You blame Obamas 4 years on Bush. Bush didn't double the debt the last 4 years. Get that through your thick skull. Bain capital.....was not under the care of Romney when they left. I guess all the business's that have left for foreign soil under Obama are Bushs fault to? No sense talking to someone who cannot bring facts to the table. Keep buying into the Btw. Obama takes the cake for lowest approval rating.

all fact or all...

I hate to burst your extreme right wing thinking, but Obama has held one of the highest approval ratings of any president. I know you are having a hard time with it but it's true. You think a 7.8 or nime % job isn't a big deal but it's better than the 850,000 jobs a month being lost after the Bush Administration left. Not my figures...national news. Also I don't think you know what an off shore account really is or you wouldn't say the IRS would go after Mitt if they new he had it. Also I think you have been watching to much of the extreme right Fox people like Hannity and Bill O'Rielly. Well My parrents taught me to have respect for others and their opinions. Not to shove my opinions down someone's throat, So I respect your opinion even if I strongly disagree. So rather than get into a political who's who with you I will keep my opinons to myself and you can do the same. One last thought---
"Vanity Fair Article"
Politics August 2012
Where the Money Lives
For all Mitt Romney’s touting of his business record, when it comes to his own money the Republican nominee is remarkably shy about disclosing numbers and investments. Nicholas Shaxson delves into the murky world of offshore finance, revealing loopholes that allow the very wealthy to skirt tax laws, and investigating just how much of Romney’s fortune (with $30 million in Bain Capital funds in the Cayman Islands alone?) looks pretty strange for a presidential candidate.

P.S. Don't feel sorry for me..My Dad was right when he said never discuss religion or politics..I guess that's because we all have different OPINONS!

Dr. Information

Wait....Obama is the one who said elect me, elect me and I will change this all. I will add jobs, put more money in your pocket. Straighten the housing market around, make college affordable for all..........If he and his party is still blaming Bush, then why even run for president.

This is what I mean. When the left fails, they can't man up and accept failure and say "I was wrong"......this is growing in all levels of our society. Not my fault I jumped off a house and broke my back.,......its the builders fault who built the house to high. But the moment there is any good news or success, its a total "I'll take all the credit" show. Get my point?

If Obama would have said listen, I was wrong, I tried this way and it failed so Im willing to try something different.....he would have won in a landslide. It would of shown morality and a sense that our president actually is a human being.

Obama has been the worst president in terms of meeting with members of the opposite party. You cannot run a government if you do not listen to both sides. Its been a total, my way or the veto high way since day one. That is not governing, that is a dictatorship.

all fact or all...

He ran for president to repair what Bush di in his 8 years, Where has Bush been during this campain? He didn't even show up at the Republican convention. BECAUSE HE WAS NOT POPULAR WHEN his term was over. I have always worked and paid taxes but I think the rich should pay the same tax rate that I do, expecially to the country that let them make millions. I am not jealous as you said earlier but I do believe in equallity. And as far as the president getting anything done it is hard when the Mitch McConnel and the tea party cronnies have a meeting the same day the President is sworn in say "Our job is to make him a one term President. That is a do nothing congress with the lowest approval rating in history So don't tell me it is his duty as President to do what they tell him to do. Might work with the Repubs like Norquist said all we want is a "PEN" (alias Romney) in the white house to sign their Bills. THAT'S NOT GOVERNING..Anyway I don't think you hear any of the issues unless it's your right wing cronnies putting them out there. I think your friends and family won't debate this with you so your sucking me in..I am done also, because I think you fell off that preverbal pourch and landed on your head. You have your opinons and I have mine. Over and out!


all fact or all... writes:

"I think the rich should pay the same tax rate that I do,"

Works for me. Let's go back to the two income tax rates of 1987 - 15% and 28% for EVERYONE.

President Clinton lowered the cap gains rate to 20%, lower than under Pres. Reagan at 28%.

Dr. Information

@all......I suggest you do a little research on taxing, who gets taxed and at what rates. 47% of Americans, mainly middle class and lower pay ZERO....thats right, NOTHING in federal taxes. When the end of the tax season comes, they get a refund check that wipes out everything they have paid in. So, yes I can agree...I want EVERYONE to pay the same rate, not just the top 10% of earners paying 90% of the Federal bill each and every year. Obama and his administration gave refund checks of $1000+ to people who didn't even work last year. Imagine that, you pay nothing in at all and get a check, what a fair bonus, Im sure he's got their vote locked in for sure. You have simply no knowledge of the tax rates and what people do and don't pay in. You listen to Chris Matthews and Obama telling you that every person who is rich pays nothing in. You sound like Biden......."Romney paid nothing in taxes over the last 10 years".......which was shoved right down up pompous ass in a matter of minutes. So you want a fair tax, so do I....I want EVERYONE to pay something. You cannot keep this country floating with the top 1/2 footing the bill each year, because guess what, its not sustainable. You missed every point, go figure. Vote for your savior, 2016 will be worse off, mark my word and YOU will still be blaming BUSH. LOL, you are a joke, over and out.


@ all fact or all...:

What about the billions of dollars that union pension trusts invest with private equity firms like Bain Capital?

That's a fact, 'not' an opinion. Take a look at the biggest one, Calpers:

Swamp Fox

Who was the FIRST U.S. President to claim Iraq had WMD, answer Billy Clinton in 1998, in his defense he was distracted with that pesky stain......


