Large trash pickup is a no-go this fall

Don't look for a fall trash pickup in Norwalk this year.
Scott Seitz2
Oct 5, 2012


The city of Norwalk will not have a large-item fall trash pickup.

Jeff Montgomery, city sanitation superintendent, discussed the reasons for a story published on the front page of Friday's paper.




oh no, i have to be responsible for getting rid of my own crap now? that's a lot of work. i wish they would raise my taxes.

swiss family

where's that little kitten who promised us that things would be so much better with a new Mayor?????


How about a "trade" week? I never had anything left for the collection anyway. Either recyclers, upcyclers or people collecting scrap took it all!


Good move by Norwalk. People need to be responsible for getting rid of their own junk.


Our city services at work.

jack langhals

I have been here since 78 and had never had anything picked up by the city.Everything I ever put out was gone in a few hours or by morning.Once I put an older couch out and two people were arguing over it.We went out and settled it,the person had to go home and get something to haul it.My son sat on it and ate his lunch until they came back.I was sure they were going after a truck but they came back with a V W Bug.Boy, if that wasn't a you tube show when they left !

Swamp Fox

I only expect my city goverment to provide, police, fire, water/sewer and good streets anything above that is a bonus and only if we can afford it without raising taxes. Its not the city's trash, its mine.


Yes, good streets would be nice too!


Damn, guess I'll have to wait to re-decorate again


I think that people should have more garage sales in the summer. It could help them get rid of junk and make money. There are also options like freecycle where people can post what they have and other people can take away their junk for free. It's a great idea saves money helps others out.


Craigslist post a free stuff ad. Just put the street say its on the curb. Leave the contact info blank be done with it.


Or maybe wal-mart will see a spike in fire pit/ring sales. Thay may be on a end of the year yes I know its not good for the ozone to burn trash so save that comment.


In Willard we have private trash companies. Each quarter I get a bill for trash. If I don't like my current company I have others to choose from. Economic competition ensures that the trash providers offer a fair price and also control their costs.


Reads like a good argument for privatization.

Read the full article -

According to Mr. Montgomery, his boys are tired after these large item pick-ups. THERE'S a good argument for not doin' 'em.


Since they are already asking for a new truck it might be time to consider it.


That's all thay need is a new truck. For what so they can just fill it with trash and have it smelling like poo in no time. lol