Mom sent to slammer

Norwalk woman tests positive for drug use on morning of sentencing hearing for heroin conviction.
Cary Ashby
Oct 11, 2012


Crying, drug defendant Sheri L. Rister kissed her toddler-age son good-bye Wednesday.

Just a few moments later, a Huron County sheriff's deputy handcuffed the rural Norwalk woman. From the Huron County Jail, Rister will be transported to prison to serve an 11-month sentence.

Rister pleaded guilty in late August to possession of heroin. The conviction is in connection with a May 21 drug bust by the Huron County Sheriff's Office at her home at 1180 Peru Hollow Road. Claude E. Reed, 31, was also arrested on the same charge. On Aug. 23, he was sentenced to 22 months in prison for two counts of possession of heroin.

Deputies seized 13 balloons of heroin, $330 in cash, numerous prescription pills and two small bags of marijuana as evidence. The 13 balloons of heroin have a street value of about $400. Members of the Monroeville, New London, Wakeman and Willard police departments were involved in the investigation.

"Claude Reed admitted to swallowing one of the balloons, so there was a total of 14 balloons," sheriff's Detective Josh Querin said soon after the bust.

"Reed was squatting in the Rister family shed," Huron County Public Defender David Longo said Wednesday about the living arrangements.

Rister was out on $6,000 bond before her sentencing hearing Wednesday. Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said Rister tested positive for methadone, opiates and several other drugs that morning.

"I'd say that's someone who is celebrating before their sentencing," Leffler told Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway.

"No, I didn't go out partying because I knew what was coming," Rister told the judge a few minutes later.

The defendant also told the judge she wasn't sure what happened with Wednesday's positive drug screen -- unless the heroin she'd taken was combined with something else. Rister had tested positive for opiates and oxycodone Sept. 5.

"She is an addict. She has a serious drug problem. It will kill her if she doesn't get a handle on it," Longo said.

"It has interfered with her ability to be a wife and mother."

After hearing from both attorneys, Conway told Rister it's unfortunate she can't stay away from abusing drugs, but said he didn't think a relatively short time in a treatment center would do her enough good.

However, Rister agreed to participate in the substance abuse program in prison. That means she could be released after serving 80 percent of her 11-month prison sentence. Conway also said if the substance abuse program -- better known as the "risk reduction program" -- doesn't work, he'd consider releasing Rister early and placing her in a community-based corrections facility.

Rister's criminal history includes three prior trips to prison for drug-related crimes and various probation violations. In this case, Rister's driver's license was suspended for six months and she must pay $40 to the Huron County Sheriff's Office to cover the cost of drug testing.


Sit n Spin

The movie The Exorcist comes to mind for some reason.


Let's just put her in a 'program'



Yall Make Me Sick

I agree Bailey! This is crazy hello this isn't her 1st or 2nd go around. She has to want to get clean if she don't it doesn't matter how much other people want it for her! She's not new to the game nor system start being stricter on them & maybe just maybe you won't have the ones who are repeat offenders! WAKE UP HURON COUNTY COURTS!!!!


I will never understand how parents forget their kids and love their drugs more. Sad sad ppl. SMDH


Can't wait to see all the "she needs help" comments. She is the POSTER CHILD for junkies going to jail and NOT rehab. She has NO intrest in being a parent or a CLEAN and sober adult.

me in ohio



To all of you negative people. Get an education about drug addiction! I am almost sure you love someone that is an addict, they have not been arrested yet. Believe me when I say this...."Karma will get you all" have a little empathy, you could be in her shoes some day. And me in ohio/you need knocked out!


No I do NOT love an addict. I have an education. I learned in HIGH SCHOOL, "just say NO to drugs". I have NO empathy for druggies or junkies, especially those that have MULTIPLE charges. Once upon a time she had a choice, she CHOSE to do drugs. She CHOSE to have an do not CHOOSE to have a disease. Call me negative all you want, I have no sympathy for druggies.

Yall Make Me Sick

You can have all the empathy you want for them until they wanna get clean your wasting your breath. Come on 2012 get in the real world. Do you feel sorry for people who are addicted? NO! They chose to do it the drug didn't choose them. It's not like it fell in their lap. They got the first taste yes & that's all it took. Some people have more addictive systems then others learned that to!!!!

Sitting In The ...

I assure you I won't be in her shoes and karma won't "get me" for speak the truth. The only reason she a "victim" of drug addiction is because she decided that drugs were more important then her own son. She did fail a drug test correct? oh wait it was someone else's fault.


