No jail time for teacher

Former Norwalk art teacher, convicted of felony following sexual relationship with 17-year-old Norwalk High School student, must register as Tier III sex offender every 90 days for the rest of her life.
Scott Seitz
Oct 29, 2012


A former Norwalk teacher convicted of sexual battery was sentenced to three years of community control this morning in Sandusky County Common Pleas Court.

(NOTE - To see photos from today's hearing, click HERE.)

Alexa Nasonti, who was a first-year art teacher, will also have to register as a Tier III sex offender every 90 days for the rest of her life, continue mental health counseling, perform 100 hours community service and have no contact with the juvenile boy victim. She must also reimburse the court for costs and fees, said Judge John Dewey.

If Nasonti violates the terms of the community control, she could face 12 months in prison, the judge added.

The sexual battery conviction is a third-degree felony.

"I'm extremely sorry for the hurt and pain I've caused everybody," Nasonti, a Castalia resident, said in court.

The charge stems from a sexual relationship Nasonti had with a 17-year-old Norwalk High School student this past spring. She was 25 at the time, and the criminal sex act occurred in the Sandusky County portion of Bellevue. In August, she pleaded guilty to the indictment.

After today's hearing, defense attorney K. Ron Bailey said the sentence was fair.

"I understand some people look at this and say a female should be treated just the same as a male, but really, it's different," Bailey said. "She is very remorseful and I know a lot of people say they are, but she really is."

Bailey talked about what Nasonti now faces.

"Basically, she has to start over," Bailey said. "She won't be able to continue to teach and she has to register as a sex offender so that will keep her out of a lot of employment.

"She's lost her job, lost her license, has significant school loan debt and has been humiliated in the press and public," he added.

Nasonti cared for the victim, Bailey said.

"She wanted to help him, but crossed a line she shouldn't have crossed," he said.

Sandusky County Prosecutor Thomas Stierwalt had pressed for stronger sanctions against Nasonti.

"I would've liked to see some jail time," he said. "But that's why the judge is the judge and he has the ultimate decision."

Stierwalt said he pushed for jail time at the urging of the victim's family due to alleged contact between Nasonti and victim during the court process.

Bailey said he was unaware of any contact.

Nasonti's mother said the victim had tried to contact Nasonti through Nasonti's sister.

"True or false?" the judge asked Nasonti about if she contacted the victim.

"False," she said.

Nasonti told the judge she had seasonal employment, but now is unemployed.

She faces $65,000 in student loans.

Stierwalt said he would now have to send a report about the conviction to the Ohio Department of Education regarding Nasonti's teaching license.

The judge said Nasonti has the right to appeal within 30 days. As a convicted felon, she may not own or possess a firearm and must submit a DNA sample.



But the label is mandatory because of the nature of the offense. The Judge has no authority not to impose the status. If you think the law needs to be changed only the legislature has that authority.


I believe a little discretion could have been used in the charge.

Raziels Wings

UH...shes not a girl....she is a 25 yr old woman!! he was a


A teacher knows better. Period. I'm sure at some point in her legnthy, expensive college education she took some sort of ethics in education course. Anyone with a brain understands that a teacher must not become intimate with a student, no matter the age.

called out

Starryeyes83 My guess is ether you went to school with lexi and was jealous of her or your daughter did and she was jealous. Get over it. She is paying the price for her mistake and why don't you go do something useful with your life instead of always insulting people on here.


Why would anyone be jealous of her?


I have never met this woman or know anything about her except she plead guilty to a crime. Whether you agree or disagree that it is a crime is not the point. The law is the law. And she signed a contract. And she violated the law and the contract. Get over it.


Called out... Don't quit your day job , you would not make a good detective, I haven't been in my 20's for years or have step kids that age, so there shoots your theory..

"Lexi" is a grown woman and at the age of 25 should have Known better, just like her uncle. Only that was all hushed up back in the day. Your friend got caught. That's her own fault. And hers alone.


This woman chose to ruin her reputation , and swallow ;] HER college education. Wow! first - year teacher-- that stellar career lasted long, didn't it?

Trust me, she's nothing to be jealous of.

Sad part is, she's not the first and won't be the last.

unknown user

this is just sick she should get in trouble not just being register for the rest of her life look at other sex offenders they got time why cant her she not no damn angel and the 17 year old probably got in trouble by his parents for making excues to go with her....

Darwin's choice

If she would have murdered him, served a 25 year sentence, and gotten released/paroled, she would not have to register for anything.........

Brock Lee

if she sold him drugs she woulda got a slap on the rist

Second Opinion

Baileys statement offends me greatly.
""I understand some people look at this and say a female should be treated just the same as a male, but really, it's different," Bailey said. "She is very remorseful and I know a lot of people say they are, but she really is."

WHAT A MINUTE, aren't the women demanding to be EQUAL in everything? Bailey seems to be saying they are equal except when it comes to paying their debt to society.

