Fleeing biker arrested after high-speed pursuit, then foot chase

Deputy forced to get physical with woman to get her hands behind her back so he could handcuff her.
Cary Ashby
Oct 26, 2012


A fleeing motorcyclist was arrested Wednesday after a high-speed pursuit followed by a short foot chase.

Elizabeth M. Holland, 21, of 6080 Zenobia Road, Wakeman, was taken into custody on Auster Road in Wakeman Township after a pursuit that lasted about three minutes. Huron County Sheriff's Deputy John Vogel chased her on foot for 60 to 70 yards after she stopped her 1982 Yamaha motorcycle, Sgt. Steve Shupp said.

"(There was) no mention of her being under the influence," Shupp said.

"I don't think (Vogel) clocked her," he said, but the deputy said he believed Holland was going in excess of 100 mph at some point.

About 4 p.m. Holland was northbound on Vester Road in Clarksfield Township. Shupp said when the biker passed Vogel, she started accelerating.

"She blew a stop sign at Zen Road and (Ohio) 60. ... She went north from there and got back on (Ohio) 60," Shupp said.

While on Ohio 60, Holland almost lost control and went off the road, but was able to make it to Auster Road in Wakeman Township. Shupp said while Holland, who was wearing a helmet, didn't wreck, the incident somehow kept the bike from accelerating.

"She put it on its kickstand and took off running," Shupp said.

Vogel then pursued Holland on foot for 60 to 70 yards. By the time other deputies arrived, the suspect was in custody.

"She apparently refused to put her hands behind her back," Shupp said.

Vogel was forced to get physical with Holland to get her hands behind her back so he could handcuff her, he said.

Holland was charged with felony counts of failure to comply with the order of a police officer and assault on a police officer. She also faces misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest, a stop sign violation, reckless operation and driving without a motorcycle endorsement. She was transported to the Huron County Jail.

Shupp was asked why Holland decided to speed away from the deputy. She said someone told her earlier not to stop if an officer got behind her, Shupp said.



Well I am glad to know that Deputy John Vogel can run 60 to 70 yards! But watch youself John getting physical with someone that runs from police at over 100 mph, That is what cost Joe L. his job! OH, and where was NORO, the new K-9, that is costing us taxpayers $, that could money could be buying cruisers, not dog food, training, and vet bills! GIMME DANE MORE $$ so I can waste it on things I want to make me look good, NOT on what the taxpayers need, cruisers, road patrols, and road deputies!

believe it

What the hell does this have to do with the story? Just a chance for you to complain?


good point.. i was wondering that myself.


Seems to be cool to bash the SO. Not too sure where the animosity has started but, I blame poor NPD leadership for not stopping it. We appear to have a few in city patrol cars who need to be reminded of what is professional and what is a disgrace to the uniform.


So it's a conspiracy with the Norwalk Police Dept?


She's lucky, I'd have Rodney King'ed her ass


Brilliant statement.

Dr. Information

Good job Dept. Vogel. Keep up the good work.


she wouldn't have to force me! i think im in love!!


is this girl crazy or on drugs?? like really someone told her to not stop yea shes crazy!!


is this girl crazy or on drugs?? like really someone told her to not stop yea shes crazy!!


I agree with you 100% signersdecedant. Where was scooby doo chomping on a scooby snack. What a joke these mutts are. Humm sounds like termination for Vogel to me. One good thing out of this, Vogel can run 60 yards. Put money Howard can't even run 60 feet.

Paranoid Illusion

Girl - get out of this ghost-town area and move to Hollywood where you can make a living as a stuntwoman already!!

chicken noodle

Maybe the K-9 was busy at the jail making sure the dope heads are not bringing any junk into the jail. And why would they need the dog for that stop, she did not get away from the Deputy. Good job Deputy Vogel keep up the good work.

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swiss cheese kat

You want the truth, well here it is.

After running 60 yards, Deputy John Vogel tased her as he could go no farther. She would have fled if it were not for the taser.

Dr. Information

because you were there, right?


Great job officer Vogel! Right choice on the foot pursuit (IMO)... had he turned the dog loose on the perp ... I'm sure she would have gotten some left wing liberal nut job to represent her in a lawsuit against the SD for animal cruelty.


Being that she ran from the cops, her face should be more messed up! I hope he did zap her, he shoulda done more than that when he caught her @ss.


This is why some should not be LEOs.....


21 year old kid on an 82 Yamaha is NOT a biker!!!! LMAO!