New London grad hired as sheriff's deputy, corrections officer

Funeral for Sandusky Police Officer Andrew Dunn inspired Lindsey Miles to become a cop.
Cary Ashby
Oct 10, 2012


The funeral for Sandusky Police Officer Andrew Dunn made a big impression on many people in the area.

For Lindsey Miles, the event inspired her and solidified her desire to be a cop. Now, the 21-year-old New London resident will be working as a full-time deputy for the Huron County Sheriff's Office.

A feature story about Miles was published on the front page of the Oct. 4 issue of the Reflector.




She can search my cavities!


Nothing against Lindsey Miles, but recently Howard was whining about wanting more funding for new cruisers and here he goes and hires another New Londoner. Howard hires his nephew Querin too sometime ago. What's next? In reference to the cruiser crisis, the commissioners need to put a stop of the transport deputy's taking the two newest cruisers home as their O.P.V.. One cruiser stays in Norwalk and the other goes to Bellevue. Under retired Sheriff Richard Sutherland, Dick utilized a van as a transport vehicle. So why can't Howard request a van and put the two newest cruisers to the road patrol. So Howard, stop whining about your cruiser crisis or get out and let Jamie run the S.O..

yogi bear

"Howard hires his nephew Querin too sometime ago." Explains a lot. Come to think of it, Querin does look like Dane.


Are you telling me that the NEW vehicles are being used as the transport vehicles? I'm sure this girl's a nice girl and all but I would think you could get someone with more experince for the same money. Howard must be try'n to hook her up with one of his boys or something.


My question is was the opening for this position advertised in the paper? How many people applied at the Huron Co Website for this position? Or was this another I promise I will hire you, undert the table discussion by Sheriff Howard? How come all new hires in every other county office goes thru the HR person, but Dane hires and hires without a notice of positions in job openings? How come the HR person does not do the interview, and pick the best 3 candidates for the open position? How many openings are there at the Sheriff's office, for specials, corrections and deputies. Seems like he has hired at least 50 new people in the last 4 years, and let good experienced LE Officers go to retirement, or other police departments! And Yes Dusty you nailed it right on the head with your 7:05PM post!!!!


Not hard on the eyes... seems like an easy decision to me.


Signersdecendant, your right. This is another Howards' under the table deal. As far as HR @ the S.O., it consist of Howard, Battles(retired Norwalk teacher), Patrick & Cooksey. Talking about letting experience LE officers go like McLaughlin & McLaughlin, they have 60 good years combined as detectives. Howard forced them out and replaced them with a dog catcher from the Huron County Dog warden Office. (Woof Woof.) As far as the other detective, Harris, he can't see his own feet more less tie his shoes due to his dunlap hanging. Good thing velcro was invented. The commissioners should implement a physical fitness program starting with Howard to determine if he is physically fit to run 10 feet. LOL Howard needs to have a physique body like Jamie. So what is next on the agenda at the Huron County Circus tella tubby?


The secret to being successful at this job is surround yourself with good people. Howard surrounded himself with yes men. All that I might add have nothing to lose, they all can retire at any time.


Funny they would hire a brand new out of school, 21 year old, with no experience, over many other older, and I'm sure better qualified persons. Who does she know, or is related to?


Well they may call her a Deputy but I think she's going to be security at the court house. Then move to the jail. It'll be years before she's on the road on her own. And that's if she can avoid the lay offs

Brock Lee

that why so many want to go to jail if she tucks thwm in


Same old posts .....getting old.


Not surprising that a young person actually doing something good for themselves and being contributing members of society is quickly forgotten in order to broadcast negativity. I would much rather read headlines demonstrating rare success amongst this young generation than the constant flow of "21 year old sent to prison"; "teenager caught trafficking heroin". You people are unreal. I say good for her! It's inspiring to see a woman excelling in a typically male dominated profession. She has the necessary education, the necessary training, and more importantly the apparent drive to get the necessary experience. How exactly do you expect these young people to get the experience you say you want them to have if you refuse to give them the opportunity to get it? Typical ignorance. Good for you Lindsey, I wish you much luck and safety in your admirable career!


Thank you Buckeye Love, at least someone on here has some sense. I really don't understand how you others can talk so low about someone you have never met and you have no idea how or why she was hired. I think it is wonderful that they have hired her, she is young & bright. And secondly I do not understand how you can bash someone that wants to protect and serve this community. Do you people have no respect? It is so ignorant and that is the problem these days. Sounds to me like sour grapes and just one more thing to add...all those people with experience had to start somewhere and that began with someone else giving them a chance.