Drug-related cash seized during stop

Deputies find $90,000 in car of 'nervous' driver whose 'hands were trembling uncontrollably'
Cary Ashby
Oct 18, 2012


A police dog alerted deputies to a large amount of drug-related cash that was seized during a traffic stop near the Ohio Turnpike.

The Erie County Sheriff's Office seized about $90,000 from the car driven by Willard resident Marcial Lopez, 40, of 9 Washington St., after the traffic stop near the intersection of Smith Road and Ohio 4.

"The driver was very nervous. His hands were trembling uncontrollably," Chief Deputy Jared Oliver said.

To read more about this case, see the story on the front page of Thursday's Reflector.



Bet he was a tad nervous!!

Brock Lee

swich to decaf


So because the guy was nervous carrying his life savings from a mattress to the bank. Or did he tell on himself?.. I make some big purchases and deal with cash from time to time, on trks, eqt. auctions and such. I dare a cop to question why i have $10-20,000 on me. Not saying this was the case, but what? Is it illegal now to carry cash? I already must fill a form every time i withdraw more than 10 grand at a pop. Did the guy spill the beans. It was cash with no drugs..The guy might have just been nervous cause he was illegal.. Oh wait that is ok ! But....well... now Dane gets a few new cruisers.

swiss family

only an idiot posts on here that they carry that much money... if you actually do.. then it makes you a prime target.. and if you don't that makes you a liar and a bragger...


No one knows when or where. Just stating a fact. Ever go to an auction or casino and see folks with some large amounts of cash. How do you think they got it there? I guess you are what others are saying about you on other post and i need to stop defending you. Prime target?? we don't live in Riot-ville USA,so i don't need to walk with fear. Heck around here i am more likely to have my bank card stolen from my house while gone by a druggie than car jacked and robbed. Maybe that is why this guy was trembling.

swiss family



The government wants people to believe as you. Cash on a deal leaves little paper trail of an items "actual" cost. Less tax collected. Won't be long till we have a cashless society. CONTROL...But for now??? oh well


The only way they know its drug money is if there is a heavy drug scent coming from the money which a dog can easily pick up....Im guessing that this individual also has a rap sheet and has been in trouble with drugs before.


A lot of cash has drug scent on it arnmcrmn. As I posted in a different forum if they took the drug dogs to a bank and ran them down behind the tellers drawers, the dogs would alert on each and every drawer. It's a proven fact.


all i am saying.. Is when did it become against the law to carry large amounts of cash? To even feel entitled to confiscate? even if temporarily. Granted this is the society who rates there worth on how much they have available on a credit card

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swiss cheese kat

@ Truckin

Where would a Willard resident with a last name of Lopez come up with $87,155?

And really, if you carried that much around with you, half of the cash would not be in twenties. SMH @ truckin.

Dr. Information

I don't know of one person in Willard that would be 1. Dumb enough to carry around 87K in 20's. or 2. Rich enough to do so. This has nothing to do with freedom here. This is about drugs.


All i am saying is when in the land of the FREE has it become illegal to carry large amounts of cash? even in small denominations? I have literally gotten most of my savings thru religiously for YEARS sticking back 10 cents a mile. 20 here 100 there adds up. I even at one time had an obsession with saving 5 dollar bills. Everytime i broke a 10-20-50 i would first think is it important enough of an item to break the bill cuz i was going to have to stick back the 5. Needless to say after a few months i would be going to the back with a few thousand in fives.. Never questioned. So yes a guy named Lopez from Willard could have been sticking back half his pickin' cash for the past few years live like a hermit and have 90 grand stuck back. Not saying this is the case. But in the land of the FREE who is the cop to determine??? Think on that.


WOW HOW SAD. Huron County Sheriffs' Office cannot even arrest their own drug dealers. Looks like Erie County Sheriffs' Office should take over the roads of Heroin and Erie County. Sheriff Zigworths, you have my vote for sheriff in Huron County.