@ Swamp Fox:

With the "Iraq Liberation Act," regime change became "official" U.S. policy under Pres. Clinton.

Cliff Cannon

@Swamp Fox : " pesky stain " ? Thanks for my morning laugh

Dr. Information

Monthly jobs report: Unemployment up a smidgen to 7.9 (7.8 last month). Jobs added: approximately 171K. New people signing up for unemployment, 170K. People dropping off the map not looking for jobs still on the rise (Hence the rise in the unemployment number). Numbers do not look good for Obama who continues to tell us that we are recovering. At this stagnant rate, it will take 10 years to get back to "normal".


@ Dr. Information:

Here were two items that I found interesting regarding the jobs report:

"But unemployment for blacks showed the highest increase in the survey, surging to 14.3 percent from 13.4 percent.

Also, the average duration of unemployment climbed to a 2012 high of 40.2 weeks."

Just keep goin' "Forward" with that ol' "Hope and Change."

Dr. Information

Report out yesterday showed that if you take the amount of money spend in 2012 on welfare and divided that by the amount of people on welfare, the price per household that the government is handing out per year is right around 60,000. Why would anyone want to work? For 60K and sitting at home with a roof over your head, Obamaphone and free healthcare......where is the motivation to make people want to better themselves?

Cliff Cannon

@ Dr. Information: Well put. The worst part is our 'leaders' know exactly what they are doing by taking away incentive to better one's self.

After all Washington has the experience of deliberatly turning the American Indian,who once supplied his own needs, into a subjugated welfare recipient. And what was the result's ? Alcoholism,drug abuse,community's in disarray,family's torn asunder.......

Yet,at least it kept the Indian " quiet" until it didn't. Personally,I see little or no diFFerence between the reservation & welfare system. They both rob men of their natural role: Being providers for their familys

End result: Way to many wimpy men,( with way to much free time on their hands. Remember what your Mom said was the devil's tool's ? ) who move from women to women, leaving children they don't care about in their wake.

Sorry,Dr.Information for droning on and on.It is just that the 60,000 a year welfare system makes me sick


After more than 20 years, I'm still waiting for Ronald Reagan's "trickle-down economics" to trickle down to me! Mitt Romney is the poster child for the failure of these policies to benefit anyone but the uber-rich.

We are paying the price for decades of corporate greed, sanctioned by government inaction under political administrations that owe their existence to these same interests. Sadly, many Americans have short memories and/or don't take history seriously.

The government can't create jobs that corporate interests have eliminated or outsourced.

The government should not, and can not, be run on a strictly business model. That's what got us into trouble in the first place.


@ teiwaz:

So maybe giant union pension trusts like Calpers, Calstrs, SERS, and many others that invest billions of dollars in foreign corps and also with hedge funds and private equity firms like Bain Capital should be prohibited from doing so?

If you can't "make it" in the U.S, your chances are slim-to-none anywhere else in the world.

Dr. Information

If Obama gets elected 2 Things will happen. 1. The Obama supporters will be on every blog bashing anyone that voted for Romney and will say " we won". But who is we? We as a nation are worse off than 4 years ago. So did " we " really win? 2. If 4 more years go by and "we" are still in a hole, which I whole heartily believe we will under Obama, who are "you" gonna blame then? Bush? Regan? Or will you finally realize and admit that Obama was the worst president since Carter? Probably not.

If Mitt gets elected, I expect movement and things to happen or he is out. No excuses anymore. You blowhards are so worried about your party and who to vote for in your party, and all the while this country is sinking. Obama had his chance. Time for someone new.


CliFF, heLLO. lOOk at - then fiGGer it nation-wide. Welfare for those folks is wrong tOO. I'm like you...there is no shame in honest work.


Ask her WTH she was thinking when dropping a grand on a shirt? Was it made of spun gold?

Wonder if it went with her jewel encrusted shoes?


Dr. Information

@starry......Jealous? Go ask Michelle why everything she has worn on TV compared to Ann was 2-3x more price wise. You really need to research before you post......shakes head.




@ Dr. Info

Jealous? No, that was the only soundbite I heard. I don't have time to research it. I'll leave that to those of you who have time to be on the computer all day and respond to EVERY comment...shakes head and smirking back at ya.

I don't see the point of pi$$ing away money like that on a shirt. For either one, and, putting it on the news, especially in these tough economic times.

Enough said.


Who put it one the news? I'll let you in on a little secret......the liberal media. They did any and everything to discredit Ann Romney over and over and over and it worked because you bought into it.


And your comment is a moot point, now, AFTER Romney lost. Right?

Dr. Information

Not to butt in, but you started this by making a jab at Ann without doing a little research. Michelle always dodges the media bullet with her 3000+ dollar suits and outfits, but Ann has always been the target. I felt bad for her when she went on the view. Those vultures tried to break her and for what reason? Was Obama and Michelle treated like that? No, they were coddled and stroked and it was a laid back interview.


As I said, I'll leave the research to you all who have the time to do it. While you're posting on article after article.

No one , not even Michele neeeds to have a blouse which costs a thousand bucks.

Seriously, you actually watch daytime talk shows?

Dr. Information

Did y'all know Obama wore skin colored earpiece to the 2nd and 3rd debates. Wow. This fool can't even talk without someone telling him what to say......explains the long drawn out looks at Romney. Vote for him and we are worse off in 4 years. Wanna bet?