Baileys statement is a liberal, sexist statement. So Ken, are you saying there are no males that are ever sorry for their crimes or mistakes? Or maybe you are saying when a woman commits a crime its somehow not as bad as a male?

If Bailey is representative of the majority of those in the legal system then the very definition of "justice' here in America is a mockery.


"Justice" here in America is becoming a mockery!!

Cliff Cannon

@ White buFFalo: Amen

former local

I find it amazing that the parents were mad at HER because THEIR SON tried to contact her. Shouldn't they be made at THEIR SON???? This is what is wrong with America!

Cliff Cannon

@ former local : Great point ! Personally,I would have been too embarrassed by his actions to mention it


What she did was wrong. She has been splashed in the front page for all to see. I ask again WHY when the other male teacher MR. Smith was punished was the ONLY picture ever published and then only a side view. Family? Friend connection. I agree they both deserve punishment but our young girls should also have a CLEAR view of the teacher who also preyed on young women MR. SMITH. But I doubt that will happen it all depends on who you know..I hope and pray that both have learned a lesson. Ms. Nasonti was definitely been made an example of. A sad situation no matter what.


Mr. Smith sent unappropriate texts. This adult woman had sexual relations with a student. Which is a felony.

Raziels Wings

I know of her family ..and its crazy when you see karma played out in such a way ..yet she didnt go to jail..humm..a man would have ...if a 25 yr old teacher would have had sex with my 17 yr old son I would be sueing her. Its wrong!!!!! Seventeen year old boys are just that.. boys!! not old enough to vote or go to war,,barely old enough to drive ..and some of you feel sorry for her ...and may i ask why?!!!!!At 25 i was a parent..grown up ..responsible . omg ..she was teaching for gods sake..teaching our kids. How can you people not see that what she did was an adult choice !!!! She being the adult ..the boy being ..a boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And she should pay that loan....and for the rest of her life. its sad ..but people who are adults ...have to be held accountable .Especially when they are working with our kids.Hes 17...not fully grown nor developed mentally or emotionally .She should be ..but isnt. Im glad she cannot have access to my kids or my grandkids..i have a couple handsome grandsons..ide hate it if she taught them...liked them that much !!!! ..and talking about Bill Clinton is so ignorant that anyone who compares what he did ..with an adult woman ..and what this woman did with a child an idiot. WOW.

Second Opinion

i guess we all agree that this judge isn't worthy of holding his office. This was a TOTAL mockery of the system.

ANY MALE in this judges chambers charged with the same crime would have been in prison and given a huge lecture on what a pathetic slime ball he is. But put a pretty woman in front of him and his decision is she already paid enough.

Total disgrace, I hope the voters in that county think differently next time when voting in a judicial position.


What happens when he turns 18 and maybe they get married. Would these charges be dropped?


This can't be a serious question?


If he were 18 and she was his teacher she would be breaking the law as well as a code of ethics for teachers. If he's 18 and she's not his teacher, no problem. Though, I do believe the judge ordered her to have no contact with him...


Who gets married , anymore? the kid wanted a piece of @$$. Not a wedding ring.

Come on, that's pretty niave, in this day and age.

OSU 2008

I head that this 17 year old male is now dating a freshman at the same school. I would not allow my daughter - heck no!


He better watch his actions when he turns 18, if this is true or he will be going to court just like his teacher did and might have to register just like her.


@ Ehovemom..I understand the difference in the charge. My concern that if Mr. Smith had not been caught how far would he have went and that young girls in the future should know what kind of man he is. Therefore his picture should likewise be plastered so that it may be a warning thru recognition of his face. He just got caught soon enough thank God.

entitled to my ...

A few months ago Judge Dewey sentenced a woman to 6 months in jail for stealing around $350.00. And yet a teacher has sex with a student and receives NO jail time? Just doesn't seem right to me!

Cliff Cannon

When written in Chinese the word " Crisis" is composed of 2 symbols. One stands for "danger" the other "opportunity". Since,Ms.Nasonti has already paid an enormous price for allowing passion to take her into " danger"

Here's hoping,she learn's from this terribly sad "crisis". Then takes advantage of the "opportunity" it now presents her.For few,if any, will ever suFFer as she has, and it is in great suFFering where we learn the most,is it not?

So Ms.Nasonti,while you will not be teaching nor coaching in schools.Please do that in real life.Please teach kids,the deep and meaningful things you've learned in this 'crisis'. Obviously, you worked hard to become a teacher,so why quit now?

Best of all what better way to quiet critics,then to pick your self up and lead a great life?

Didn't,Michealanglo at age 87 speak for all artists,in all crafts,as well as all teachers who truly care, when he said : " Sto ancora imparando" ( I am still learning)

Again here's hoping you use what you've learned in your quest to rebuild your life. Best of luck to you