Grain truck rolls over, dumps load

Truck blows a tire while traveling north on U.S. 250
Cary Ashby
Oct 27, 2012


A grain truck rolled over Friday morning, but the driver wasn't injured.

The driver was heading north on U.S. 250 south of Fitchville when his truck blew a tire, New London Volunteer Fire Chief John Chapin said. The truck went off the east side of the road and rolled over in a field.

"He spilled the whole load. I don't know how much was in there," Chapin said.

The amount of contents and the driver's destination are unknown.

"I didn't talk to him. I was on squad," Chapin said.

The state Highway Patrol handled the crash investigation. Troopers identified the driver as Kevin W. Wynn, 50, of Ashland.

Troopers determined Wynn's right front tire blew and the 2000 International Harvester hit a ditch, overturned, but came to rest upright on its wheels. The accident happened at 7:50 a.m.

No citation was issued. Troopers had the truck towed from the scene with disabling damage.



Front tires are harder to control, narrow edge line on road there.. but all in all: both hands on the wheel and/or proper air pressure all could have been avoided. and yes folks air pressure does have a BIG world of difference. Yes once i had a front steer blow, mojave desert 3 am 80mph. (and yes, 80+ middle of nite in desert was common..) Handled fine, Bridgestone had to repair my hood and stuff, because it was deemed the bridgestone 299's were having a problem splitting. If there was excess flexing on tire i never would have been reimbursed for new hood being ripped up and such.. and we all know 2 hands are better than one.

hit the road jack

I'm trying to figure out who the smarter one of you is? wonder if bridgestone knows you were doing 80+ mph? EVERY TIRE HAS A SPLITTING PROBLEM IN HIGH HEAT AT HIGH SPEEDS!


NOT so Sherlock. as far as 80mph. Tires are very well capable or they wouldn't have speed limits at 75 most states and open speed limits in others. They will take a blown virgin tire and do a stress test to check for improper air (unnecessary rubber flexing) an then for over load stress, if is shown not to be them cases. They will reimburse the remainder tread and any damage cost. Mine was in excess of 10 grand. Just people don't bother putting in claim, basically because i am strict on pressure. I knew they had air. as far as the bridg 299 steers they discontinued them after just a yr or so, based on the fact of tread splitting. Speed wouldn't have really been an issue. Heat neither as it was 3am or so at around 70-80*. and besides explain why for yrs i ran, rite along with many others 80,000lb 80mph and never blow tires.. AIR PRESSURE does make all the difference. Majority of blow out are virgin tires NOT recaps, and from under-inflation. FACT JACK! This Grain buggy probably sat around for last few months someone thought kicking a tire was sufficient?.. BOOM

hit the road jack

Not so sherlock, NO state has an OPEN spedd limit! and I do know plenty of people who drive truck and your the first one I heard of to get paid on a claim for a blown tire,you blow a tire at 80+ mph and good luck trying to find enough to do a test with.As far as why you ran so long with others and had no problems? ever heard of luck? consider yourself lucky. As far as the hopper wagon,maybe they had too much weight? and I can just about tell you that if you ask a tire salesman he will tell you truck tires are not made to travel 80+ mph loaded.

Dr. Information

Or maybe they just blow out like the thousands of tires that do daily. Maybe he ran over something and it blew them out. Wow, I never knew you knew every situation truckin and was there? Are you a total know it all or what?


ires just DON'T blow out. There is MOST ALWAYS a reason. Tire under inflation, or manufacture defect. Ran over something? they go flat, even then it becomes an easy control. Since no injury was a result, i doubt very highly if a rubber test will be done. Although insurance companies do not like to pay out. Not a know it all, just been around along time, ran my own multiple trucks for yrs. In charge of transportation in other fleets as well, (some local). Different work loads. Long haul to short ltl.Junk trks to large cars, and i have been convinced tires do NOT just blow.. and i have MANY statistics from tire manufacturers to back it up. FACT! ask any safety or maint. manager