Parents unhappy about state of playground

Parents are complaining about mulch that cause their children's shoes to blacken
Aaron Krause
Oct 23, 2012


The playground equipment at South Central's K-8 building is outdated and parents are complaining about mulch that cause their children's shoes to blacken, PTO officers recently told board members.

PTO president Erica Shoemaker and co-vice president Jody Chaffee told the board the mulch is made of shredded tires. They cause the children's shoes to blacken and the stain in their clothes will not wash out, they said.

A story about the South Central school board meeting was published in the Reflector.



Take the shredded tires away and these parents will be complaining that they can't get the blood stains out of their children's shoes and clothes after they fall on the hard ground.


I'm more concerned about this letting your kids wear pajamas to school stuff. With the way society is now adays this is one thing the schools should not be encouraging let alone approving. School is a place for children to learn not to be wearing their night clothes to. Plain and simple.


Don't forget the hair unwashed and not brushed.. Long hair is not cute when it's hanging all over and tangled and stringy. Mine was always braided or in a pony tail.


WOW....our playground was covered in ROCK and there was BLACKTOP under a set of swings. We had our share of bumps, bruises and blood, but NOONE died! Heck, pretty sure they never even called an ambulance.


I agree. These ridiculous rule changes are all compliments of the greedy lawyers for years of taking frivolous lawsuits to court. Companies cower in fear that someone will sue them over something stupid as the plaintiffs dream to get rich quick . . . .


Honestly from the perspective of a south central student. The school district has a lot less funding then norwalk or other school districts. S.C. has a lot less then these greedy schools in norwalk. The community gives a lot back to school system. A lot of the programs they have there are given to the school by the community volunteering and such. Honestly please don't knock a situation before you know what's going on.

Dr. Information

This could be a very easy fix. Have a fund raiser and get mulch. It wont cost that much and if you work with a mulch provider, Im sure they would give you a great deal off the cost if you told them what it was for.


I wonder if it could be a easy as a drainage problem? You would think all the black dust would settle to the bottom and out the drain.


If they put in wood mulch the parents will start complaining about splinters