Assault defendant accused of biting, scratching paramedic

Norwalk teen accused of lashing out as she was being treated after shooting up heroin. Authorities say she might have Hepatitis C, so victim will need to be tested regularly.
Cary Ashby
Nov 1, 2012


A local woman was arraigned Monday on an allegation she bit and scratched a paramedic while she was being treated in connection with shooting up heroin.

Lisa M. Barnett, 19, of 80 St. Mary's St., Lot 20, entered "not guilty" pleas to one felony count each of receiving stolen property and assault. She's scheduled to go to trial Jan. 3 in Huron County Common Pleas Court.

The receiving stolen property charge, which involves a credit card, is in connection with a Sept. 11 incident while the assault relates to a Sept. 27 offense.

Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff discussed the suspected assault, which happened at Brian's Buffet near Plank Road.

"She went into the bathroom and shot herself full of heroin," Woodruff said. "She was throwing up all over herself."

North Central EMS was called to the scene. Woodruff said the defendant, while paramedics were attempting to treat her, scratched and bit a female medical worker. The prosecutor said authorities later received information that Barnett possibly has Hepatitis C, which means the victim will have to be checked regularly for a long period of time.

Huron County Public Defender David Longo said the bite didn't penetrate the victim's skin, but there was a "concern" about being scratched.

Barnett must post 10 percent of a $5,000 bond before being released from the Huron County Jail. She is subject to random drug screens.


Second Opinion

I bet she hopes to get the same judge that the sex offender teacher from Norwalk had, that way it can be ruled 'She has paid enough for her crime, after all she got sick from the drug and think of all the money she lost due to getting sick from the overdose!" Maybe she can get the same lawyer and cry on the courts mercy to consider how this woman has to 'start all over', while society has to put up with their disgusting crimes!

Sandusky Register article:
"Alexa Nasonti, 25, convicted of sexual battery for having sex with a student during her first year of teaching, was placed on three years community control and ordered to continue with counseling.

The humiliation she has suffered, the loss of her teaching license and the more than $60,000 in college debt she has to pay back for a degree she can never use again may just be punishment enough, said Sandusky County Common Pleas Judge John Dewey.

"I don't think anyone is going to look at your case and say you had been treated too leniently," he said.""

Personally, I'm sick of the lawyers, including judges who keep their buddies working, making excuses for these crimes with revolving doors; knowing that its a system used by them to make $$$$ CURB THE CRIME RATE AND HOW WILL THEY AFFORD TO LIVE IN THOSE HUGE HOUSES IN SYCAMORE HILLS ?


my favorite part about your comment was where you made little to no effort to add anything having to do with the junkie and instead used your writing skills, or lack there of, to jaunt on about a completely different topic... very nice indeed. next time, lets try to stay at least moderately on topic so you don't look quite so ridiculous...


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Yall Make Me Sick

Didn't know you was the comment monitor!


Well I just know I have been reading about this girl for months now.. there have been like 17 articles about her and people are commenting about her in a bunch of unrelated articles. Get a new story!

Yall Make Me Sick

I do have to agree with that one. It's like the same story's pop up over & over again in some cases.


it's as if there aren't enough articles about alexa, but people have to bring her crap into other stories... i wanted to sit here and make fun of the ginger junkie and instead it's the same old teacher stuff. the teacher story is like dog crap in the back yard... it's every where.

Second Opinion

Hey, here' an idea, DON'T read what you don't like! WOW ! that's a novel idea!
You do believe your the forum monitor!

And now we learn that its not about being on topic, to you its about making FUN of a serious situation! Grow up you troll.

Second Opinion

My favorite part about your post is you lecturing about staying on topic while in your reply you did not, any intelligent person would be able to connect the dots but its obvious your rearing only involved relative thinking. My post was referencing the 21st century America's attitude towards CRIME and how this woman's criminal act was worthy of a greater charge such as attempted murder. Along with not charging her with a more serious crime where she endangered the life of an EMT worker, I stated that I bet she hopes she also gets the same judge that made excuses as to why criminals should not be punished because the criminal 'paid enough'.
And I really don't care what you expect to read in this forum, I and anyone else will bring back Alexa any time we wish.


for starters, i didn't read what i didn't like. i didn't want to hear about alexa, so i didn't read that article. and to make a proper reference about the judicial system and how it handles situations, it's a bit of a stretch to connect the dots between a child sex offender and the multiple drug offenders. you might have made more sense if you compare apples to apples. comparing a nonviolent crime with this one holds no water. even the punishments statutes are worlds apart. i do agree that this area is a joke when it comes to punishments not fitting the crime, but for god's sake, let the child abuse stories stay where they belong. there's plenty of cases of junkies to reference where your logic would be a bit more sound. 5 times a week there's people in the paper for possession or manufacturing drugs that you could have referenced this case against. you could have even referenced this case against that manly looking woman that punched the officer in the face, but instead you referenced a crime that has little to nothing to do with this one, other than the fact that it was still a crime. if the judicial system isn't going to be punishing these people enough then public humiliation will suit me just fine. and please, let's not resort to petty name calling here. it makes you look small. poking fun at the misfortunes of others... and really they aren't misfortunes because they activly choose the drug life, is what keeps the status quo and prevents others from following those lines. setting an example where actions like violence and drug abuse is not socially acceptable will stand more of a chance at stemming the flow of the problem then law enforcement will. get busted doing something dumb, get called an idiot. that's not being a troll, it's calling it like i see it.


I'd test her for rabies, too.


went to school with this girl. she never showered, always smelled a little funky. pretty sure she has a kid. might be more than that now. this is a little ridiculous. but i say the overdose was a suicide attempt to get out of the charges she has against her; just didn't work. my idol.


I can't believe she's 19. She looks about 12.


They should make it standard procedure to throw a frag grenade into these dope dens. If they're full of vicious, biting animals, then surely we have nothing to lose.


They all seem to have that same blank look on their faces, I pray for our youth...they are killing themselves with pills and heroin


My sister and her teenage sons saw this incident. At one point, she disrobed. She was really agitated and disoriented. It was a good lesson on "this is what you'd look like on heroin" Not pretty. :(


Shouldn't there been an officer there to subdue her, before paramedics tried treating her? Just saying, would be the safest thing I would think


I still have no idea what entices anyone to try heroin. Its common knowledge what will happen to you, yet it doesnt seem to matter. I miss the 90's where the worst we got into was weed and booze.


I don't understand the low bond. Having Hep C and biting someone purposefully is vicious!


I also went to school with her, she first moved to Norwalk in 6th grade. She was extremely smart, loving and bright. As the years went on she went her way and I went mine. In high school she started drugs and got pregnant. It's crazy how people can change so quickly because of drugs... It hurts me terribly.


Might be a good idea to test her for other stuff who knows what else this girl is infested with.


She looks like a nice young lady to me. I wish her the best.