This! While the people refered to do make some good and valid points, like it being an initial choice to imbibe. These people do, initially, make a conscious decision to put this chemical in their body, and, growing up or living in this area for any decent amount of time it is highly unlikely they are aware of the inevitable consequence. However, no one wakes up one day and thinks to themselves "I think I'm going to throw my entire life away and be a junkie". There is still no changing the fact that what is done is done, and that institutions are not the answer. The most valid point to be made, is that everyone who takes the time to hold their fellow man in judgement, should also take the time to give themselves at least a rudimentary education on the issue at hand. At this point, on a large scale, addiction is only another sickness that we refuse to attempt to cure, fix, solve, better, call it whatever you wish, but as a society, we actively choose to profit off of the flaws and sicknesses of others. Until we can evolve to a point where this is no longer the case, recidivism will always be the case. There is simply no monetary gain in making these people better. The true issue here is not the choices of one addict, but a thoroughly flawed and corrupt "just us" in the system. When the power of love overcomes the love of power... ;) *edit* one last thing to add mid rant, what makes any of you feel fit to pass judgement on anyone?


The "this!" was in reference to "itsallgood's" initial comment, the rest of you should be ashamed of yourselves. No amount of jail time fixes or cures addiction, it does not give anyone the knowledge and the coping skills nor the hope of a better future by changing their ways, it simply increases the despair and the hopeless outlook through the eyes of the disenfranchised. These people started using these drugs for a reason, something in their lives, about their lives, possibly everything, was so hopeless, that the only way they could figure to cope with the anguish was to shut it off entirely. Making them felons so as to further disenfranchise them, putting them in prison for a year so that their already destitute lives only stagnate and become further impoverished, is not going to help them to want to face their dismal future.


To All, I fully understand the problems that you think you may know come with prescription painkillers. They grab a hold very tightly. I was in the hospital for both lungs being collapsed. I explained what I went through to XXXX, close to a year ago. Good thing I wasn't working at the time becuz it took me ten days after 6 months on those DAMN things in my bedroom just getting up to use the bathroom and eat what little I did, to come down and rehab myself. Gatorade and soup and salad. It was very, very hard to get off those oxycodones. But, they made me consider suicide and I'm not built that way. I know my ex and her husband died from takin' that crap. It's bad stuff. Not only do you feel no pain, you don't give a f**k less what other people think. Lights are out! If you do get up and move around, you don't care about anything much, except where that pill bottle is. I never want to go thru that again and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

Not to mention, the doc wanted to wean me off in a YEAR'S time. Suicidal thoughts made me do it on my own. Those of you who have never been hooked on opiates, whether legally or illegally have no idea how they take control. The cold turkey quitting makes you feel like you can't breathe, sleep or eat. ALL YOU WANT IS THE NEXT PILL(S). Also, You want enough to overdose, but if if you have a spark still left in you, that is the only thing that holds you back.

I have 3 grandbabies and 3 kids. That thought is what kept me goin'. Enuff ranting. I will never let them give me opiates again.


talk all you want & say whatever. I hate drugs and what it can do to people & families. I am sure I hate the drugs more than most of you people.


This too, I have more malice for drugs than all of the people commenting on this article combined could possibly have, also more knowledge of addiction. Kudos to you brother/sister! It is refreshing to finally see someone commenting on these articles that has an educated point of view and non-herd mind set. Five gold stars for you. *edit* iPhone auto correct related typo... No way can I leave typos to be trolled for.


savage_henry , I really liked your truly "educated" commets. I think; well said.


This isn't a 'mom'. It's a uterus with legs. And track marks. POS.


Exactly! Not like its her first time, not like anyone forces her to keep going back to it, too bad for her kid...they didnt choose to have a POS druggie for a parent. Some ppl just love their high more than their children. Sad sad situation, for the kid...not empathy for her at all


Hereswhatithink---your comment is so stupid. Do you really think a mother would chose drugs over her child? for real? If you do, then that is what is wrong with our society. No one cares, they all say stupid things like you have. Think about what you have said "Honestly, do you think that? If you do. I pray that you do not have any children because all that BS will Blast you some day. Grow up! Read, learn;if not just set & let "KARMA" get you.


No, my comment is dead on. I know big sherri, i know this isnt her first time...but also, ANY parent that chooses to go back/or not stop drugs instead of seeing what they do to themselves, the family, or close friends does not care. Only cares about the high. I have never been an addict, but have known some. I do have kids, and stress to them the dangers of using...and i do show them pictures of POS like this photo to show them what happens. I do read, and what i have learned is... Most of these people never change! Now judging ur comments...u are either a user, or a buddy of hers. just remember...karma is a bytch...have a great day. Its all good.


As I set here & read the stupid things on here...Sassy you have such a smart comment. Well f*** all of this.....there will never be a solution to the drug problem in our world. I give up...go at it people. I really do care about this terrible problem.Drugs are so bad. Enough said.