7-Eleven in M'ville a done deal

Company plans to fill out village permits in preparation for the store's opening.
Aaron Krause
Oct 13, 2012


Village clerk-treasurer Bonnie Beck wants to set the record straight about 7-Eleven: A location will open in Monroeville, on the site of the current.

"It's a go," she said. The utilities are currently in the name of 7-Eleven, she added.

In a story reporting the news Thursday on page A-6, a company official told the Reflector that Monroeville is not listed in a company report of store openings within the next six months.

Beck said it could possibly take several months before the existing store begins to sell 7-Eleven products. However, Beck said the company plans to fill out village permits and send it back to the village, in preparation for the store's opening.

Beck also said a sign change-over is in progress.

Beck said the company will retain the current employees and the gas pumps will remain.



on the site of the current what?


The truck stop is the ONLY place with gas pumps. I wondered the same thing. If you read the whole story you can KINDA piece it together. Guess they wanted the information out there, but not just come out and say it?

Petra Rocks

If there was an EZ-Energy or Easy Trip store that sold BP or Marathon gas, then it will turn into a 7-Eleven store soon. The stories are now out there that explain that EZ Energy USA has been acquired by 7-Eleven Inc.

The story goes on to explain that 7-Eleven has closed deals with both EZ Energy USA and Handee Marts Inc. for a combined total of 125 retail locations.

You can read the story on Raymond James/CSP Daily News Flash or CSPNET.com.

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Apu comes to town.

what the eff

it"s Habeeb...