Plea bargain pending for 'kiddie porn' defendant accused of entering residence, trying to kidnap 11-year-old

Without access to his computers, the defendant reportedly focused his attention on the girl, and on Sept. 4, he found an open door at her residence and went into the apartment.
Cary Ashby
Oct 31, 2012


Attorneys appear to be working out a plea deal for a suspected attempted kidnapper caught with a large amount of child pornography.

Former Willard resident Robert M. Streit, 32, of Ashland, appeared in Huron County Common Pleas Court for a pretrial hearing Monday.

He is scheduled to go to trial Nov. 27 on one count each of attempted kidnapping and burglary, both in connection with a Sept. 4 incident involving an 11-year-old Willard girl. The indictment says Streit reportedly "committed the offense with sexual motivation."

Streit also is charged with four counts of pandering obscenity involving a minor, covering incidents from April 12, 2011 through Jan. 25 of this year.

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said he has offered an unspecified plea deal to defense attorney T. Douglas Clifford which should "wrap up" all the cases -- plus some more child pornography charges that haven't been filed yet. Leffler said the state is hoping to avoid issuing more indictments against Streit, so he would like to see a guilty plea happen before next grand jury session.

If the defendant's case goes to trial, Leffler said he expects it to last at least three days.

The Willard Police Department investigation started in January or February after police received a tip from the Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force. Chief Mark Holden has said ICAC officials reported "there was a lot of kiddie porn" coming from Streit's Dale Avenue address.

Officers used a search warrant and seized several computers from Streit's apartment. Holden said authorities found "a considerable amount of kiddie porn" on the computers, which Streit reportedly admitted to downloading.

Without access to his computers, the defendant reportedly focused his attention on the girl. On Sept. 4, Streit found an open door at her residence and went into the apartment, where he is accused of trying to kidnap her, authorities said.

The girl managed to stall Streit by saying she needed to get her shoes. The girl, who wasn't injured, awoke her brother, who then woke up their father, who called 9-1-1.

"He never actually got (the girl) out of the apartment," Holden said earlier. "That was a tragedy that was averted."

Within 15 minutes, an officer found Streit a few blocks away from the family's residence.

Streit is a former field artillery soldier. He must post a $100,000 bond before being released from the Huron County Jail. He is prohibited from having any association with juveniles.

If convicted of all the current felonies, Streit faces up to 30 years in prison and a maximum fine totaling $65,000. Convictions on the pandering charges mean the defendant would be classified as a sex offender.



Enough plea bargains, the prosecutor and the judge really need to punish this guy to the full extent.

swiss family

NO PLEA BARGAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on..why can't the Prosecutor and the lawyers and the Judges DO THEIR JOBS???this is getting way out of control... maybe I can understand every once in awhile, having to agree to a plea deal because of lacking evidence.. BUT this guy was being investigated in connection with "kiddie porn".. and so the officials took his computers to check to see what kind of criminal stuff he had on them, and so this guys decides to go out and actually break into a child's house and tries to take her??? and you think that this deserves to be treated with a PLEA BARGAIN???????this is insane... the people need to show their disgust and outrage about the seemingly lack of community concern, and either kick these guys (Prosecutor and Judges) out.. or resort to the way it used to be and carry out true justice on our my opiniuon


Swiss - obviously you haven't voted yet. Leffler is being reelected for 4 years and Conway for 6 years next Tuesday - Both unopposed.

swiss family

Sarrak.........I do realize that they are both running unopposed... that makes me sick.. and that is why I think the people need to do something to stop these two from destroying our communities... I think letters to the attorney general might help... and maybe people actually going and sitting in on the trials to show them that the public is watching them and is actively involved here.. and maybe even some protest out on the courthouse sidewalk... this is insane... why won't anyone run against them... please ,


At the risk of asking a stupid question, why are these two on the ballot again? I know they were on the ballot in March (which I left blank in their spots because no way I am giving them a vote by default). It's a joke anyhow since they are running unopposed, but I am still curious.


I'm pretty sure that if my daughter had woken me up with this story, his mug shot would have a little more red in it, and his eyes wouldn't be quite so wide open.


a plea deal??? really!!!!!!! I don't even have anything else that I can say. This WRONG on so many levels!!!!!


I totally agree with everyone here, this perv does not deserve a plea deal. They need to hang this guy, and they can't say they don't have enough evidence. What it is, is that Leffler sucks at his job! Someone needs to step up and run against him! Everyday that's all you see is PLEA BARGAIN. Its enough, this guy deserves the maximum 30 years. If it was my daughter he tried to kidnap he wouldn't of made it out of the house alive!


Enough rUSELESS PLEA LESSER! Send him to prison for life which will be 2 months here! with life registration as a Sexual Offender!

Brock Lee

sick of all the slap on the rist brock lee for judge i lock them up


Castrate before they let him go. Save our children. Stop the plea bargains.


Soon enough when one of these punks who got off on a plea bargain goes back to get drugged up, steal, rape, and kill again, these judges will be sorry they handed out so many plea bargains.